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Indigo 2011 (DC)
Indigo 2011 Pt.2

Jun 26th, 2011
Indigo 2011 (DC)
Indigo 2011 Pt.1

Jun 26th, 2011
Xen (DC)
XEN 2011

Jun 25th, 2011
Xen (DC)
Live In The City

Jun 24th, 2011
One (DC)

Jun 23rd, 2011

I Can't Take It Take It No More ... Never Felt Like This Before ...

The plan had been set in stone from since July 2010 ... Scorn Juice must, bound to, have to, do or die (well not literally) .... DC CARNIVAL! After years of seeing my fellow juicers parading on the streets of Washington and enjoying some of the most fantastic parties a carnival in North America has to offer ... Why did I miss this all these years before??? why???

Now with the Carnival almost NOT taking place this year due to some serious issues with the Carnival Committees and the relevant Boards of the State ... I almost got scared ... more like worried ... oh no! what will I come to DC to do then? But then ... a bright pink angel fluttered in and saved the day ... well? Hmmmm ....

It all kicks off on the Wednesday with Experience DC Carnival Launch Party which is the absolute dynamic way to start ANY Carnival Season!

On the Thursday there is only one place to be at really ... yeah really ... Release Therapy which we heard was the absolute dynamic way to start ANY Carnival Season! After all ... it is in the name .... *ding ding ding* However, we made our way to ONE which did not let us down either!

Friday is really the pertinent day to start off your festivities and with three (3) events to choose from you cannot go wrong because all three are guaranteed to bring the exact vibe and energy that you want to kick off your weekend .... All you have to decide is what kind of crowd you want to socialise with! That's Right! ... Be Careful! Don't let location and promoters fool you .... Not All .... HAHA! With Hookie's Day Fete finishing in the evening you then have a choice of Eyes Wide Shut Carnavale DC Edition with Machel Montano HD or you had Live In The City With Kes The Band. Both promised to deliver ... and oh they did!

The highlight of any Carnival has to be the Parade ... what else do you really attend a Carnival for ... The Parade! This year has to be no different however, there were some serious issues that needs to be addressed by the Carnival Committee. Patrons were not satisfied however, tantalization, bacchanal, fun, bamcee jiration and healthy socialising will ALWAYS PREVAIL.

If the energy is still there (well it definitely was after the 2011 parade) you had Xen 2011 Block Party or you had something different in Fresh Squeeze 'White With A Touch of Colour'.

Sunday is the day ... I am sorry ... Sunday is the REAL Day ... you have your multiple poison both at the same time i.e. Shine DC Breakfast Party or you have Indigo All Inclusive - Let me be the first to tell you ... if you can attend both ... Do It! If you can go Indigo first then go Shine ... Do It! If you must go Shine first then go Indigo then come back to Shine ... Do It! Both events are worth your time, clothes and paper ... Euphoria is GUARANTEED in either event!

When the buzz is still in your head ... you know what you have to do? COOL DOWN! Who say Cool Down Appreciation Party! Everybody and Anybody is going to be present even Miami Heat 2011 Starting Center Joel Anthony ... Vibes! And who say he aint take ah bubble too! Why not? Is Carnival!

Scorn's DO's For DC Carnival:

          • Always Attend Indigo All Inclusive Fete;
          • If you see five police officers running in one direction, please run the other way;
          • DC Parade has two good mas band/mas section ... MUD MADNESS and Indulgence Mas; and
          • Bring Alcohol For The Road ... You Will Get Thirsty If Not!

Scorn's DON'Ts for DC Carnival:

          • Stay away from DC Star; and
          • Don't wear jeans that are too tight and you have no space to dance in; and
          • Don't wear sunglasses in the club at night ... its the night!

It was a small crew this year but L Boogie & Al ... I coming again next year! DC ... getting to wine on the streets of the "Capitol" ... Oh Yeah! I still looking for that woman who when she wine it freeze!

Joy Juice - Atlanta Carnival 2011

Scorn Juice
... Bedlam's Favourite Resident ...

Scorn's Disclaimer: I am a Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Guru who has rigorously tested Carnival grounds all over the globe and I only provide the aforementioned recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is an absolutely crazy, wild, fun-loving, healthy alcohol drinking human being. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel weak, fatigue, dizziness, depressed or any sort of physical or mental pain please stop and GO HOME!!

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