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Insomnia'09 (Atlanta)
Insomnia Fete'09

May 23rd, 2009
Atlanta J'Ouvert 2009 (Atlanta)
Atlanta J'Ouvert 2009

May 22nd, 2009
3rd Annual Red Fete (Atlanta)
3rd Annual Red Fete

May 2nd, 2009

We Kinda Ting MasqueraderWell TJJ touch down in Atlanta bright and early Thursday morning and true to form, one time we start getting ready to make some trouble. This year, the crew is me – d original Mister Benz, fellow TJJ winer-boy Joy Juice and ah lil' guest appearance by Laurian from T.Dot. And by the way, this year ... about 15 carnival babies rollin' wit we ... all ready to wine and jam for a great weekend. So off we go ready to like we self.

When everybody started to reach in, of course the confusion of where to go and what to do had to come up! Not surprisingly, the ATL this year was providing numerous opportunities for partying and having a good time. It is something indeed to see how the Atlanta Carnival, now in its 21st year, has developed into a major event in the state of Georgia. Crew fly in from Trinidad, V.I. and as far as Toronto and even Bermuda to enjoy the festivities. Enough props must go out to the organizers and the dozens of volunteers who make the carnival weekend a success. Anyways, I digress...

So after a little vote and then a big overthrow of the Fete Patrol … we end up going to Rum Jungle at Club 426 on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain. Well the party was nice and it was a really good session to start off the weekend. If this was the way things were going to go, the weekend was already proving itself! So I say to myself , "Alright Mister Benz, come and try and get a little rest before d jamming really start!" Rest? What was I thinking? Who was I kidding? It’s Carnival weekend man! Come on! No rest for the wicked!

Soca artists Jadine & Patch @ Caribbean Village FestivalOk … so no real sleep or rest for me or anybody in the crew, but Aunty Jackie put down ah best roti from home..... wwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwww.... Aunty, nice!!! Thank yuh ... yuh save we life gyul. So anyway before you know it, it's Friday night and everybody getting ready to jam again. This time the TJJ crew was off to the Atrium! As we pulling up into the club, not a parking space insight … but Joy Juice with his all-access Media pass worked his magic and voila … parking problem solved. wink So we walking up to the club and is line for so! But aye aye aye, doh make joke ... is de Stray Dawg Krew ... deeper than de pacific ocean dred. Dem fellas doh make joke ... dem everywhere boy. Anyway, is ah long long line round d corner to get in here so with that … we already know is plenty wuk ahead of we … but no worries .. is wuk we did … and wuk we enjoyed! We even wuk we waist ... he he!!! The Atrium was packed and every single person was having a good time. The DJ’s were pelting tunes left and right, and not missing a beat whatsoever. Matter of fact, we didn’t even want to leave fuss d session was sweet but you know how TJJ does it … fete after fete after fete … so off we were to visit de famous Panyard!

A couple battery replacements for the flash and a few minutes later we arrived at De Panyard. The party was swinging and grooving nice but my belly was in my hand … grumbling and arguing with me … so I immediately headed for the food. On the inside was your choice of a delicious corn soup (which I devoured instantaneously) or bake and saltfish. Rumors had it that the bake was a little dry but you know us Caribbean folk 'rel hard to please!' With the belly satisfied it was off to wine … ehem, I mean take some photos and observe how de party going! smile Fete going nice when all of a sudden I realized that the music was somewhat low. Well being the natural detective that I am, apparently the police had decided to stop by and enforce the out of the blue 'noise code! Are they serious? Not just in a fete ... but in De Panyard? DE PANYARD? Are they crazy? De Panyard have the best music, it out doors and does go till 9am, sometimes 10am. Well, to his credit, Charles (De Panyard owner) was able to convince them to let the party continue and so, even with the music a little soft, and the slight rain that decided to fall, is nuff waist still..... But wait? Is almost 6 o'clock ... un coming up and man eh reach home yet? So back to the house for a quick nap because you know the parade supposed to start promptly at 12pm on Saturday!

Masquerader with TnT flag at Downtown ParadeAnd start promptly it did! But this year there were 2 main events taking place, so we decided to split forces and tackle both. The Parade of Bands, hosted by the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association, (ACCBA) engulfed the streets of downtown Atlanta and it was a sight to behold, with a number of masquerade bands having a time in the streets. It ended at the with a concert on Auburn Avenue which had music, dozens of vendors selling all types of Caribbean foods, art, crafts and more! The event went all the way to 10pm and hosts Nigel Fabien did a good job of entertaining the crowd and introducing all the performers who passed through like Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon, Trini Jacobs, Burning Flames and Benjai. A few streets away was on North Ave NE, Downtown ATL at the Masquerade was the Caribbean Village Festival that saw Iwer George, Patch, Skinny Fabulous, Peter Ram, Black Stalin and Shadow just to name a few. By the way, the crew even get to do a '5 Minutes With' interview with Stalin and Shadow together.....allyuh believe that? These two veterans? Yes boy ... is only TJJ could link that my friends! wink

All the days events ended at 10pm so by 11pm, it was back to the house by Aunty Jackie, a quick freshen up and right back on the road again. Oh Lord, pressure… the life of a Carnival Chaser! Off to De Panyard again for the Insomnia – a fete that has established itself as a “must-go-party” in the ATL. Ibis International once again had the people going the distance. The bits and pieces of the rain try to stop we but ... it doh work so. The ones who came out to Insomnia, went the distance. And the ones who was scared of water.... well too bad. Ibis, good looking out for the crew!

Benjai & Joy Juice @ InsomniaWell guess what? I now look at mih watch and bawling at the time. Mih foot hurting, mih waist hurting, mih back hurting but first things first – mih belly empty! So it was IHOP to the rescue!! After that we decided that it was about time to take a lil' sleep, and so even though the sun was done hot in we face, we touch down for the night ... sorry, for the morning!

During the day on Sunday 24th, was Day 2 of the Caribbean Village Festival at the Masquerade again. So by 2pm, we was up and rolling again. TJJ don't stop till de sun come up. And when it going back down again, we rolling, even doh de foot in pain. We want to cover everything for YOU!

I have to admit that the Atlanta people have a good ting going here. I see plenty room for improvement, but it is truly inspiring to see just how far they have come! Probably a bit more unity and the vibe in the ATL will be just right to call Atlanta Carnival a TJJ Calendar Event ... but they not too far from it. Trust we!! So in again, around 11pm and de whole crew was ready and waiting for Sunday night to do it again.

Partygoers @ 10th Annual Wear White PartyWell we on d move again, ready to flex out and driving to yet another jam session. However, this time we decked out in all white TJJ gear because we headed to the mandatory 10th Annual Wear White Party at the Golden Glide Roller Skating Rink in Decatur. We gone on the inside and iz nice vibes right around man. The place was nice and big and not to mention how sweet it was to see everybody well dressed in white! They even had prizes for best-dressed male and female of the night. Personally I think TJJ Crew coulda pull that prize breds...... cause we looked rel good in we white TJJ jersey, but say whah! Next year for sure right? We might even get Daddy Juice to link the TJJ fellas wit ah all white kit and the girls with some white tight pants! Right boss? smile

Well by de time we wake up Monday it was time to get going. You done know how planes doh wait on nobody, so off to the airport to head back to home. Real props out to all the promoters. Thanks fort the love! Much love to ATL from the TJJ family for a bess carnival weekend. Nice music, nice parties, nice food and nice people ... nice all the time!

D only question is, if 2009 was so nice, why not do it twice? ATL ... see allyuh in 2010!

Mister Benz @ Atlanta Carnival'09

Is ah love …
Mister Benz

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