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Block-O-Mania 2011 Review
By Anthony aka Frenchie Juice
Published on 08-Oct-11
Scruples Free Drinks Block-O Mania is one fete for Miami Carnival that TJJ will never ever miss, and for the 5th time me, Frenchie Juice was ...

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Scruples Free Drinks Block-O Mania is one fete for Miami Carnival that TJJ will never ever miss, and for the 5th time me, Frenchie Juice was attending that massive event.

Being very excited about it, Scorn Juice, Daddy Juice and Cubanita Juice decided to drop me at the fete around 12, and what a disappointment on the road, seeing the tropical storm conditions outside, it was really scary; pouring rain, lightening and thunder ... everything to make one want to stay in a bed. But we missed last year Block-O, so there was no way team TJJ was failing this rounds... so here I was, braving the torrential conditions, plastic bag on the cam, ready to roll in “waterproof mode”.

The venue was the same as last year, Vero's By The Bay (formerly - Bayside Hut), and as we got on the inside the party was surprisingly packed .... NOBODY stayed home because of the rain! We love it!! With a mix of young and “mid age” sexy crowd, it was most certainly one of the best crowds for the Miami Carnival Weekend. The ambiance was already poppin’ to the heavy sound with people jumping in the rain.

The stage area was located not to far from the front the entrance, with the bar tents pretty much circling the venue. Food on sale was available too, but it's a FREE DRINKS fete, so first move of night ... destination BAR ... also stocked with lots of sexy waitresses to serve you as fast as a gunshot. It was really easy to get your booze and pleasant to see service with a smile. All kinds of alcohol and soft drinks were there to please your thirst buds.

BAR mission accomplished, now what did Block-O Mania have in store?? The promoters teased us with weeks of pre-promotions, bragging with their cast of live performances. And we must admit, the line-up was quite impressive!! Mister HEEEEEEEEYYYYY HHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHH aka Machel Montano and the HD Family, the soca sensation of the 2011 carnival season KES The Band and wait... Ravi B. with the big chutney band Karma!!!

The crowd consisted of mostly East Indians, but all the Caribbean nations were represented. The ladies, even if wet from head to toe, were dressed in their sexy lil' outfits... and the fellas were looking good too!

The rain went away and Kes the Band started to perform with his full team of dancers ... a very intense performance, with lots of energy. As usual, Kes knew how to take the crowd to the moon with all his big hits of this year, some dancehall and international flavours ... he couldn’t go wrong, Thumbs up my friend, everybody loves what you doing!! And this girl wining on stage with the LMFAO character won’t deny it ... you all know the guy with the box on his head; priceless and very funny moment.

DJ’s mixes came on after Kes the Band performance and before the final act of the night with Machel Montano HD. Great vibes for days... the crowd was continuing to enjoy the fete... madness everywhere, happy people wining and grinding... bess fete.

Now back to the bar (cause the De Camel always tusty) ... where I was surprised to hear there was no more scotch and then to see my glass without ice ... wait, wait, wait ... the fete ran out of ICE!! Ohhhhhhh no, not good!! It wasn't long before the promoters worked things out ... a minor logisitcal problem. And apparently most partygoers didn’t really care at this point of the night!

Back to the action, Machel came on stage with lots of energy, the “HEH AHHHH” cyah fail! The crowd was in a high level of excitement, singing loud, jumping and waving ... the vibes was GREAT!

Block-O, I love you! As many people would say ... A BESS FETE!! Here are my seven (7) reasons why YOU must attend to this drinks inclusive fete:

1 – One of the biggest fetes for Miami Carnival Weekend
3 – Drinks inclusive party could never fail ... people always release the beast once their blood start to boil : Ambiance Guarantee
4 – Always some of the best live entertainment : Vibes
5 – Large venue, SEXY crowd : Happiness
6 – You are sure to meet up with long lost friends travelling from all over the US-Canada-Europe and folks coming up from Trinidad and the Caribbean
7 – You will always make new friends (sexy too) : More Happiness

I definitely had some great memories for my 5th Scruples Block-O experience, and I will be there next year, NO DOUBT!

One More Party Done ... What's Next??

-Frenchie aka De Camel

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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