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Ease 'D' Squeeze
Date: Saturday 7th February 2009
Location: Presentation College Compound
Promotions: Presentation College & Rotary Club Of Chaguanas
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TJJ TV Coverage: Ease 'D' Squeeze

Ease 'D' Squeeze lives up to its name and the expectation

In this time where recession is a common place word, Presentation College & The Rotary Club of Chaguanas went all out to “Ease 'D' Squeeze” and the people responded to their 5th Annual Carnival All Inclusive in large numbers. The emphasis this year was on treating patrons to an unforgettable experience and at a price point to give a real bang for the buck. The offerings of this party can rival any higher priced all-inclusive party.

The variety of food was impressive. Bake and shark, the fete staple, was of course available with the most delicious chutneys; buss up shot and curry chicken and the sumptuous curry duck; Chinese food; geera pork and chicken; pholourie and doubles, all had patrons' appetites sated. The bar was stocked with premium drinks to satisfy the sophisticated drinker. The Jack Daniel girls served up sweet tasting whiskey concoctions and placed tattoos on every body part you can imagine, which seemed to be a big hit on the night when you were not taking personalize photos with them near the polished motor bike.

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Photos By Stephen C.Q. & Yohann G.
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So, what is the best thing can happen to you in a party? The answer is at the entrance, costumed beauties offering complimentary alcohol and this is exactly what happened. The walkway was adorned with white curtains at intervals, models in Trini Revellers 2009 carnival costumes posed with partygoers for pictures and paraded around the party, and of course, in true East Indian style a full tassa rhythm section was jamming.

Picture this. An all-inclusive fete in central Trinidad, on the same night of the Chutney Soca Monarch Finals, and the party is packed, maybe with nearly twice as many partygoers as the year before. The crowd sipping on cocktails, giggling in a tipsy state under the stars after an energetic set from Imij and Co. and a "Jep Sting" from Hunter. This was the place to be on Saturday night, and a well kept secret from most people west of the lighthouse except for DJ High Fidelity, who has properties like salt and seems to be in all the major carnival parties.

The handsome men of Dil-E-Nadan was the last performer, eliciting loud screams from the females as they proceeded from their dressing rooms to the stage. This is not surprising as a veteran of 3 years in this party is already enjoying a great carnival season and knows how to please the crowd. It was sweet sounds of the Point Fortin Engine Room that closed off the fete, playing for about 20-30 minutes to help everyone sing and dance out of the venue. It was an enjoyable party, one that patrons will no doubt look forward to next year.

D' Original Lime Flavor

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