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Taboo 2008 (DC)
Taboo 2008 (DC)

June 27th, 2008
SuperNova (DC)
SuperNova (DC)

June 28th, 2008
Shine DC 2008 (DC)
Shine DC 2008 (DC)

June 29th, 2008

Masquerader at DC Carnival ParadeJamaica Caublasian checking in for DC Carnival! I managed to con, *ahem*, I mean, conveniently schedule my meetings at the DC office the same week as Carnival so travel was not a concern for me. (Who doesn't love the first class experience?) OK. Finally! Leave the office and off to navigate the streets of DC. Can I tell you, not even a navigation system can figure out them streets there!!! (That just had to be said for the 7th year in a row)

Aight! Link up with the crew. People arriving all weekend, but we dealing with the Thursday set first! We on the Blu Carnival band wagon, suh de Gresham boys tell us to do, and they've never let us down before. Of course, the Jungle Juice crew cyaan miss a Carnival event, so wid everyone in town most events get coverage. Easy man!

Mix Juice at TRIBE IgniteThursday night was the kickoff event. Tribe Ignite the weekend! Now, there might have been a few AC issues, but overall Nobrega (TRIBE) brought his vibe live and direct from Trinidad and started off the DC weekend. Check out the reviews and find yourself in the pics ... or just check out what you miss!

Aight, it's FRIDAY! Friday morning we wake up remembering the sleep deprived state we were in by Sunday last year, so we try to catch a few extra seconds of sleep before we start the day cause we know, might be the last time we see de bed. Run over to the venue to see de Gresham boys doing their setup and vibes a likkle with Tribe's Norbrega and de DJ for de reggae section, Richie D! HI!!! Between them two a bere comedy and jokes as we try dodge them freak rain showers! Me nuh know what it is, but it seem to rain before every Taboo. Ratings to the crew though for somehow pulling together things in the midst of a massive thunderstorm! Me did duck out and head to the hotel to get ready for the night. The theme for the weekend is blue, so blue item #2 needed to come out. Once again. It's a little chilly outside, but vanity always win, skin is in ladies!!! This Jungle Juicer was on gate detail so I leave it to the rest of the crew to give their full review! I just know I was vibing, and de crew pass did help me get mah drinks dem a likkle faster! LOVE IT!

Original Lime Flavor with friendsWait deh! Is sun dat? One of these years me need to get out of de dance before de sun come up. But hol' on! I need to get my costume for de road. Sadly! (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) all the nice shorts gone and is only them skimpy skimpy bottoms leave, sigh, guess we're just gonna have we cheeks outta door on de road ladies! Aight, time enough to shower up and run down to de road. Wait. Parking! What a ting, we tek a u-turn fe grab a park, but someone else cut in front of we! Aight, move on down the road ... a wah dat? Somebody pulling out! TURN! TURN! TURN! TURN!!! See it deh! Three cars tun one time, but we was position right! Easy u-turn into the parking spot (Bless up to everyone we cut off!)

Mud Revellers having ah time!Cyaan lie, the road nice! DC Carnival is one of my favourite US carnivals. Not the same restrictions of Miami and NY. Can jump on de road easy. Drinks flow nice out of the truck and lunch ... mmmmmmmmmm (but I always walk wit me stomach). Carnival Parade did finish kinna early dis year though, and me tink seh dem boys going to have to bring back that final fete at de end of the road.

Aight, whole heep going on on de Sat night, but unno need your party coverage so TJJ run out to Supernova to catch the Soca madness! Tings nice up! And the energy still a run for the weekend! You woulda feel seh people ready to fall into bed, but some reserve get tap and vibes a flow. Again, it's a fete into de morning, but a quick nap is needed cause the breakfast fetes need fe reach.

Competition in full force again as de Gresham boys had Indigo and Back to Basics teamed up with East Coast Entertainment their Shine DC Breakfast Party. TJJ cameras (and TJJ TV) were present at Shine, while this lone Jungle Juicer was over at Indigo, Gresham's first venture into the breakfast flex. (Unno not tired yet man? A how much tings you going to have in one weekend?) Cyaan lie, Indigo was hot! The music did well nice, and tru seh the crowd was likkle light in de beginning, the early movers has personal bar service! The food? Crazy! Crab dips and seafood paellas! Is a good thing me was there early! Not too much people see me a gwaan like me homeless! Energized and ready fe fete, me did tink seh that me did done, but by de time the party done I was ready fe sum ting else! Trust, what a warm up for de day! But only one ting (well two) leave. The promoters Appreciation Party titled "Unconditional Love" and Klimaxx Entertainment Annual DC Cool Down Pool Party.

Now, people gave the Appreciation Party mixed reviews. It's a cool out likkle final fete for de weekend. Pull together by all of the promoters for the weekend. After the weekend of all inclusive events and leaving you wallets in de hotel room, paying per drink brings you back to reality, but you cyaan have it easy all weekend!

Bway. All I can say is, is a good ting me nuh have work Monday cause me woulda be in trouble! People start depart starting bout 6 in de morning (good luck!) My flight not till noon so me get a likkle cool out. Well, at least my flight for next year done book!

Aight, Crop Over and Caribana next! Who ready?

Jamaica Caublasian

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