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Wear White 15 (Atlanta)
Wear White 15

May 25th, 2014
Kooler Fete (Atlanta)
Atlanta Kooler Fete

May 24th, 2014
GBM Showcase 2014 (Atlanta)
GBM Showcase 2014

May 23rd, 2014
ACCBA Annual J'ouvert 2014 (Atlanta)
ACCBA Annual J'ouvert

May 23rd, 2014
I AM SOCA 2014 (Atlanta)
I AM SOCA 2014

May 22nd, 2014

Time flies when you're having FUN!

I clearly remember when Atlanta Carnival was in its 18th year. Now celebrating their 26th anniversary, I can look back and say that I always have a great time in Atlanta during its carnival celebrations!

So many things have happened since my first visit to one of Georgia's biggest events. Barack Obama has been selected for a second term as the US president, Spain won the 2010 World Cup in fine style, the stock market crashed in 2009, and Atlanta invited Trini Jungle Juice to cover their carnival in 2008. And that's just to mention a few. Since that time, we can assure you that the Carnival's popularity has increased exponentially. The carnival has also grown from the number of bands being in the low teens to the mid 30s. This by itself speaks volumes. Even during those days, the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA), which is the carnival's premier organizing committee, has changed hands a bit, all in efforts to encourage the celebrations to grow.

Fast forward to 2014. Other than the fact that the Carnival is a "must attend" on Memorial Day weekend every year, the top Soca artists understand that this market is a lucrative one for them. Name any Soca artist, and I bet you they have passed through the ATL via one of the forums; whether it be through a promoter or the carnival committee. From Machel to Bunji, Kes to Blaxx, Iwer to Ricki T, Lyrikal to Kerwin Du Bois ... Carnival in Atlanta is where it's at! This year, coupled with some of the biggest promoters, DJ's and artists, the Atlanta Carnival 2014 was a huge success. In fact, another committee, Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council (ACBC), complemented the incumbent board by hosting a parade and concert in addition to ACCBA's. Think of it as Google splitting their stock. You get two for the price of one!! Oh Atlanta, how we love you!

With 2,000+ in attendance and the TJJ crew on the inside, the carnival kicked off a week prior with "Demolition Crew's 10th Anniversary Cooler Fete". On the Thursday leading into the Memorial Day weekend, ACCBA hosted a White Affair party while DJ Stephen and Kerwin Du Bois hosted their 3rd annual "I AM Soca" party. The White affair was well attended and had a good vibe to it. As for I AM SOCA, this event featured 5 Star Akil, Lyrikal and Mr. Du Bois himself.

Carnival Friday saw three events holding their own. "ACCBA's 2nd Annual J'ouvert" held at the Morris Brown Stadium, the "GBM Showcase" at the Golden Glide, and Krushmore Ent. used the Atrium to feature Bunji, Fayann, Beenie Man and a host of DJs at their annual "Atlanta Jouvert". Happy 10th Anniversary Krushmore! ACCBA's Jouvert had a decent crowd on hand, while the GBM Showcase featuring Shal Marshal, Nutron, Lyrikal, Destra and Kes, rocked the house. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Atlanta Jouvert but heard that it was a sold out show with high energy performances as in past years.

With a 5am departure from the last event, we knew we had a short turnaround for the Saturday's Parade of the Bands and Concerts. The parade kicked off on time this year with masqueraders beautifully dressed in every color costume possible. And whether you were with ACCBA or ACBC, there was one ROAD! The soca was the same, woman throwing waist was no different and the spectators applauded both parades that eventually split into two and headed in different directions. ACCBA and their bands on display headed to the Morris Brown Stadium, while ACBA and their followers headed to the Underground.

At this point, Team TJJ Atanta 2014 had split up so we didn't miss a beat. Joy Juice and Bago Juice heading to Morris Brown, whilst Oriental Juice palanced his way to the Underground.


Joy Juice on Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA):

Upon arrival, there was a huge influx of patrons already at the Stadium awaiting the mas bands. While at the venue, there was lots of food and music to enjoy. Vendors also lined the stadium's walls. Foods, juices/drinks, snacks and other delectables were all in abundance. Even clothing vendors were there to show off their artifacts.

Before the top billed cast graced the stage, MC Wassy took hold of the microphone and sang every 2014 Soca song, erupting the then 3000 and growing crowd. As the mas bands entered the stadium, they made their way to the stage (in costumes) to be judged. This went on for approximately one hour before the live performances started.

As the show moved on, ACCBA boasted of a probable 7000+ crowd by the end of the evening and performances by some of the top soca artists/bands to date. Burning Flames who has been a staple at this event for the past 5 years, closed the show with a most lively performance. Preceding them were the likes of Iwer George, Edwin Yearwood, Rayvon (Shaggy & Rayvon), Jadine, Primadonna of the Revolution Band, Kennie Blessin, Tallpree, Lavaman and WCK to name a few. Coupled with other up and coming new artists that need to showcase their talents, this event was stella. To Pat and the entire ACCBA staff, kudos for putting on a great show and carnival in 2014.

Oriental Juice on Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council (ACBC):

The road session was nice, and before we knew it, we were disbanding at our destination at the Underground. It was now time for a quick recharge, that meant sorting through the myriad of food the vendors and all the great options they presented, eating ah food so to speak, and prepping for the upcoming concert.

At a little after 3pm the concert kicked off, with Redman as the host. At about the 3:30pm mark, Penny N Kirton took the stage followed by Imani and her dancers, both groups keeping the crowd entertained. DJ Spice took the reins between acts with Blaxx thoroughly engaging the patrons with his antics during his performance.

Some sweet reggae tunes and styles punctured the surrounding area with DJ Shane Talon and set the stage for The Request Band who gave an entertaining performance.

It was then "jiggle it" time with an on stage contest with the Soca Diva as the arranger. Can't really say much, you just had to be there! To just about cap off the day at about 7:15pm, Farmer Nappy gave a resounding performance of his popular rendition "Big People Party" to those that remained. The sun was now setting; underscoring the fact that day had just about wound down.

Compliments to Marci and the ACBC team that showed lots of love to Trini Jungle Juice. Marissa, thanks for making sure TJJ was set for the event.


To cap things off, we rolled out to "Kooler Fete" which was really good. Alicia D Duchess was in the house and backed up Iwer. Much respect goes out to Fada Slackey and your team. As the night turned into day, the talk was all about the "Sunday Morning Breakfast Party". We know of a few people that rolled into the event at around 8am just to maximize their party hours. People, this is one of those events you just had to be present for!! Great job One Drop Events.

With Atlanta Carnival reaching its end, there is only one event that you must be at on Carnival Sunday night… and that's JT and Associates "Wear White". With well dressed men and women, top DJs and artists on the inside, this fete should be booked on your weekend schedule, whether you are from Atlanta or not. I label this event D.N.M ... Do Not Miss!

As the curtains close on another successful carnival, I was happy how things went. We came, we did it, it was great, we out! Respect goes out to all the promoters we engaged with prior to and throughout the Carnival. And we most certainly appreciate both carnival committees for showing TJJ lots of love.

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Atlanta Carnival 2014

As Always,
Joy Juice .... Out and About!

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