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Photos by Amiel B.
TJJ TV Coverage: D'Original Vale Breakfast Party 2008
D'Original Vale Breakfast Party 2008
Date: Sunday 3rd February 2008
Location: Diamond Vale. Diego Martin, Trinidad
Promotions: Undisclosed
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Ah writing this review back at home, having successfully completed the madness that is the TJJ Fetalotathon® 2008 (Sweet TnT version). You know that feeling to get the next day, or the next morning when yuh had a heck of a good time the night before? Well days after leaving TNT ah still feeling that afterglow. Yeah C2K8 was off the chain as expected but more specifically, I can sum up the reason for this glow in one word ... "Vale". BTW, yuh know yuh dance big when it only have one name, not even a number after the name, hehe.

The last official fete for the TJJ Blue team, Vale stick in meh head like meh 13 times tables in standard 5 (Newtown baby! smile) Every year we attempt to describe what makes Vale so good, and every year we kinda lost for words. So picture this, Sunday morning before the big finale, and we going non stop. When we say non stop, we not making joke, we just come from Eclipze, pass trough Maraval for a small lime and we back on the road and the sun aint even come up yet. Tiredness is not match for the anticipation yuh feeling for this long running breakfast fete. Vale is one of the first breakfast fetes we ever hear about, no joke, we talking Victor Jovika days. smile If yuh doh know who is Victor Jovika (the real one) just forget bout that part and keep it moving, that was just a "True Trini' litmus test! smile The point is, this one been around since it was in one yard, now it taking up a good block, and a park. The constant however, is that it is always one of the sweetest limes for Carnival. There are some fetes, and we mentioned a few this year that just keep getting bigger but the quality stays high, a very important factor in the professional sport of feting.

We pull up to the fete must be bout 4:30AM and the pace starting to pick up already. We see nuff people on the outside trying to get that illusive extra ticket as per usual. Vale remains one of the hardest tickets to get for any Carnival event. It never disappoints. Sprang International had the crowd already bouncing long before the sun even came up. This year saw the return of the tried and true Sprang out of DC, Anonymous (NY) and the Vale's very own Alicia D'Duchess. For the fire time that we can remember, there were some newcomers to the cast. Back to Basics (NY) and Radioactive (Hoppie & DJ Dane) both made their Vale debuts on the wheels of steel this year, though it was D'Bandit from the T-dot that played for Back to Basics set while Ricardo held the mic, go figure. Our sense is that in this fete, people doh really care who on the set as long as the vibes keep flowing, and flow they did. When you have DJ's all night long, or should we say all morning long together with the kind of crowd that encourages those you don't see in regular fetes to come out, you have ingredients for ah sweet fete pot.

All we could ask is that we get ah lil "last call" from the bar, every year we get caught off guard with ah empty cup when the sun stinging yuh back, and them bartenders is no joke when they decide bar close, yuh lucky if the gods smile down at yuh and give yuh a lil' bottle of water. So ah lil' heads up would go a long way to lessen the shock a bit. smile

The after Vale glow is still in effect and we taking it with us around the globe this year til C2K9. Speaking of around the globe, D' Original Vale Breakfast Party will be making it's debut in NY on Labor Day Saturday. Visit for more information or stay tuned to Must large up Doc and the rest of the Vale crew for looking out for the TJJ fam! We in this one for sure next year fam. TJJ TV coverage (click here) will air in March.

Wados the Appraiser aka Sigma Juice for the TJJ fam.
-- TJJ Carnival 2008 Frontline

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