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Photos by Neil B., Derek O. & Collin P.
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ACBC Parade of the Bands 2014 Part 1
Date: Saturday 24th May 2014
Location: Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council (ACBC)
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I clearly remember when Atlanta Carnival was in its 18th year. Now celebrating their 26th anniversary, I can look back and say that I always have a great time in Atlanta during its carnival celebrations!

So many things have happened since my first visit to one of Georgia's biggest events. Barack Obama has been selected for a second term as the US president, Spain won the 2010 World Cup in fine style, the stock market crashed in 2009, and Atlanta invited Trini Jungle Juice to cover their carnival in 2008. And that's just to mention a few. Since that time, we can assure you that the Carnival's popularity has increased exponentially. The carnival has also grown from the number of bands being in the low teens to the mid 30s. This by itself speaks volumes. Even during those days, the ... >> READ MORE

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