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Ultra GLO 2009 'All White Affair'
Date: Thursday 2nd July 2009
Location: Royal Palace. 11939 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX
Houston CaribFest
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We just touch down in Houston town, and I quickly rediscover the radiant heat of Texas during the summer months. It's TJJ's finest... Original Lime Favor and the man that everyone's looking for, Dre aka Daddy Juice from TJJ. Quickly informed that this party is running till late, we gather ourselves to catch some quick winks before the all night run. Meh manager schooled me years ago that, "During Carnival, if you get 2 hours of sleep, yuh do good!" So two hours it is!!

It's now after midnight and we're heading to the spot. With respect to size, Houston is as big as they brag. On approach I see scores of people walking through the street. The uniform appearance of everyone dressed on white gave the scene the appearance of the Thriller video. We're rolling with Houston's royalty, so parking is as close to the party as could be without being inside.

Standing outside the venue, I can see that is real people. It's a long weekend ... Friday's a holiday, so I take that as the explanation. But from the strict obedience to wearing white, I could tell that these people would be here on any given night as long as it's GLOW. Besides, it have real vendors outside and the makings of what seem to be super bowl scale tailgating in the parking lot, so real vibes.

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Photos By Stephen W. Choo Quan
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Two two's and we're on the inside and one reality strikes home. Air condition only working in some parts of the hall. It's an indoor affair in Houston in July! So, you guessed it ... mankind have to drink plenty beers to keep cool! smile Walking around little you can see that those who come out to get on bad, is doing so. There's no stopping the good times. Good time to note that the party again is a big fete by any measure. A huge cast of DJ's - Rhythm International, DJ Stephen, Mikie Faith Sound, DJ Soca Diva, DJ Supa Slice, Spoil Brats, DJ Big Rich, DJ Renny, DJ Marshal alongside Selecta 62, Static Sounds & DJ Bashment Yute - represented the set well, but it was Houston's local Fire Kyle & crew (Rhythm International) that brings home the party.

Plenty drinks and jamming later and I realize that it's 4 in de morning and security trying to go home. From the flags inside it was obvious that St. Lucia represent real big in de party and from the vendors outside, you can tell that they knew. A few dhal pies later, we're on our way to the after party... "Ancil and Annmarie's Annual Backyard Breakfast Party".

Eating, drinking and wining in white,
Dr. Ram Dass

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