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Big People Fete 2014 (Toronto)
Big People Fete 2014

Aug 3rd, 2014
SOCA OR DIE! (Toronto)

Aug 2nd, 2014
Shine Toronto 2014 (Toronto)
Shine Toronto 2014

Aug 1st, 2014
Glow 2014 (Toronto)
Glow Toronto 2014

Aug 1st, 2014
FLARE 2014 (Toronto)
FLARE 2014

Aug 1st, 2014
Re-Jouvert-Nate (Toronto)

Jul 31st, 2014
Hay Lay Lay (Toronto)
Hay Lay Lay

Jul 28th, 2014

Another Caribana in the books....

This time it's the 2014 version, that saw the introduction of a few new events that certainly made a name for themselves. And as always and in fine style, the parade of the bands brought out some beautiful costumes this year, that complemented the celebrations which took place during the week of July 30th-Aug 4th.

After touching base with the local team (the Fab Five + 1), I touched down into YYZ full of excitement to hit up the first event... Scorch T-DOT_uck Work, held at the Cube Lounge, Downtown. Being first on the list for TJJ, Scorch obviously had a reputation to uphold. With "Scorch" making landfall in Toronto for the first time, those familiar with its Trinidad, Miami and NY editions, knew what to expect... a bess party, featuring Hypa Hoppa out of T&T and none other than Back to Basics from NY. From the jump, _uck Work was a scorcher. Promoter D' Bandit, did well bringing this one to T.O. Beautiful women, well dressed patrons, free drinks and endless styles being played by some of the best DJs and MCs around set the pace for the weekend events. Big up to D' Enforcas and DJ Spice who were also on the inside.

The next stop was not a covered event but is worthy of being mentioned. D' Enforcas has held this event for quite some time and has built a great tradition at this venue - Wednesdays On The Roof (WOTR) @ the prominent Skybar. Billed somewhat as the real Caribana opening party, WOTR had real vibes! Once D' Bandit took hold of the tables, it was easy to see why he's one of the best DJ's in Toronto. Big up to Edward for welcoming TJJ here! Oh, and we cannot forget the bess crew of Fire, Storm, Earth, Wind, Sweetness and Ice. We had a blast! Yes Boyyyy!!!

As Thursday rolled over, the flow of the weekend was on! There was, is and always only one place to go, and that's Dr. Jays KOS Jouvert, reborn as Re-Jouvert-Nate! A Caribana staple for sure, Re-Jouvert-Nate was out of this world! With foam, paint and water combined, this event is one that you just had to be there. Friday saw both Flare, Shine Toronto and Glow... three of the biggest parties for the weekend, by three of the biggest promoters in the T.Dot!

On Saturday, it was time for the Parade of the Bands. With thousands of patrons lining Lakeshore Blvd, standing in wait to see the parade, the masqueraders surely did not disappoint. The streets were filled with beautiful people in unique costumes that brightened the day. The parade started at 9am and ended at 6pm. Two of the big bands (Saldenah and Carnival Nationz) had over 4000 patrons strong, and some of the best costumes on the parade route. There's no doubt that the bands make the parade, but this year... with the music being at its best, the artists helped to deliver a euphoric atmosphere throughout the day. Though we were a bit stretched, Team TJJ T.O covered the parade from top to bottom! We worked Lakeshore BLVD!!

We must take a moment to thank the Scotia Bank Toronto Caribbean Carnival staff. Stephen Weir, Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival Publicist, must be recognized. Other than ensuring TJJ's entry onto the road, we appreciate what you are doing for the Caribbean population. Thank you for your efforts to ensure we covered the parade. We appreciate all you do and look forward to working with your organization next year.

On Saturday night it was smooth sailing.... for the most part. After a little nap, it was off to a couple events. SOCA OR DIE! was on the menu and so too was The Main Event: HD Edition. We also had plans of swinging by Stamina - The Ultimate Carnival Experience featuring Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann, but ended up short staffed. In the nutshell, the parade got the better of some of us! Both SOCA OR DIE! and The Main Event: HD Edition were SOLD OUT. For The Main Event, featuring Machel Montano and more, we almost didn't get in but managed to at the last minute. Dr. Jay's SOD at Sound Academy scored and was off the chart as it has been every year. As for Stamina, we are truly sorry we missed it, but heard it was a great show as well. Next year! By 4am we called it a day, and headed in to rest up for Sunday's big events.

There is no lying when I tell you that Caribana 2014 was pure BLISS and only for Big People! With that being said, We ventured to BLISS Carnival Cruise and Big People Fete (BBF) on Sunday evening and night respectively. Wow and WOW. After rocking the boat with D' Bandit and Back to Basics, that also featured Dr. Wax and D' Enforcas... and not to mention Tasty's best food, we trekked over to Dr. Jay's BBF to see to the greatness of The Mighty Sparrow, Machel, Kes, Kerwin Du Bois, Blaxx, Farmer Nappy and Roy Cape all on ONE stage! Phewwww!! Oh what a night... and then some!!! It was amazing to see how these promoters do their thing. Two fantastic events hosted by Canada's best, brought an end to the Caribana weekend in absolute fine style.

After a great 5 days in Toronto, the TJJ T.O Team (Brooke, Emm, Derek, Kerra, Renee, Sandhya and myself) enjoyed our time, whether it was on the road or in ah fete! And though we have many people to thank, we must mention a few... Dr. Jay, D' Bandit, Tasty's Caribbean Restaurant, DJ Spice, Dr. Wax, Back to Basics, D' Enforcas, Big Daddy, Jester, DJ Stephen and all the others that showed TJJ love. Blessings to the artists as well that make the carnivals what they are with their music. Also we must shout out MC Wassy for keeping the vibes pumping year round... bless up. And though we know there are many more names to mention, we have to show our love to all who contributed in making the 2014 Toronto Caribbean Carnival a special one for us.

As we get ready to close off the carnival year, we are beginning to put things in place for Caribana 2015! OH Canada, how we love thee!!!

Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2014

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