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grenada_strongest_man_2011-013 grenada_strongest_man_2011-014 grenada_strongest_man_2011-015 grenada_strongest_man_2011-016
grenada_strongest_man_2011-017 grenada_strongest_man_2011-018 grenada_strongest_man_2011-019 grenada_strongest_man_2011-020
Photos By Cyron F.
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Grenda's Strongest Man Competition
Date: Saturday 22nd October 2011
Location: Morne Rouge. Grenada, W.I.
Promotions: Body & Soul Fitness, Mitchell's Health and Wellness, Colombian Emeralds, National Lottery Authority, Flow, Digicel, Spice Isle Retreaders, SVG Air, Netherlands Insurance, Real Value Supermarket, Glenelg Spring Water, Patty Shack, Savvys Bar
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When word got out about a ‘Strong Man’ competition I instantly knew it would be an interesting Saturday afternoon, and the event most definitely delivered. It was a gorgeous day but the sun felt like it was taxing us. ... >> READ MORE