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Blaxx - Mash Up Trinidad & Tobago
Kes ft. J Perry & Michael Brun - Liki Tiki Trinidad & Tobago
Nailah Blackman - Bodum Bodum Trinidad & Tobago
Kes x Lord Nelson - Do We Ting Trinidad & Tobago
Viking Ding Dong x Machel Montano - Bad Chargie Trinidad & Tobago
Bunji Garlin x Mastamind - D.N.A. Trinidad & Tobago
Fay-Ann Lyons x Mastamind - Not Leaving Trinidad & Tobago
Skhi - Power Trinidad & Tobago
Voice - Out and Bad Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad Killa & Boogy Rankss - Come Down From Dey (Dutty Dutty Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Rikki Jai - Old Time Sake Trinidad & Tobago
Machel Montano x Problem Child - Just Dance (The Walé Project) Trinidad & Tobago
Rane - Dutty Trinidad & Tobago
Lyrikal x DJ Private Ryan - Find A Way (The Beauty Project) Trinidad & Tobago
Viking Ding Dong x DJ Private Ryan - Boatride Anthem (The Beast Project) Trinidad & Tobago
Bunji Garlin - The Covenant Trinidad & Tobago
Fay-Ann Lyons - Children of The Music Trinidad & Tobago
King Bubba FM - Ring Ding Barbados
Melick x Boogy Rankss - Take Bamboo (Dutty Dutty Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Sackie - Lose Weight Trinidad & Tobago
Shurwayne Winchester - Look Trouble Again #LTA Trinidad & Tobago
Erphaan Alves x Shal Marshall - Mash Up Trinidad & Tobago
Viking Ding Dong - Leave It Alone (Big Joy Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Patrice Roberts - Tricks (Wrong Woman) (Big Joy Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Kernal Roberts - Tilt (Tilt Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Kernal Roberts & Zan - Survivors Trinidad & Tobago
Mical Teja x Nailah Blackman - Dingolay Trinidad & Tobago
Benjai - Everything Match Trinidad & Tobago
Problem Child - Under Vibes Trinidad & Tobago


Adam O & Rae - Hot Topic (Sweet Melanin Riddim)
Benjai - Everything Match
Blaxx - Mash Up
Bunji Garlin - Friday
Bunji Garlin x Mastamind - D.N.A.
Bunji Garlin - The Covenant
Erphaan Alves x Shal Marshall - Mash Up
Fay-Ann Lyons - Children of The Music
Fay-Ann Lyons x Mastamind - Not Leaving
Kes - Jolene
Kes x Lord Nelson - Do We Ting
Kes ft. J Perry & Michael Brun - Liki Tiki
Kernal Roberts - Tilt (Tilt Riddim)
Kernal Roberts & Zan - Survivors
Kerwin Du Bois - All I Need
King Bubba FM - Ring Ding
Lyrikal - Woman Ah De Year (Coconut Leaf Riddim)
Lyrikal x DJ Private Ryan - Find A Way (The Beauty Project)
Machel Montano - Happy Papi (Happy Papi Riddim)
Machel Montano x Jahllano - Sweet Creation (Sweet Melanin Riddim)
Machel Montano x Problem Child - Just Dance (The Walé Project)
Melick x Boogy Rankss - Take Bamboo (Dutty Dutty Riddim)
Mical Teja x Nailah Blackman - Dingolay
Nadia Batson - Jelly
Nailah Blackman - Bodum Bodum
Patrice Roberts - Mind My Business (Happy Papi Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Tricks (Wrong Woman) (Big Joy Riddim)
Preedy x Dj Private Ryan - Free Again (Party) (Pretty Dolly Riddim)
Problem Child - Under Vibes
Rane - Dutty
Ricardo Drue ft. Turner - Dear Beloved (Sweet Melanin Riddim)
Rikki Jai - Old Time Sake
Ronnie Homer - Meh Darlin (Sweet Melanin Riddim)
Sackie - Lose Weight
Skhi - Power
Shurwayne Winchester - Look Trouble Again #LTA
Skinny Fabulous - All Eyes On You (Happy Papi Riddim)
Terri Lyons x DJ Private Ryan - Can You Feel It
Trinidad Killa & Boogy Rankss - Come Down From Dey (Dutty Dutty Riddim)
V'ghn - Sweet Melanin (Sweet Melanin Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong - Leave It Alone (Big Joy Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong x DJ Private Ryan - Boatride Anthem (The Beast Project)
Viking Ding Dong x Machel Montano - Bad Chargie
Voice - Out and Bad




Aaron Duncan - Double Trouble

Aaron Duncan - Stay
Aaron Duncan x Terri Lyons x Superblue - Letting Go
Adam O - Fresh Bless (Daruma Riddim) (Radio Edit)
Adam O - I Need (Cabana Riddim)
Aisha Noel - One Dance (One Link Riddim)
Arthur Allain - Wine On You (Cabana Riddim)
Azaryah - Sweetest (Candy Shack Riddim)
Benjai - I Receive
Blackie - Dong Dey
Blaxx x Don Iko - Who God Bless (Time Machine Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - All House Is Road (8-Bit Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Heart Of The People
College Boy Jesse - Worry Less (One Link Riddim)
College Boy Jesse x DJ Private Ryan - Live Yuh Life (House of Calypso Project)
Crystal Tais x Don Iko - Golden Ray (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Daunte & Jenelle - One In Ah Million (Kembler Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Hush
Erphaan Alves x DJ Private Ryan - So Sweet (Sweet Tooth Symphony)
Farmer Nappy - Backyard Jam (The Backyard Jam)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Sleepwalk (8-Bit Riddim)
Farmer Nappy x Machel Montano x Don Iko - 1 Fam (Time Machine Riddim)
Freetown Collective x Stadic - Kasandra
GBM Nutron - Down Dey (Uncle Joe Riddim)
GBM Nutron x Lyrikal - Straight 10
GBM Nutron, Stadic & Captain John - Take Yuh Time
Hey Choppi - Sidung (Tender Touch Riddim)
Hey Choppi x DJ Private Ryan - It Don't Matter (Sweet Tooth Symphony)
Jadel - Deserve It All
Jaiga TC - On De Inside (The Backyard Jam)
Kernal Roberts - Scrub It Down (Jooking Board Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Essential Feter
Kerwin Du Bois - Soca Love (Radio Edit)
Kerwin Du Bois - We Ha Ting (Kembler Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois feat. Noelle Archer - Party Central (The Origin Project)
Kerwin Du Bois x Destra - Stress Reliever (Candy Shack Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois x Hook Gawdess - Soca Soulmate
Kerwin Du Bois x Teddyson John - See Dem
Kes feat Etienne Charles & Laventille Riddim Section - Iz WE
Kes x DJ Private Ryan - Keep Jamming On (House of Calypso Project)
Kiel Cariah ft. ShamSham - Don't Give It Away
KiKo & Mia - New Vibes (Kembler Riddim)
KMC - When Next
Konshens - Soda (Candy Shack Riddim)
Kris Kennedy - Queen of Hearts (24 Hour Riddim)
Leonce - Soca Entanglement
Lil Bitts - Remember Me
LucratiV - Go Down (The Origin Project) (Radio Edit)
Lyrikal - Good Energy (Crazy Duck Riddim)
Lyrikal - Happy Place (The Backyard Jam)
Lyrikal - Overall (Uber Riddim)
Lyrikal - Steamy (Daruma Riddim)
Lyrikal x Don Iko - Magical (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Lyrikal x Mastamind Productions - Drop That (Saccharine Riddim)
Machel Montano - High Life (Beach Chair Riddim)
Machel Montano - Private Party (The Origin Project)
Melly Rose - Run It (El Mejor Riddim)

Melly Rose x Skales - Shine Pon Me (Tender Touch Riddim)
Mical Teja - Mashup (24 Hour Riddim)
Mical Teja - No Money Making [feat. Gskell] (One Link Riddim)
Mistah Shak x Mastamind Productions - Chocolate Goddess (Saccharine Riddim)
Motto - Uber Everywhere (Uber Riddim)
Mr. Legz × Jason Benn - Soca Is De Cure
MX Prime - Mad City (Powered by Ultimate Rejects)
Nadia Batson - Doh Laugh (Crazy Duck Riddim)
Nadia Batson - First Fete (Daruma Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Sugar Daddy
Nadia Batson x Don Iko - Counting My Blessings (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Nadia Batson x Mastamind Productions - Hide It (Saccharine Riddim)
Nadia Batson x Travis World - A Love Note To Carnival
Nailah Blackman - Trouble Wine (Tender Touch Riddim)
Olatunji x System32 - Don't Stop Carnival
Olatunji - Angel (Tender Touch Riddim)
One Voice - DDI (Down De Islands)
Patrice Roberts - Better Days (The Backyard Jam)
Patrice Roberts - Tender (Tender Touch Riddim)
Patrice Roberts x Kemar Highcon - Start Up (Candy Shack Riddim)
Preedy - Good Times
Preedy - Riddim And Bass (Cabana Riddim)
Preedy - Wine Pon Live (One Link Riddim)
Problem Child - Crocodile (Take Off Riddim)
Problem Child - For Corona (Crazy Duck Riddim)
Problem Child - Thief Piece (Uber Riddim)
Rae x DJ Private Ryan - Whole Day (House of Calypso Project)
Ricardo Drue x Dev - South Man
Ricardo Drue x Patrice Roberts - Toxic Love (Cabana Riddim)
Rome - All Now
Savanna - Name Man
Sekon Sta x DJ Private Ryan - Dubai (Sweet Tooth Symphony)
Sekon Sta x DJ Private Ryan - Pain
Shal Marshall - All Day (24 Hour Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Certain Tings (Crazy Duck Riddim)
Sizwe C - Unbroken
Skinny Fabulous - Act Normal (The Origin Project)
Skinny Fabulous - Making Me Own (Daruma Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Selfish (The Origin Project)
Swappi - God Is Ah Trini
Teddy Rhymez - All of You (One Link Riddim)
Teddyson John - Back To Love
Teddyson John x Mastamind Productions - The Woman (Saccharine Riddim)
Travis World x Iwer George - One Wish (feat. KMC)
Trinidad Killa - Freedom
Ttrevvle - Bounce (Cabana Riddim)
Turner x DJ Private Ryan - Keep Talking (House of Calypso Project)
Umi Marcano - Why
V'ghn x Cryave - Better Together (Cabana Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong - Fed Up (The Origin Project)
Viking Ding Dong x Mical Teja - Hornin First (24 Hour Riddim)
Wetty Beatz - Cyah Take It
Wildfire - Ride Or Die (Cabana Riddim)
Xone feat. King Bubba FM - HYMC [Clean]
Yankey Boy - All Ova Yuh Body
Yankey Boy - Handful




Erphaan Alves x Kes - Pick A Side (Wetty Beatz Road Mix)
Mr. Renzo - Soca Mambo (Extended Version NMG Refix)
Ricardo Drue x Lil Natty & Thunda - Teacher (Refix) (Benna Jab Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Dadamanufakture Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (DJ Dylan, Madness M.U.V & Kubiyashi Carnival Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Marfan Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Wetty Beatz Road Mix)




5ILVA - Feel Meh
5Star Akil - On Lock (Tuff Spot Riddim)
5Star Akil - Right Down (Hello Bacchanal Riddim)
5Star Akil - Side Jam (Nightfall Riddim)
Aaron Duncan - Caught Up
Abdiel x CL Productions - Dresser (Afro Fete Riddim)
Adam O - Closer (Nightfall Riddim)
Adana - Good O (Tuff Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin x Mr. Legz - Throw Thing
Aisha Noel - Soca Fever (Baile) (Hello Bacchanal Riddim)
Akino St. Louis - Go Hard
Alison Hinds - West Indian
Alison Hinds - Wuk & Run (Sugar Stick Riddim)
Amptone - A Bumpa Story
Amptone - Any Gyal
Angela Hunte x DJ Private Ryan - Middle (The Fizzle Project)
Asa Banton x Jus Now - Fete Is Fete (Mosh Pit Riddim)
Asten Isaac - IOU
Ataklan - Happy Carnival
Ace x Serani - Robot
Azaryah - Mission Complete
Azaryah - Number One
Azaryah - Roll it
AZ x Jaiga - Scatter
Babymusik - D'Vybz (Soca Syrup Riddim)
Bass aka Trilo G - Everything Nice
Bass aka Trilo G - Experienced Jammer (Happy Riddim)
Bass aka Trilo-G - Something To Drink (Toast Riddim)
Bass aka Trilo-G - Wicked
Benjai - Mas Fuh Dem (Ms Mary Ann Riddim)
Benjai - On My Knees (Truth & Soul Riddim)
Benje - Rum Junkie (Soca Syrup Riddim)
Big Jay - Earthquake (Shake Riddim)
Blackie - Broke Man
Blackie - Horning Warning
Blacksani - RBG (Red Black Green) [On The Road]
Black Starr x Blaxx - Voyage
Blaxx - Canboulay (Good Oye Riddim)
Blaxx - Celebrate Life (Fete Mood Riddim)
Blaxx - Cry T&T
Blaxx - Far Cry
Blaxx - Folk Tale Jouvert (Folk Tale Jouvert Chapter 1)
Blaxx - Gyal Parole (Mighty Calypso Riddim)
Blaxx - Lucky Dip
Blaxx - No Filter
Blaxx - Same Way
Blaxx x Black Stalin - Black Man Feeling To Party
Blaxx & Teddyson John - Just So (Five Island Riddim)
BugZbugs x Marvelus - Wuk Together
Bunji Garlin - Bad Bam Bam (Candy Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Block Away (Komess Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Directive (Professionalz Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - First Class (Mighty Calypso Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Lookin' For China (Explore Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Mad People
Bunji Garlin - Magician (Tuff Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Not In Dem Pretty Ting (Benna Jab Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - One Minute Xtra (Dust Raiser Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - The Struggle
Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons - Bus-A-Wine (Coney Island Riddim)
Bunji Garlin & Fay Ann Lyons - Wine Low (Big Vibe Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x Fuse ODG - Whole Place
Bunji Garlin & Megatone - How Far We've Come
Bunji Garlin x Sheriff - The Sound
Cassi - Trouble
C'donia - Outta Road (Mojo Riddim)
Calypso Rose feat. Destra - Gimme D' Road (Carnival Mix)
Calypso Rose feat. Nailah Blackman & Lao Ra - Baila Mami (Remix)
Chalmer John - Balance (Tumbi Riddim)
Charly Black - Ride It
Charnell Lucien - Happiness (Spoken Word) (Happy Riddim)
Chinese Laundry x Super Blue x Ravi B x Trinidad Killa - Omalay Reloaded (Hype Remix)
Chingee - Coming Down (Fete Mood Riddim)
Chingee x Olatunji - We Name Road
Christo - Gimme (Kanboulay Riddim)
Christo - Soca Feeling (Push Back)
Codename Spaceman - Launch Off
College Boy Jesse - Good Times (Carnival Time Riddim)
College Boy Jesse - Happy Song (Happy Riddim)
Collis Duranty - Caribbean Persona
Crazy - Jocky (Redemption Riddim)
Dale Ryan - You Too Lie (Five Island Riddim)
Dale Ryan x CL Productions - On The Rocks (Afro Fete Riddim)
David Rudder, Mx Prime and David Bishop - State of The Nation
De Postman - Real Gyal (Rum n BBQ Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Never Stop (Redemption Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Nuh Bad Like Me (Shake Riddim)
Derrick Seales - House Husband
Derrick Seales - Rock Stone Party
Destra Garcia - Rum and Soca
Destra Garcia - Size Don't Matter (Story Book Riddim)
Destra Garcia - So Real (Xo Xo Riddim)
Destra Garcia x CL Productions - Guilty (Afro Fete Riddim)
Dev - Come To Play (Toast Riddim)
Dev - Daiz Wah We Love
Dev - Drunk Again (Spotlight Riddim)
Dev x Jus Now - Wet Wet (Mosh Pit Riddim)
Dev x TeamFoxx - Ochro (Big Ride Riddim)
Dev x Teamfoxx - Woman Company (Toatin Riddim)
Ding Dong x Mr. Killa feat. Dan Evens & ZJ Sparks - Run Up And Down
DJ Ana & Ultra Simmo feat. DJ Bravo & Arielle Alexa - #2Easy (#2Easy Riddim)
DJ Ana & Ultra Simmo feat. Ravi B - Upness (#2Easy Riddim)
DJ Ana & Ultra Simmo feat. Rique Legend - Waiting (#2Easy Riddim)
DJ Ana & Ultra Simmo feat. Shurwayne Winchester - Tight Pants Anthem (#2Easy Riddim)
DJ Buddha x Angela Hunte - Speaker
DJ Private Ryan x Freetown Collective - Feel The Love
DJ Private Ryan & Preedy - No Standing Up
DKNO x Miguel - Dejame (Contigo Riddim)
Dloxx - Trouble (Contigo Riddim)
Double R x Asten Isaac - Carry The Flag
Dynamite - Soca Rock
Dynamite x The Wixard - Soca Worldwide
EA x Kes - Pick A Side
Erphaan Alves - Champion Gyal (Good Feels Riddim)
Erphaan Alves x Kes - Pick A Side (Wetty Beatz Road Mix)
Fadda Fox - Drink (Hello Bacchanal Riddim)
Fari The King - Benndown
Farmer Nappy - After Hours (Fete Mood Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Fete Wid Meh Dahlin'
Farmer Nappy - Roll Dat (Skinner Park Riddim)
Farmer Nappy x Lil Bitts - Co-Sign
Fay-Ann Lyons - Angry (Fling Ting)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Dive (Dust Raiser Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Do It Over
Fay-Ann Lyons - It's Candy (Candy Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Shut It Down (Benna Jab Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Tun Up
Fay-Ann Lyons x Jaiga x Lil Natty & Thunda - One Love
Fede - Bottles Up (Professionalz Riddim)
Fede - Perfect Timing (Carnival Time Riddim)
Fojo & Kuttrah - Rum Gyal & Soca (Shake Riddim)
Freetown Collective - We Bad
Gabrielle Alleyne - Dejame (Contigo Riddim)
GailSoGorgeous - Come Nah Boi
GBM Nutron x Skorch Bun It x CoolBlaze - Tambourine (Baby Bells Riddim)
Granny - Lady FolkLaw (Folk Tale Jouvert Chapter 2)
General Grant - Good Wukkin Ting (Rum n BBQ Riddim)
Hollywood HP - Drinking All Day (Caution Riddim)
Ice Prince - Top Up (Big Vibe Riddim)
Imani Ray - Take Jam (Yuh Bad Riddim)
Imran Nerdy - Baisser (After Hours Riddim)
Isasha x Ms. Alysha - We Good Up
Iwer George - Chok Ha Ting
Iwer George - Convert (Jab Molaisse Riddim)
Iwer George - Jab Union
Iwer George - Yes Iwer 2020
Iwer George x Pablo - Soca Aerobics
Jadel - Bossy (Big Mood Riddim)
Jadel - Closer (Street Party Riddim)
Jadel - Hold Me Close
Jadel - Link Up
Jadel - Strings
Jadel - Priority
Jadel - Waiting
Jahmoun - Baddie (The Peppa Project)
Jahmoun x Ultimate Rejects - Thankful
Jaiga - Best (Candy Riddim)
Jaiga x Boyzie - Iz We (The Fete Project)
Jamesy P - Banga (Xo Xo Riddim)
Jamesy P - Don't Give Ah &!#%
Jaxx - Padnahs
Jonnelle & Buffy - Buff & Tuff (Tuff Riddim)
JP - Vibes (Day Dream Riddim)
Juby - Dance
Juby - Look She Dey (Spotlight Riddim)
Juby x Jus Now - Doh Fraid (Mosh Pit Riddim)
Jus D - Flava
Jus D, Travis World & Dan Evens - Hot Gyal (Caribé Rosé Riddim)
JW - Limbo (Ms Mary Ann Riddim)
JWave - Something More (Tuff Spot Riddim)
K.Rich - Box Juice (Whisper)
Kells - Love Stick
Kenne Blessin - Baddest Baddest (Soca Syrup Riddim)
Keoné - Hook On It (Five Island Riddim)
Kerry John - Hush (Day Dream Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Drunky (Nightfall Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Stink Face (Yuh Bad Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Thanks For The Love (Vortex Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Wishlist
Kerwin Du Bois and Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow (Classy Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois x Destra Garcia - Daddy Reach
Kerwin Du Bois x Machel Montano - Ramp Up
Kerwin Du Bois x Mical Teja - Bumper Murder
Kes - Boss Lady (Sign Me Up) (Baila Riddim)
Kes - Dey Wah Soca (Tumbi Riddim)
Kes - Dushi (Juicy) (Project 2020 Riddim)
Kes - Jamdong (Vortex Riddim)
Kes - Soca Take Over (Good Feels Riddim)
Kes feat. Terri Lyons - Throw Back Ting
Kes & Iwer - Stage Gone Bad
Kes x CL Productions - L.I.T. / Lost in Translation (Afro Fete Riddim)
Kes x DJ Private Ryan - Reason To Love (Energy)
Kes x Jimmy October - Magic
Kes x Travis World - Proud
Kimi - Too Blessed (Grateful The Project)
King Bubba FM x Skorch Bun It x CoolBlaze - I Love My Rum (Baby Bells Riddim)
King James - Callin Meh (Uber Soca Riddim)
King James x Int'l Stephen - My Team Lit (The Fete Project)
Konshens - Hold On (Big Vibe Riddim)
Konshens & Travis World - Bad Gyal Section (Free Up Riddim)
KMC - Hold On To Me (Sunset Riddim)
KMC - Apache
KMC - Rate Who Rate Yuh
Kpress x Ravi B - In The Name
Lady Lava - Shakey (Big Back Riddim)
Lavaman - Finish (Big Back Riddim)
Lavaman - Mash Up Party (GT Riddim)
Leadpipe - Who's That Gyal (Day Dream Riddim)
Leendi - Jab Army (Story Book Riddim)
Leonce - Ah Reach (Spotlight Riddim)
Leston Paul feat. Tracy D - Temperature
LFS Music - 10/10 (Vortex Riddim)
LFS Music - Brighter (Grateful The Project)
LFS Music - Find We Way (Truth & Soul Riddim)
LFS Music - Light It Up
LFS Music - Mayhem
Lil Bitts - Doh Wa Stop
Lil Kerry - Wah Have Yuh So (GT Riddim)
LucratiV - No Limit
Lucrativ - Paint (Anansi Riddim)
Lyrikal - Celebrate (Dust Raiser Riddim)
Lyrikal - Do Like That (Caution Riddim)
Lyrikal - Promise (The Heart String Project)
Lyrikal - Stink (Coney Island Riddim)
Lyrikal x Teamfoxx - No Scene (Toatin Riddim)
Machel Montano - Everytime (Komess Riddim)
Machel Montano - I Love You (Soul Chase Riddim)
Machel Montano - Leave Me (Skinner Park Riddim)
Machel Montano feat. Afro B - Slow Wine
Machel Montano, Salty & Travis World - Boss Wine (Free Up Riddim)
Machel Montano x TeamFoxx - Gih Dem (Big Ride Riddim)
Majestic - Stamina (Big Back Riddim)
Major Lazer - King of the Party (feat. Mr. Killa)
Malaika - Pave De Road
Mani (LFS) - Bad & Brutal
MarzVille - Give Me Ah Whine (Street Party Riddim)
Marzville - Midsection (Baila Riddim)
MarzVille x The Element Band - Come Into You (Sugar Stick Riddim)
Marzville x Travis World - Squat
Melly Rose - Free Up (Bottom Line Riddim)
Melly Rose x Praiz x Skinny Fabulous - Gemini (Bittersweet Riddim)
Mical Teja - Ben Up
Mical Teja - Birthday (Knock About Riddim)

Mical Teja - Life Time (Good Feels Riddim)
Motto - Make It Rain (Drizzle) (Vice Riddim)
Motto - Shots (One For Di Road) (Baila Riddim)
Motto feat. Ezra & Blackboy - Big Ride (Official Roadmix)
Motto ft. Marzville x Mighty - Bum Bum Grr (Vice Riddim)
Motto x Bunji Garlin - Break A Branch (Komess Riddim)
Motto x Nessa Preppy x Teamfoxx - Toat No Feelings (Toatin Riddim)
Mr. Killa - Defend (GT Riddim) [Radio Edit]
Mr. Killa - Screwdriver (aka Mr Fix It)
Mr. Killa - Soca Storm
Mr. Killa x Black Shadow - Beast (Beast Riddim)
Mr. Legz x Farmer Nappy - Fun Friend (Story Book Riddim)
Mr. Legz x TeamFoxx - I Have A Problem (Big Ride Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Soca Mambo
Mr. Renzo ft. Dawg E Slaughter - Abatina
Mr. Renzo ft. M1 - Diferente
MX Prime - Free At Last
Mysta Lyon - Big Back (Big Back Riddim)
M1 - Bun Dem (Bottom Line Riddim)
M1 aka Menace - 1'azz (Mighty Calypso Riddim)
M1 aka Menace - Party Capital (Tumbi Riddim)
M1 aka Menace - Real Vybez (Toast Riddim) [Radio Edit]
Nadia Batson - Fatt (Caution Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Hold Meh Back (Tuff Spot Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Skinner Park (Skinner Park Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Swing
Nadia Batson x Lyrikal - Heaven's Design (The Heart String Project)
Nadia Batson x Teamfoxx - Kiss (Toatin Riddim)
Nadia Batson x Voice - One Mission
Nailah Blackman - Genuine (Vortex Riddim)
Nailah Blackman - More Sokah
Nailah Blackman & KI and The Band - Together We Reign
Nailah Blackman & Konshens - Slow Wine (Bittersweet Riddim)
Nailah Blackman & Sekon Sta - Showtime (Project 2020 Riddim)
Nailah Blackman & Travis World - Oil Drum (Free Up Riddim)
Nailah Blackman x Shal Marshall - Peppa (The Peppa Project)
Nessa Preppy - Cupid (Coney Island Riddim)
Nessa Preppy - Honeypot (Bittersweet Riddim)
Nessa Preppy x Destra - Too Bad
Nessa Preppy feat. Salty x TeamFoxx - Pull Up (Big Ride Riddim)
Nevel B - Bless Up The Vibes
Neval Trinidad - Magical (Tumbi Riddim)
Next Level Devils x RKG - The Mountain (Next Level Jab Riddim)
Nickhail - Feelings (Soca Syrup Riddim)
Nikki Brooks - Tusty Bumpa (Xo Xo Riddim)
Niniola - Pocket (Bittersweet Riddim)
No Nxme - Limitless (feat. Azaryah)
Olatunji - Money
Olatunji - Party Cyah Done (Good Oye Riddim)
Olatunji - Performance Time (Bounce It Back Riddim)
Olatunji - Rapido (Contigo Riddim)
Olatunji - Thankful
Olatunji x Destra - We Are One (Festival Edition)
Olatunji x Destra - We Are One (World Edition)
Olatunji x Nailah Blackman - Woi Ya
Olatunji x Ravi B - Big Way (Tadowww, Bodowww)
Olatunji & Stadic - Jiggle It
Olatunji & System32 - Doing It
One Voice - True Fetter
One Voice - Trust
Orlando Octave - Doh Study (Grateful The Project)
Orlando Octave - Mr. Mouse (Street Party Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Queen
Orlando Octave - Sadé (Hello Bacchanal Riddim)
Orlando Octave - What She Want (Confusion) (Kanboulay Riddim)
Oscar B - Too Bless
Otis - So Nice (Bottom Line Riddim)
Patch - Hundred Watt (Redemption Riddim)
Patrice Murrell ft. Swappi - Heavyweight
Patrice Roberts - Carry On (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Happy Carnival
Patrice Roberts - I C U
Patrice Roberts - Is We (One Bad Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Real Woman (Knock About Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Soak Me Good
Patrice Roberts, Nessa Preppy, Travis World & Dan Evens - Splash (Caribé Rosé Riddim)
Patrice Roberts x CL Productions - Hide & Seek (Star-Crossed Riddim)
Patrice Roberts x Lord Nelson - Wha Ya Know
Patrice Roberts x Travis World - Doh Watch Face
Peter C - Go Down
Pink Panther - Quick Quick Quick
Preedy - I Tried (Bittersweet Riddim)
Preedy - Yuh Bad (No Stressing) (Yuh Bad Riddim)
Precision Productions ft. Various Artistes - Sun Goes Down
Prestan - Come First
Prince Pronto & BLAKGOLD - Big Jam (feat. Dot Manswell)
Prince Pronto & BLAKGOLD - Hello Carnival
Prince George ft. Luni Spark & Electrify - Different Jab (Jab Molaisse Riddim)
Pro Trini - Come For Bacchanal
Problem Child - Galcohol (Bounce It Back Riddim)
Problem Child - Nasty Up (Darkseid Riddim)
Problem Child x Safaree - Flavah (Street Vice Riddim) [Clean]
Prophet Benjamin - Betty Cat
Prophet Benjamin - Small Thing / Party Nice (Toast Riddim) [Radio Edit]
Pternsky - Bad Woman (Ms Mary Ann Riddim)
Pumpa - R.I.P (Killin It) (Uber Soca Riddim)
Pumpa - She Got The Juice (Straight Jacket Riddim)
Rae x Teamfoxx - Work It (Toatin Riddim)
Ravi B - HeadShot
Raymond Ramnarine - R.A.W (Rum and Woman)
Raymond Ramnarine x Dil E Nadan - Rihanna (Happy Riddim)
Rayzor - Dred Tabanka (Spotlight Riddim)
RDX x Stadic - N.A.R.P (Not A Real Place)
Revelation - Hot Like You (Tumbi Riddim)
Revelation - Soca (Candy Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Friendaversary (Five Island Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Find Yourself (Breathless) (Story Book Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Homesick | [Watch Music Video]
Ricardo Drue - Miss Behave (Uber Soca Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - My Name (Hello Bacchanal Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - RIP (Tumbi Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Round Of Applause (Crawl Out Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Us (Sapphire Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - You Should Be Here
Ricardo Drue x Lil Natty & Thunda - Teacher (Refix) (Benna Jab Riddim)
Rikki Jai x MX Prime - The Road
Ricky T - So Bad (Caution Riddim)
RKG x Next Level Devils - Rise of the Blue Devils (Next Level Jab Riddim)
Roger George - I Love Carnival
Rome - Easy To Break (Story Book Riddim)
Rome - Good Good (Good Oye Riddim)
Ronnie Homer - One Wuk [Clean] (Mojo Riddim)
Ronnie McIntosh - Town In Trouble
Rupee - Most Wanted
S Carter - Boom Off (Xo Xo Riddim) [Clean]
Saddis - Mixed Signals (Day Dream Riddim)
Sadiki & Tim Tim - Go Down (Xo Xo Riddim)
Salty - Done Bless (Street Party Riddim)
Salty x Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It x CoolBlaze - Who Pay (Big Bumper) (Baby Bells Riddim)
Sanell Dempster - News Fuh Yuh
Sanell Dempster - Take It (Bop Yuh Head Riddim)
S'Devoue - Jook Meh (Kanboulay Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Come Correct (Contigo Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Mr. Badman (Bittersweet Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Waste Man (Knock About Riddim)
Sekon Sta x DJ Private Ryan - Sauce (The Fizzle Project)
Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It - To The Max
Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It x CoolBlaze - Fire Blaze (Baby Bells Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Fete Ram (Vice Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Jump Out (Bounce It Back Riddim)
Shal Marshall x Busy Signal - We Out Deh (Street Vice Riddim) [Clean]
Shal Marshall x Teamfoxx - Hot Gyal Soca (Toatin Riddim)
Shemmy J ft. Freezy - OTW (On The Way)
Showtime - When Last (Fete Mood Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - 2020
Shurwayne Winchester - Bottom Lies (Bottom Line Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Carnival Gal (Bounce It Back Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Say Say (Colors Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Sweet Down Low (Xo Xo Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester x Ultimate Rejects - Fete Boss
Sita feat. Nessa Preppy & Mr. Killa - Matey (Official Refit)
Sizwe C - Push Back
Skinny Fabulous - Big Vibe (Big Vibe Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Crazy For You (Tuff Spot Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Different Person (Street Vice Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Drunk Again (GT Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Hold On (Vice Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Lock Down Fete (Mighty Calypso Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Naked (Baila Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - No Discipline (Nightfall Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Rock This Place (Soul Chase Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Soca Trend (Komess Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - The Most (Uber Soca Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Up & Up (Caution Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Dadamanufakture Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (DJ Dylan, Madness M.U.V & Kubiyashi Carnival Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Marfan Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George - Conch Shell (Wetty Beatz Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous x Black Shadow - Direct Shot (Beast Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous x Bunji Garlin - Reckless
Skinny Fabulous x Konshens - Doh Beg (Soul Chase Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous, Travis World & CZAR - Bacchanal Army
Skinny Fabulous, Travis World & Dan Evens - Bend Yuh Back (Caribé Rosé Riddim)
Slatta - Ever Clean (Dust Raiser Riddim)
Snakey - Have Ah Time (Bop Yuh Head Riddim)
Snakey - Partying With Meh Ex
Stef Kalloo - Doh Be Shy
Stephen Marcelle x Peter Ram - All The Woman (In D Band) (Xo Xo Riddim)
Subance & Uncle Ellis - Salty Water (Big Back Riddim)
Super Blue - Strange Things
Swappi - Properly | [Watch Music Video]
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Feeling It
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Jumbie Head
Tallpree - Insanity (Professionalz Riddim)
TB Joocie & Jus Now - Mosh Pit (Mosh Pit Riddim)
Teddy Rhymez x Machel Montano - Stink Behavior
Teddyson John x DJ Private Ryan - X Games (The Fizzle Project)
Tennerz - High Heels (Day Dream Riddim)
Terry Seales & Rocky - Party Now Start
Tevin Hartman - Permanent
Therapy - Money (Mojo Riddim)
Tian Winter - Grateful (Grateful The Project)
Timeka Marshall - Lily Gyal (Day Dream Riddim)
Tizzy - Thicki Red Woman
Tony P - Party (Tuff Riddim)
Track7 x 1Sing - Big Daylight
Travis World x Poison Sound - Bang!
Trinidad Ghost - Bad and Wicked
Trinidad Ghost - Gyal Go Yuh Way
Trinidad Ghost - How Much Man (GT Riddim)
Trinidad Ghost - Lyrical Looseness
Trinidad Ghost x Teamfoxx - Big Fish (Big Ride Riddim)
Trinidad Killa - Good Morning Badmind
Triple Kay Band ft. Azaryah - Blessings
Turner - Come To Play (Good Feels Riddim)
Turner - Party Ram (Happy Riddim)
Turner - Thank Him (Bottom Line Riddim)
Turner - Woman & Party (Good Oye Riddim)
Twist - Hornin Yuh (Rum n BBQ Riddim)
Ultimate Rejects - Disorder
Ultimate Rejects - Energy To Burn
Ultimate Rejects - Leh Meh Play
Ultimate Rejects - Something Happen
Ultimate Rejects x Usain Bolt - Energy To Burn (Remix)
Umi Marcano - Wine Down Low
Umi Marcano aka TJ - Buck (Folk Tale Jouvert Chapter 3)
V'ghn - Soca Nice
V'ghn x Black Shadow - Take Time (Beast Riddim)
V'ghn x Lyrikal - IDK (I Don't Know) (Uber Soca Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong - Go Dung (Project 2020 Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong - We Outside (Knock About Riddim)
Voice - Honest Dollar (Soul Chase Riddim)
Voice x Kes - Dear Promoter
Vybz Kartel x Machel Montano - Super Soca
Wadicki - Sugah (Happy Riddim)
Wendi - Walk Out (Good Feels Riddim)
Wetty Beatz feat Triniboi Joocie - B.O.H (Bottle over Head)
Yankey Boy - Looking For Cup (Spotlight Riddim)
Young Devyn x C Donia x Kuttrah - Carnival Touchdown
Zan - Jam Start
Ziggy Ranking - Out On The Road (Jab Molaisse Riddim)
Zion - Why



Farmer Nappy x Nadia Batson - Purple Jam
Kes The Band - Savannah Grass (Magic Touch Family x Razorshop J'Ouvert Mix)
Kes The Band - Savannah Grass (N.M.G Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Savannah Grass (Razorshop Road Mix)
Koffee - Toast (Jester Carnival Remix)
Lyrikal x Travis World - Zig Zag (Shot Master J Refix)
Machel Montano & Ashanti - The Road (Doc & Jes Remix)
Machel Montano x Caribbean Airlines - Flying High (Razorshop Road Mix)

Motto - What A Mess (Road Mix) (Simon Say! Riddim)
Motto x Skinny Fabulous - Pick Your Position [DJ Sling Shot Road Mix] (ASAP Riddim)
Nessa Preppy x Travis World - Issa Snack (Precision Road Mix)
Shal Marshall x DeejBlaze - Trending 2.0 (DeejBlaze Big Bang Edit)
Skinny Fabulous x Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin - Famalay (Tony Tempo Fete Mix)



5Star Akil - Personal (Osaka Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil - Symptoms
Aaron Duncan - Back To Basics | [Watch Music Video]
Abdiel x London Future - Weakness
Adam O x Marvelus - Wine and Dip | [Watch Music video]
Adrian Dutchin - Liar (Bubble Gum Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin - The Call (Nova Riddim)
Alison Hinds - One & Done (Jamish Rididim)
Alison Hinds - Take A Wuk
Alison Hinds x College Boy Jesse x Skinny Fabulous x Mr. Easy - Taking Over
Amptone - No Strings Attached
Andrea Rivera - Man Up
Angelique Sabrina - Rock With Me (Twin Flame Riddim)
Anthony KD - Push It (Afro Jab Riddim)
Asa Banton x Motto - Simon Say! (Simon Say! Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Love Strong (Bali Swing Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Send Over Gyal
Asten Isaac x Zander - Miss Lady
Ataklan - Heaven On Earth
Azaryah - Celebrate
Azaryah - Journey
Azaryah - More Action
Azaryah - Perfect Connection (Bali Swing Riddim)
Azaryah - Road Rage
Azaryah - Sugar (Twin Flame Riddim)
Azaryah feat. Rheon Elbourne - My Way
Bass aka Trilo-G - Continue (Push Riddim)
Bass aka Trilo-G - Support
Benjai - Do It Again
Benjai - Joy (Souflet Riddim)
Benjai - Say What They Want (Bantu Village Riddim)
Benjai x Gi - Woi Woi Woi
Big Jay x Mixture - Bend It (The Bend Over Riddim)
Bilix ft. Nadia Batson - Mango La Mi Remix
Blackboy - Touch Pon Di Floor (Fuego Riddim)
Blackie - J'ouvert (Voiceover Riddim)
Blackie - Tattoos
Blackie - Yuh Teasing (Zouka Riddim)
Blacksani - Dumpa Truck (Jouvert Power Riddim)
Black Shadow x Rupee - One Look (Lime Riddim)
Black Shadow x Skinny Fabulous - Bipolar (Lime Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Black Starr - Juju (Juju Riddim)
Blaxx - Formula (Rum and Soca) (Time Capsule Riddim)
Blaxx - Warn Dem (Swart Krag Riddim)
Blaxx x D'All Starz - Doh Blame We
Blaxx x D'All Starz - Regardless
Blaxx x D'All Starz - WYTY (Wah Yuh Tellin Yuhself)
Blaxx & V'ghn - Keep It
Brandon Harding feat. Little J - Wine It Up (Nova Riddim)
Brass to the World - Jamming Brass On The Road
BreezyDozIt - Luvin Up
Buffy - Spend (Knock It Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Badang! (Badang! Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Big Song (Planet Jab Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Do Road (Yard Jam Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Ground Pound
Bunji Garlin - More (North Stand Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - See Meh (Foli Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Soca (Ode To Shadow)
Bunji Garlin - The Cooler (Beng Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Wet (Anti-Stush Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x Fay-Ann Lyons - Keep On Coming
Calypso Rose ft. Machel Montano - Young Boy (Carnival Mix)
Cassi - Wifey
Caston Cupid - Vengeance
Chef Jason - Meh Lover
Chennet D Man & Marzville - Mammy Cyar Kno
Chingee - Rolling Stone
Chromatics & Blaxx - All In D Road
Chromatics - Bigger Dan Dem (Badang! Riddim)
Chromatics - My Type (Beng Riddim)
Chuck Gordon - Portigal
Cosmo - Fete Cyah Done
Dale Ryan - Give Thanks (Bantu Village Riddim)
Dale Ryan - Home Wrecker
Dale Ryan - Mama
Dale Ryan - Mama (Foli Riddim)
Daniel Hamilton - Royalty
David Rudder - Mix It & Bring It
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Jab Nation (Paramin Jab Riddim)
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Zesser's Anthem (Beng Riddim)
Delisha - Closer
Derrick Seales - The Formula
Destra Garcia - Doh Study People | [Watch Music video]
Destra Garcia - F.U.N (Ghostbusters Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Mash Up The People Fete (Truck Back Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Professor Say
Destra Garcia - Soca Saved My Life | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - Stage Party | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - Wine Of Di Century (Jamish Rididim) | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia & Spice - Trouble | [Watch Music Video]
Dev - Somebody (Novation Riddim)
Devon George - Bumper to Bumper
Dil-E-Nadan feat. Raymond Ramnarine - Show Me
Dil-E-Nadan feat. Raymond Ramnarine - One Mile
DJ Ana feat. Arthur Allain - Whole Day (Soca Feels Riddim)
DJ Ana feat. Dynamite - Take Control (Soca Feels Riddim)
DJ Ana feat. Freezy - Party to Party (Soca Feels Riddim)
DJ Ana feat. Mr. Renzo - ME (Soca Feels Riddim)
DJ Bravo - Done De War
Dloxx x Machel Montano x M1 - Workie
Double R & Detee - Misbehave
Dyceman - Disaster Come
E.G - Head Gone (Start Up Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Blaze In Love
Erphaan Alves - Compromise | [Watch Music video]
Erphaan Alves - Lock On
Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman & Sekon Sta - Brave | [Watch Music video]
Face - Genie Whine
Fadda Fox - Hammering (ASAP Riddim)
Fadda Moses - Jam Til Ah Morning
Farmer Nappy - Abandon
Farmer Nappy - Hookin Meh (The Purple Heart Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Farmer Nappy - Leave My Tail
Farmer Nappy - Yuh Wrong (Blocko Riddim)
Farmer Nappy x Machel Montano - Day One
Farmer Nappy feat. Dean Fraser - So Amazing
Fay Ann Lyons - Feel Good (Foli Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - No Begging (North Stand Riddim)
Fayann Lyons ft. Tallpree - Go Through (Planet Jab Riddim)
Fire Strypz - Pretty Kitty (Fuego Riddim)
Gailsogorgeous - Stick Up (Start Up Riddim)
GBM Nutron - Practice (Jester VIP Edit) | [Watch Music Video]
GBM Milko - Fuel (Ivory Coast Riddim)
General Grant - Start Up Already (Start Up Riddim)
Granny - Wiggle It
Gregory Ayuen - Doh Take It Personal
Hashim - In De Band
Hashim - Momentum
Hashim - Unforgettable
Hashim feat. Cameron - Body Good
Hekeya - Lifted
Imani Ray - Vibes Overload
Inzey - Hold (Twin Flame Riddim)
Iwer George - Go (Road Mix)
Iwer George - Road March Bacchanal 2
Iwer George - Talking About Pan
Iwer George - Water Blessings
Jadel - Hottie Girls (Queens Riddim)
Jadel - Jam Day (Jam Day Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Jadel - Look Bacchanal
Jaiga - Get Eeen
Jaiga - Nice
Jamesy P - Soca Land
Jaxx - Perform
Jaye Ryan - When Ah Reach
Jerrisha - One Man Woman (With You)
Jimmy October - Good Love
Jo Jo - Start It (Truck Back Riddim)
Jo Jo x DJ Bravo - Push (Push Riddim)
Jonnelle - Foli (Foli Riddim)
Juby - Look She Dey!
Julien Believe ft. Angelique Sabrina - Goin' Down On Bay
Jungle - Original Gyal
Jus D feat. Timeka Marshall - Only Thing She Know (Remix)
K Press - Activate (Push Riddim)
K.Rich - Pour One (Tropical Zest Riddim)
Kadaaja - Redic (Knock It Riddim)
Kapashanti - Ah Like It (Start Up Riddim)
Kernal Roberts - Level Up (Ki Ki Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Dear Drunk People (Tingin' Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - No Distraction (Juju Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Right For Somebody (Osaka Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Kerwin Du Bois - Soca Demon
Kerwin Du Bois x Travis World - My Faults
Kerwin Du Bois x Travis World - My Faults
Kerwin Du Bois x Voice x Teddyson John x Lyrikal - Speechless
Kes The Band - Dah Wuk
Kes The Band - Dung Deh (Toco Loco Riddim)
Kes The Band - Love It (Twin Flame Riddim)
Kes The Band - Radar (4th Quarter Riddim)
Kes The Band - Savannah Grass | [Watch Music Video]
Kes x Lira - Soca For Love
Kes x Shenseea - Stay Close
Kes The Band x Travis World - Pepper
Kevin Lyttle x Mikaben x Elephant Man - Caribbean Ting (Carnival Anthem) | [Watch Music Video]
Kevin Lyttle - How They Wining (Badang! Riddim)
Kevin Lyttle x Millbeatz - Emotion
Kevin Lyttle x Stadic - Close To You
Kiedel x Arthur - Sa A Wed (Fuego Riddim)
KMC - Block Party
KMC - Don't Touch
KMC - Party
KMC - Shalalalala
Konshens - If I Get A Whine (4th Quarter Riddim)
Kiko Dan - Maze
Kiko Dan - Repay (Radio Edit)
Kimba Sorzano - Day Time Party (10X Over Riddim)
Kimba Sorzano - Kathy (Novation Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Uh Uh (ASAP Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Can't Drunk Me (Planet Love Concept)
King James x Shenseea - Never Have I Ever (Tropical Zest Riddim)
KI & The Band - No Disrespect
Kisha - Bumper Talk (Truck Back Riddim)
Klassik Frescobar - Best Friend (Play Play Riddim)
Klassik Frescobar - Elevator (Jam Day Riddim)
Klassik Frescobar - One More Drink (Water Coming Riddim)
Kryptonite Vybz - Wah Yuh Do Mi Dat Fah
Krystal Khayne - Juicy
Kurt Allen - Intoxicated
Kuttit - No Friend (Bacchanal Banjo Riddim)
Lady Lava - Feeling Away (Bantu Village Riddim)
Lavaman - Gason (ASAP Riddim)
Lavaman - Hot This Year (Jiggy Riddim)
Lavaman - Mad Jab (Planet Jab Riddim)
Lavaman - Short Term (Jamish Rididim)
Lavaman & Skinny Fabulous - Toothache (Afro Jab Riddim)
Leonce - Whip It
Lawless - 12 Months (Soka Survivor Riddim)
Leon Coldero feat Fay-Ann Lyons - Shake It
LFS Music - Doh Bother We
LFS Music - Start It (Osaka Riddim)
LFS Music x Lyrikal - Issa Blessing
Lil Bitts - Full 100 (Anti-Stush Riddim)
Lil Bitts - Good Times
Lil Bitts - Short and Sweet
Lil Natty & Thunda - Go So (Bird Box Riddim)
Linky First - Jam Down (Jam Down Riddim)
Linky First - Jeune Femme
Lord Nelson x The Fatha - Bam Bam (La La Jam Back Refix)
Lume - Waiting
Lyrikal - ASAP (ASAP Riddim)
Lyrikal - Big Jam (North Stand Riddim)
Lyrikal - My Heart (Yard Jam Riddim)
Lyrikal - No Control (Gyalis Riddim)
Lyrikal - Passing Tru
Lyrikal - Rukshun (Darkseid Riddim)
Lyrikal x Kerwin Du Bois - Team
Lyrikal x Travis World - Zig Zag
M1 - Come For De Wuk (Novation Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Doh Tell Me Dat (Pot And Bell Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Shy (Foli Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Soak Her With Love (Jam Down Riddim)
Machel Montano - Brace Up (Badang! Riddim)
Machel Montano - Come For It
Machel Montano - Dr. Mashup
Machel Montano - Falling (CornerRock Riddim)
Machel Montano - Good Vibes Only (Yard Jam Riddim)
Machel Montano - Gym Trainer (Yard Jam Riddim)

Machel Montano - Jammin (4th Quarter Riddim)
Machel Montano - Release | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Super Clean (Tingin' Riddim)
Machel Montano - Toco Loco (Toco Loco Riddim)
Machel Montano x Ashanti - The Road
Machel Montano x Jacob (Kassav) - Dance (Ole Ting Riddim)
Madd Yute - Studda
Marlon Asher - Party Started (Bantu Village Riddim)
Marvay - Hit De Boy (Twin Flame Riddim)
Mata & Miigos - No Story (Fuego Riddim)
Mical Teja - Sweet (Tingin' Riddim)
Miguel Maestre - Solo
Michelle Xavier - Frolic
Mista David x Sheldon Mendoza - Bam Bam (Jouvert Rising Riddim)
Makamillion x Multi Symptom x Yankey Boy - Bend Over (Ghostbuster Riddim)
Mizta Winty - Gyal Hunter (Knock It Riddim)
Motto - Go Bestie (Truck Back Riddim)
Motto - Hennessy (Birdbox Riddim)
Motto - Jamish Feelin' (Jamish Rididim)
Motto - One Woman (Ole Ting Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Motto - What A Mess (Get Di Party Wet) (Simon Say! Riddim)
Motto - What A Mess (Road Mix) (Simon Say! Riddim)
Motto ft Blackboy & Ezra - Man With Ride (Fuego Riddim)
Motto x Machel Montano - Issa Vibe
Motto x Skinny Fabulous - Pick Your Position (ASAP Riddim)
Munga x Fay-Ann Lyons - You Got It (Yard Jam Riddim)
Mr. Killa - Run Wid It (Planet Jab Riddim)
Mr. Killa & Benjai - Jab Party (Hot Bottle Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - La Lengua (Colors Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Shake Ya Bam Bam
Mr. Renzo - Stick Out Your Tongue (Colors Riddim)
Mr. Renzo x Beenie Man - Shake Ya Bam Bam (Remix)
Mr. Spekks - Trinbagonian Way
Ms. Alysha - Party Jam
Mr. Vegas x Ultimate Rejects - Haterz
Ms Desire - Anything You Want (1 Good Thing Riddim)
MX Prime - Seek and Find (Badang! Riddim)
Mysta Lyon - Isso We Dey (Bacchanal Banjo Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Shake Down
Nadia Batson - Soak Mi Down (North Stand Riddim)
Nadia Batson - So Long (The Purple Heart Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Nadia Batson - Strangers (Hawt Wire Riddim)
Nailah Blackman feat. Laventille Rhythm Section - Iron Love | [Watch Music Video]
Natalyah & Shuwayne Winchester - Can't Get Over You
Neniita - Beat De Bumper
Nessa Preppy - Fling It (ASAP Riddim)
Nessa Preppy x Machel Montano x HoodCelebrityy x Travis World - Issa Snack Remix
Nessa Preppy x Travis World - Issa Snack (Do This Riddim)
Nassis - Bumpa (Bacchanal Banjo Riddim)
Noah Powa - Don't Stop (Yard Jam Riddim)
Olatunji - Thank Mama (Twin Flame Riddim)
One Voice - Crayola (Stranded Riddim)
One Vo1ce - Soca On Fire (Zouka Riddim)
Olatunji - Start The Show
Olatunji - Oh Me Oh My (Badang! Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Beauty (Bantu Village Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Joy
Orlando Octave - Ride Out (High Vibration Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Wine On Yuh (Soka Survivor Riddim)
Oscar B - Abracadabra
Patch - Like Wow (The Bend Over Riddim)
Patch - Must Perform (Start Up Riddim)
Patch - Posse (The Bend Over Riddim)
Patch - Remember You
Patch - Taking Way (Voiceover Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Bumpa Avenger (Novation Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Into You (10X Over Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Like It Hot (Kickstand Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Judgement Stage
Patrice Roberts - Not One Thing (4th Quarter Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - You Need It (Toco Loco Riddim)
Patrice Roberts, Lawless & Jahllano - Back It Up (Into You Trinidad Remix)
Patrice Roberts & Popeye Caution - Back It Up (Into You Jamaica Remix)
Patrice Roberts & Shenseea - Night & Day (Planet Love Concept)
Pelf - Earthquake
Preedy - Warm Up (Osaka Riddim)
Preedy - Where We Belong | [Watch Music Video]
Preedy - Throw It (Bird Box Riddim)
Preedy x Private Ryan - Road Skank (Road Skank Riddim)
Prestan - Shine
Patrice Roberts - Good (Ole Ting Riddim)
Problem Child - Bold Face (No Shame) (Planet Love Concept)
Problem Child - Good Up Good Up (Kickstand Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Problem Child - Proof (Yard Jam Riddim)
Problem Child - Stay Far (CornerRock Riddim)
Problem Child - Whole Heart (10X Over Riddim)
Prodigal - Text & Wine
Pumpa - Bruk Off De Pencil
Pumpa - My Crew (Jiggy Riddim)
Qpid - Baddest Jiggle (Jiggy Riddim)
Raye - Knock It Hard (Knock It Riddim)
Rayzor x Tim Tim - X-Pose (Ghostbuster Riddim)
R.City & Nessa Preppy - Tingin' (Tingin' Riddim)
Remmi D and Bass aka Trilo G - Not One Worry
Renuka x Dil E Nadan - Find Meh
Ricardo Drue - It Takes Two | [Watch Music video]
Ricardo Drue - My Kinda Party (Badang! Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - When Yuh Passing
Ricardo Drue x King Bubba - Out Dey (Bird Box Riddim)
Ricky T - Pull It Up (Jiggy Riddim)
Ricky T feat. Mr. Killa - Pull It Up (Remix) (Jiggy Riddim)
Riggo Suave - Skillz
Rikki Jai - Bossman
Rikki Jai - Cyah Function
Robin J, Anil Bheem & Tendaji - Shake It
Ro'dey - Wuk It Up (Bacchanal Banjo Riddim)
Rome x Ultra Simmo - Come To Roam
Rupee - Perfect Fit (feat. Stadic & Jonny Blaze)
Slatta - Ting Ting (Anti-Stush Riddim)
Salty - Body Good (Foli Riddim)
Salty - Gyal In Town (Anti-Stush Riddim)
Salty x Travis World - Work (Do This Riddim)
Sanell Dempster - Ruff It Up
Sasha Melody - Jammin
Scrape Up ft. Vizaface - No Days Off (Dutty Sally Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Centre Of The Universe (Endurance Riddim)
Sekon Sta - I Swear (Twin Flame Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Party Gods! (Tingin' Riddim)
Sekon Sta x Private Ryan - Raggamuffin (Road Skank Riddim)
Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts - My Side | [Watch Music Video]
Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It - Symphony
Sizwe C - Brasse
Sekon Sta & Trinidad Ghost x Travis World - Boom (Do This Riddim)
Sekon Sta x Beenie Man x Mya - X Rated (Yard Jam Riddim)
Serani - Fighter (Soka Survivor Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Jam You(Yard Jam Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Movements (Planet Love Concept)
Shal Marshall - Party We Love (Kickstand Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - One Wine (Hawt Wire Riddim)
Shea Shea - Love Come Down (Bantu Village Riddim)
Sherisse Collymore - The Main Thing (Endurance Riddim)
Shumba ft. GBM Nutron - Journey
Shurwayne Winchester - Bacchanal Neighbor
Shurwayne Winchester - Come Back
Shurwayne Winchester - Bacchanal Neighbor (Drum Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Neighbor
Shurwayne Winchester - Roll Dat Bumper (Vintage Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Sit Down (Jiggy Riddim)
Siire V - Neva Sober (Afro Jab Riddim)
Sir Skarz x Marley Palmer - Shine Light
Skinny Banton - Dab Dem Skinny Fabulous - Bird Box (Bird Box Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Favourite Shot (Jamish Rididim)
Skinny Fabulous x Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin - Famalay
Skinny Fabulous x Private Ryan - Level Vibes (Road Skank Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Energy High Up (Jam Down Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Mortal Kombat (Jiggy Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Happy (Ole Ting Riddim)
Skinny Magik - West Indian (Zouka Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Gi Meh
Sly (Vye Twizen) - Mix Up (Fuego Riddim)
Snakey feat. Brass to the World - Trinbago Is A Real Place
Stef Kalloo - Caribbean Gyal
Super Blue feat. 3 Canal - Rag Storm
Super Blue x Machel Montano - We Now Start to Party (Jouvert Power Riddim)
Sure-D - Thunda Juju (Juju Riddim)
Sure-D x Julius - Liking It
Surge - Ngoma
Swappi & Ultimate Rejects - Party Start
Syo x J2M - Bad | [Watch Music Video]
Tech Sounds - Bounce It (Beng Riddim)
Teddyson John - Friend Zone (Tingin' Riddim)
Tendaji - Load It Up (Planet Jab Riddim)
Tendaji x M1 x Black Stalin - Try
Teddyson John & Kes - Y Dous
Terron - Super Power
Terri Lyons - Company (Sangria Riddim)
Terri Lyons & Blaxx (D'All Starz) - All On D Ground
Terri Lyons - Mad #AF (Jab Band Riddim)
Terry Lyons & Mr. Killa - Way Yo Dey (Afro Jab Riddim)
Terri Lyons & Mr. Killa - Wey Yuh Dey (Afro Jab Riddim) [Radio]
Tevin Hartman - Prime Time
Timeka Marshall - Winey Winey (Kickstand Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Tizzy - Feters World
Tizzy - Property (Icki Wiki Riddim)
Trevor St. John - How Sweet It Is (Knock It Riddim)
Tony Prescott - Party (We Mad)
Tony Wylie - Celebrate
Tony Wylie - Right Beside You
T-Rock Again - Drip (Chupidness Riddim)
T-Rock Again - Swing My Way
T-Rock Again - Wining Pro (Novation Riddim)
Turner - Crab In A Bucket
Turner - Two Days (4th Quarter Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Ultimate Rejects - Champions Again
Ultimate Rejects - Giants
Ultimate Rejects - Going The Distance
Ultimate Rejects - Going The Distance (Stage Mix)
Ultimate Rejects - Heat
Ultimate Rejects ft. Allstars Brass - Heat
Ultimate Rejects feat. Azaryah - Dah Wuk (One on One Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. Benjai - Old Time Days (Calypso & Congas Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. GBM Nutron - Ting Up (Calypso & Congas Project) Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Cyah Kill (Calypso & Congas Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Drop Like A Bomb (Buss It Low Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Say No More (One on One Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. Nailah Blackman - Talk (One on One Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. Punjabi Chop Choir - Buss It Low (Buss It Low Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. Swappi - Mama (One on One Project)
Ultimate Rejects feat. Swappi - Zukay (Buss It Low Project)
Umi Marcano - Say Wah Yuh Say Uncle Ellis feat. Crazy - Jookin Meh
Viking Ding Dong - Greatness (Bring It Back Riddim)
Vee Ram - Drop Low
V'ghn - Just The Beginning (Endurance Riddim)
Vizaface - Drop It (Dutty Sally Riddim)
Voice - Alive And Well (Osaka Riddim)
Voice - Smile
Voice x David Rudder - Madness
Voice x Styles and Complete - Potential
Voice x Wuss Ways x Travis World - Pandemonium | [Watch Music Video]
WiLDFiRE - Second Wave
Wildfire x I-Bari - Bring It (Tropical Zest Riddim)
Xone - Solo
Yankey Boy x Hunter - Doh Hold Back (Ghostbuster Riddim)
Youni-T - P.L.A.Y (Peace Love And Youni-T)
Zachary De Lima - Mixed Signals (Bali Swing Riddim)
Zaddy - Leon Coldero
Zan - Type Of Love (Bali Swing Riddim)
Zan x J2M - Get Through
Zeek feat. Shal Marshall - Wet It Up Remix
Zoelah x Millbeatz - Twist My Love



Blaxx - Hulk (Road Mix)
Bushman Prince - Dutty Bacchanal (Bad Boys Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Overdue (Precision Road Mix) | [Watch Music Video]
Lil Raw - Bumpa (Bad Boys Riddim)
Lyrikal - Rude Wayz (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Showtime (DJ Puffy x Scratch Master Road Mix)
Machel Montano & Superblue - Soca Kingdom (Doc & Jes Remix)
Motto x Lyrikal - Lit (Road Mix)
Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Ultimate Rejects Remixx) | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (Road Mix)
Shal Marshall - Splinters (Precision Road Mix)
Sizwe C - Backshot (Bad Boys Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Party Start (Kubiyashi Road Mix)



3canal - Power
5Star Akil - Clock Strikes
5Star Akil - Feel Right | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil - Pretty Girl (Hips Sing Riddim)
5Star Akil - With You
5Star Akil - W/U #WithYou
Aaron Duncan - Better Days
Akino St. Louis - Live Your Life
Alessio Pras feat. Mr. Shammi & Gemeni - Slow Wine
Amptone - Reach For Me
Andrea Rivera - If You Want It
Andrea Rivera - Wuk Yuh Waist (Melanin Riddim)
Andrea Rivera ft. J Nez - Loving On Meh
Andrea Rivera ft. J Nez - Ready Fi Da Road (Gyalis Riddim)
Antonio Christopher - Turn Up
Asten Isaac - Angle It
Ataklan - Gold Dust | [Watch Music Video]
Ataklan - Jouvert Dwellers
Ataklan ft. Supa Chile - Nice
Azaryah - Hold On
Bad Royale feat. Azaryah - Bess Gyal
Ballantyne - Grateful
Ballantyne - I Doh Miss
Banjela - Ah Love Meh Island
Bass aka Trilo-G - Breakout
Bass aka Trilo-G - Goodness
Bass aka Trilo-G - Goodness (The Andrew Denny Remix)
Bass aka Trilo-G - Harder | [Watch Music Video]
Bass aka Trilo-G & Ravi B - Cooler Jam
Benjai - How Can I (Blue Soap Riddim)
Benjai - License (Mansa Musa Riddim)
Benjai - Nah Fraid Dem (Big Bean Riddim)
Benny Shadow ft. Swappi - Massive
Big Red - Foot Apart (Sick Jab Riddim)
Blackest - Gimme Wine (Liberty Riddim)
Black Shadow feat. Mr. Vegas - Work (Happiness Riddim)
Black Shadow feat. Polanca Pop - Whine Up (Happiness Riddim)
Black Shadow feat. Rupee - Dip Down
Black Shadow x DJ Norie feat. Marzville - Take It From Ya (Happiness Riddim)
Blackie - Ah Drop Asleep
Blackie - Remember (Refix)
Blaxx - Come In (Ram Party Riddim)
Blaxx - Gyal Owner (Tight Squeeze Riddim)
Blaxx - Hulk
Blaxx - Mistake
Blaxx - Pass Out
Blaxx - We Own It
Brother B - W.U.K
Bubbles - We Wet (Sick Jab Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x Busta Rhymes - Drop It (Clean)
Bunji Garlin - Bacchanal & Water
Bunji Garlin - Go Ask Yuh Mudda (Gwada Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Go Stack A Dollar (Gwada Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Here For That
Bunji Garlin - Vintage Garlin
Bunji Garlin x Kardinal Offishall x Verse Simmonds - Jiggle It (Navajo Riddim)
Cassi - Play Meh Self
Calypso Rose ft. Bunji Garlin - I Am African (Jillionaire Remix)
Chef Jason - Live Meh Life
Chuck Gordon - Feelin
Claudette Peters - Feeling Good (Liberty Riddim)
Crazy - Go Crazy (I Young)
CollegeBoy Jesse - Fling (Ukulele Riddim)
D Natural - Wine Like Dat (Walking Dead Riddim)
Dave Cooper - Son Of Monday
David Rudder - The Jamettery
DeeVine - Front Page
Demarco - Room (Ruccumcum Riddim)
Denise Belfon x Tallpree - Wine Pon It (Big Bean Riddim)
Denice Millien - Drift Away
Derrick Seales - Pappy
Derrick Seales - Pavement
Derrick Seales - This Is What (Elysium Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Family
Destra Garcia - Gimme (Tidal Wave Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Marry This Wine
Destra Garcia - Somebody | [Watch Music Video]
Dev - Is Jam (Outlaw Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Dev - Venue (Gateway Riddim)
Dev ft. J Marie - King Ah Jouvert
Devon George - She Pull Up Infront Meh
Diztrict 7 feat. Kerwin Du Bois - Good For Nothing | [Watch Music Video]
Diztrict 7 x Private Ryan feat. Kerwin Du Bois - Take Over
DJ Bravo x Orlando Octave - She Want Me
Don Kelon - Bring Bumper
Double X (FLexx) - This is the Life (Liberty Riddim)
Dynamite - Ring D Bell (Navajo Riddim)
Dynamite ft. RDX - Brave (Remix)
Eddie Charles - Woman
Elephant Man - Turn It Up (Bang Riddim)
Elephant Man x Rayza Saga - Mad Crew Wine (Hips Sing Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - For Years (Gateway Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - No Habla (Hold Ya)
Erphaan Alves - The Sun (Jum Beat Riddim)
Erphaan Alves x Destra Garcia - Waistline Peltin | [Watch Music Video]
Ewan - Forever
Face - Not Leaving
Farmer Nappy - De Ting It Start
Farmer Nappy - Wifey
Farmer Nappy feat. Buggy Nhakente - Road Keep Calling
Fay-Ann Lyons - Geh Meh Mad!
Fay-Ann Lyons - Touch It (Gwada Riddim)
Fede - iResponsible (Spoilers Riddim)
Freshhh - Down Deh (Big Bean Riddim)
Fya Empress - So What (Ruccumcum Riddim)
Gail SoGorgeous - So Major (So Big)
GBM Nutron - Vibes Up (Link Up Riddim)
General Grant - Bam Bam (Walking Dead Riddim)
General Grant - Play Mas Masqueraders
Gregory Ayuen - Show Off
Hashim - The Most
Hey Choppi - Captain
I Octane x Bunji Garlin feat. Seanizzle - Roll It
Intellect Live | Ch?z - Roll It
Isaac Blackman - Bumpy
Iwer George - Agenda (D Town Riddim)
Iwer George - Savannah
J-Mary - Pumpers
Jadel - Cherry (Flavor Is Right Riddim)
Jadel - Dominate (Sick Jab Riddim)
Jadel - Round n Round
Jadel - Start Sumting
Jah Mel - Doh Mind
Jahmoun - Recipe
Jaiga - Limbo (Ram Party Riddim)
Jaiga TC x Stadic - Wining Crook
Jaxx - Restless (Trillium Riddim)
Jo Jo - Go Down (Sick Jab Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Joe Star - Pace
Johnny Prospects - Hiya
Juby - Doh Jumbie Meh
Julius - Good Oh (Big Bean Riddim)
Jus D - JLo (Santo Domingo Riddim)
Kenna T - Animal (Ah-Ni-Mal)
Kenyo Baly x Shurwayne Winchester - Who Yuh Fuh?
Keone' and Preedy - Handle It
Kerlz - Drip
Kernal Roberts x Chingee - At Last
Kernal Roberts & Tim Tim - No Kill Joy [Devon Matthew Tribute]
Kerry John - Find Meh
Kerry John - Rum Again
Kerwin Du Bois & Kes - Feteland (Haze Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois feat. Busy Signal - Touchdown (Remix)
Kerwin Du Bois feat. Diztrict 7 - Unacceptable
Kerwin Du Bois x Diztrict 7 - Touch Down
Kes & Patrice Roberts - Like It Like That (2am Project Riddim)
Kes feat. Diztrict 7 - Glory
Kes The Band - Body
Kes The Band - Hello (Folklore Riddim)
Kes The Band - I Shall Return | [Watch Music Video]
Kevin B - Welcome
Kevin Unity - Fete All Over Trinidad
Khari Kill - Check It Out (Walking Dead Riddim)
KI feat. Freezy - Tic Toc
KI & the Band - Simple Things (Trillium Riddim)
Kid - Life On D Road
Kiko Dan - Mesmerize
Kimba Sorzano - Ride (Santo Domingo Riddim)
King Bubba FM & Ricardo Drue - Drunk Day Today (Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
King David - Doh Ova Do It
KMC - Hurricane
KMC - Lie
KMC - Permission
KMC - Trinidad
Konshens - Hot Thing (Jum Beat Riddim)
Koolface - Pon Dem (Ruccumcum Riddim)
Kris Kennedy - Day Ones (Jum Beat Riddim)
Krystal Khayne - Down Low | [Watch Music Video]
Krystal Khayne - Sugarcane (Bang Riddim)
Kyle KC Cowie - Appointment
Lavaman - Jab Rulz (D Town Riddim)
Lavaman - Maddest (Link Up Riddim)
Lecturer - Hangover (Jum Beat Riddim)
Lein Stylez - Fu Sure
Leon Coldero - Turn It Around
Leon Coldero - #WithU
Leonce - Touch D Road
LFS Music - No Weapon
Lil Bitts - Demonstrate (D Bull Riddim)
Lil Bitts - Unfair Games
Lil Natty & Thunda feat. Machel Montano - Top Striker (Remix)
Lil Rick - Tick Tack (Ruccumcum Riddim)
Linky First - All Day Long (Ruccumcum Riddim)
Linky First - Bumper (Hips Sing Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Linky First - Rum Nuh Done
Linky First - We Drinking
Lucrativ - Fever
Lyrikal - No Control (Gyalis Riddim)
Lyrikal - Rude Wayz
Lyrikal - Yuh Blessed (Caribbean Rock Riddim)
Lyrikal ft. Giselle the Wassi One - Set De Pace (Benna Bounce Riddim)
Lyrikal x Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz - Criminal Wine | [Watch Music Video]
M1 - Looking Fuh Ting
M1 - Wet Goods (Santo Domingo Riddim)
M1 aka Menace - Ups And Downs (Upendo Riddim)
Machel Montano - Doh Play Dat

Machel Montano - Mami Lo Tiene
Machel Montano - Rough Wine (Physique Riddim)
Machel Montano - Showtime (Pim Pim Riddim)
Machel Montano - Take It Slow (Upendo Riddim)
Machel Montano x Superblue - Soca Kingdom
Macka Diamond - Caribbean Wine (Star House Riddim)
Major Lazer feat. Kes - Go Dung
Malaika x Stadic - Control
Marlon Asher - Keep Up (Vas Riddim)
Marvay - Adrenaline Rush
Marzville - Good Vibes (Spoilers Riddim)
Marzville x Stabby - Fog Up (Gwada Riddim)
Mayaro the Band - Reckless
Melly Rose x Stadic - Danse
Miguel Maestre - Long Time Party (Trillium Riddim)
Motto ft. Shal Marshal & Hypa 4000 - Take Jamm (Soca Panda Riddim)
Monty x Trini Baby - Dream
Motto x Fadda Fox - Shell Dong Dat (Gwada Riddim)
Motto x Lyrikal - Lit (Pim Pim Riddim)
Mr. Famous - Hello Kitty
Mr. Legz - Must Wet (Do Ting) (Gwada Riddim)
Mr. Magic - Drastic
Mr. Renzo - Start It
Mr. Spexx - Live Yuh Life
Mr. Vegas - We Don't Care (M4 Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Dutty Meh
Ms. Alysha - Sugar Cane
Ms. Paige - Ah Doh Want Yuh Man (Stick Sweetie Riddim)
Multi-Symptom - Honey
Nadia Batson - Catching Feelings (Folklore Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Clear A Way
Nadia Batson - Relax
Nadia Batson feat. Vershon - Step Forward (Star House Riddim)
Nadia Batson x Destra Garcia - NOW (No One Waiting)
Nailah Blackman - Baila Mami (Doc & Jes Remix)
Nailah Blackman - O'Lawd Oye
Nailah Blackman ft. Len "Boogsie" Sharpe & Mungal Patasar - Sokah
Naya & Iwer George - Colours
Naya George - Time Wine
No Name - On She Bumper
Olatunji - Party Justice
Olatunji - Unconditional (Navajo Riddim)
Olatunji, Asten Isaac, Orlando Octave, Rikki Jai and Yankey Boy - Blue Soap (Blue Soap Riddim)
Olatunji x System32 - Bodyline
One Voice - Waist and Bucket
Orlando Octave - Church Gyal
Orlando Octave - Love You So (Vas Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Orlando Octave - Welcome to Berlin
Oscar B - One Family
Oseja Noble x Kernal Roberts - Overtime
Pac Juice - Activate
Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Til Morning (Ram Party Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - What Yuh Come For (Brainwash Riddim)
Perry Mc Kain - Push It Back
Peter C. Lewis - Destiny
Peter Levels - Forever Fetin
Peter Ram - Kan-Dou (Slow Service Riddim)
Postman - Immortal Fete (Blue Soap Riddim)
Preacher - This Is It
Precision Productions ft. R.City - Fling It Back [Clean]
Preedy - Gate Way (Gateway Riddim)
Preedy - Wining School (Physique Riddim)
Preedy x Bunji Garlin - Share It
Prince Pronto - La Nina Mala (Santo Domingo Riddim)
Prince Pronto x 5 Star Akil - We Island (Jum Beat Riddim)
Problem Child - Middle Of Something (2am Project Riddim)
Problem Child - Stand Up Doh Fit Yuh (Refix)(Mayok Riddim 5.0)
Prophet Benjamin - Grind It
Pternsky - Fire (Bang Riddim)
Pternsky & Travis World - Heavy Fetein
Pumpa - My Crew (Jiggy Riddim)
Ravi B - Forever
Ravi B - Strangest Things
Raymond Ramnarine (Dil-E-Nadan) - Born Fuh This
Rayza Saga - Power (Navajo Riddim)
Rayzor - Glitter And Feathers (Blue Soap Riddim)
RDX - Acrobat (Hips Sing Riddim)
Rellis and Ricardo Drue - Drama
Revelation - Welcome To Carnival
Ricardo Drue - Intensity | [Watch Music Video]
Ricardo Drue - I Got You (Rocket Launcher Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Ricardo Drue - Pop Down (Benna Bounce Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - The Break-Up Song
Ricardo Drue and Crazy - Spoilers (Spoilers Riddim)
Ricardo Drue feat. 1st Klase - Body Language
Ricardo Drue x Fay-Ann Lyons - Another Level
Ricardo Drue x Sekon Sta - Wayward (Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
Ricochae - B.R.A.C.E (Ram Party Riddim)
Rikki Jai - Band Of The Year
Rikki Jai - Drink De Most Rum (Big Bean Riddim)
Rikki Jai - Heart and Soul
Rikki Jai - One More
RiRi - Black Magic
Rome - Whole Self | [Watch Music Video]
Ronnie McIntosh - Wake Up
Rupee - Soca Changed My Life (Gateway Riddim)
Samantha J - Your Body (Physique Riddim)
Sasha Gates - Sweet Gyal
Sasha Melody - Love Off
Sasha Melody - Down Dey
Screws - Soca Slide (Bang Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Aye Yo (Folklore Riddim)
Sekon Sta - LifeStyle
Sekon Sta - Soca Party
Sekon Sta x Preedy - City Of Angels | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Splinters (2am Project Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Trending (Monkey Steel Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Yuh Have It (Mayok Riddim 5.0)
Shemmy J & Imran Nerdy - Bouncing | [Watch Music Video]
Show Boi - Split Personality
Shurwayne Winchester - Celebrate Life
Shurwayne Winchester - Party Til We Drop (Liberty Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Sit Down (Jiggy Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester feat. System 32 - Wi Carnival
Shurwayne Winchester feat. System 32 - Wi Carnival (Refix)
Sir Skarz - Breadfruit (Iron Man Riddim)
Sir Skarz - That's Yours (Walking Dead Riddim)
Sizwe C - Doh Fraid (Advance Riddim)
Sizwe C - Give Me Some
Skinny Banton - Aye (Gwada Riddim)
Skinny Banton - Road On Fire (D Bull Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Activate (Hips Sing Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Every Gyal (Caribbean Rock Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Important (Spoilers Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Money Wine (Brainwash Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Party Start
Skinny Fabulous - Push It (Pim Pim Riddim)
Skorch Bun It x Kes The Band x Sekon Sta - Cabin Fever (Numba One)
Slammer Cutter x Day One - We Sick Bad
Snakey - Sou Sou
Spicesis - Carnival Again
Stabby - Uh (Navajo Riddim)
Stadic x Dynamite - What Is That!?!
Star Dion - Whole Bull (D Bull Riddim)
Stephen Marcelle - Dominate (Elysium Riddim)
Stonebwoy x Fay-Ann Lyons - Carnival
Supamario & Shurwayne Winchester - Jam and Leggo (Benna Bounce Riddim)
Swappi - Bad
Swappi - Bed
Swappi - Wineologist
Swazzie - Destruction
T-Rock Again - Ah Comin' (Carnival Calling)
T-Rock Again - Motivation
Teddyson John - Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim)
Teddyson John - Mile High | [Watch Music Video]
Teddyson John - Sparks Fly
Terra D Governor x Valene Nedd - Jab Workout (D Bull Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Doh Judge Meh (Ukulele Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Rise To The Occasion
Terry Lyons - It's Time
Terron - Turn Out
Terron & Terri Lyons - Fete Ah Day
Terror D Governor - Capital (D Town Riddim)
Tevin Hartman - No Shame
Tim Tim x Richard Trumpet - Push It
Tizzy - 10 | [Watch Music Video]
Traffik 7.0 - Hall Pass
Traffik 7.0 ft. Rob "Peppa Sauce" Riley - Prove It
Travis World x Aaron Duncan - Pace
Trinidad Ghost - Doh Beat Them (D Bull Riddim)
Tommy Lee Sparta x Preedy - Freaky Girl (Bang Riddim)
Tommy Sanchez - Rock Back
Tony Prescott - Energy (Mansa Musa Riddim)
Tony Prescott - Oil Drum
Tony Wylie - Performance
Touchy - Hayah
Turner - Champions (Upendo Riddim)
Turner - Holding On (Folklore Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Turner ft. Machel Montano & Flavour - She Bad (Remix)
Ultimate Rejects - Brimstone
Ultimate Rejects - ITF (Inside The Festival)
Ultimate Rejects - VEX
Ultimate Rejects ft. All Stars Brass - Inside The Festival (Remix)
Ultimate Rejects x Bad Royale - Feelin' Young
Umi Marcano - Red Dress
Umi Marcano x Trini Weezy - Quake Up d Place
Uncle Ellis - Jammin Fever
Uncle Ellis - Looking For Bachannal (D Bull Riddim)
Voice - Perfect World
Voice - Year For Love (Upendo Riddim)
Voice x Marge Blackman - Full Of Vibe
WiLDFiRE - People Of The Soil (POS)
Xone - PROfessional (Santo Domingo Riddim)
Yankey Boy x Asten Isaac - I Aint Going Home (Skyfall Riddim)
Yankeyboy x Rayzor - Throw Powder
Young Devyn - Ain't Going Nowhere
Young Devyn ft. Lyrikal - Proper
Yuh Dotish - Jumpin
Zan - Elevate
Zan - Supa Soca (Benna Bounce Riddim)
Ziggy Ranking - Stick It (Walking Dead Riddim)
Ziggy Ranking x Sir Skarz - Games



Jaiga TC - Free Up (Stadic Refix)
Kes The Band - Incredible (Razorshop 'All de same' Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Ramp Up (Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Wine Up (Doc & Jes Remix)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake (AudioFete Remix)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake (Official Roadmix)
Machel Montano - Beat It (Adigun & Salty Soundz Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Beat It (Travis World Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Waves (DJ Puffy Remix)
Machel Montano - Your Time Now (Precision Road Mix)

Machel Montano - Your Time Now (Skorch Bun It Remix)
Marvay - Know The Face (Bad Royale Remix)
Mr. Diesel feat. Starr George, Baysee Boynes Star Btite, Swordoff & Ziggy Ranking - D' Road (Road March Mix)
One Voice - Dutty Behavior (Willy Chin Roadmix)
T-Rock Again - Behind De Truck (Shot Master J Roadmix)
Teddyson John - No Code (All Star Refix Roy Cape All Stars)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Official AudioFete Remix)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Razorshop Roadmix)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Willy Chin Road Mix x UR Brass)



5Star Akil - Hero
5Star Akil - Go Go Dancer (Sun Blast Riddim)
5Star Akil - Too Lit (Ray Ban Riddim)
5Star Akil - True Feter (Platinum Strings Riddim)
5Star Akil - Find Yuh Way
Aaron Duncan - Born Ready | [Watch Music Video]
Adana - Doh Tote
Ainsley King - On A Mission
Ainsley King - Lockdown
Ainsley King - No Rules
Allstar Perks - Piece Ah Ting
Alternative Quartet - Drift Away (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Alison Hinds ft. Ziah - Fete Chaser
Amptone - In The Middle
Angela Hunte - Big Drum Beat
Angela Hunte - Love Me Some Him
Angela Hunte - Make Me Go
Asten Isaac - Meet Yuh Family (Nostalgia Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Rum Friend (Rankin Ting Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Count Me In (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Doh Hurt Ya Head
Bad Royale ft. Flipo - Fly to New York (We're All We Need)
Bad Royale ft. Hashim & Darnella - Company
Bay C - Snake Charmer (Egyptolic Riddim)
Benjai - Feel It
Benjai - Pee Down She Self
Benjai - Socavivor
Benjai - Whole Night (Island Lime Riddim)
Benz - Come Join Me (Daydream Riddim)
Blackie - Bend Yuh Back
Blackie - Those Macos
Blackie feat. Ezekiel Majik - Carnival Again
Blaxx - Ready Now (Faze 3 Riddim)
Blaxx - Golden Days (Nostalgia Riddim)
Blaxx - Life Over Death
Blaxx - Rankin Ting (Rankin Ting Riddim)
Blaxx - Practice (D' Avenue Riddim)
Blaxx - We D Baddest Bad (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Blaxx - Release (New Orleans Riddim)
Blaxx - Keep It Pumpin
BLAKGOLD x Olatunji - Floor Tom | [Watch Music Video]
Bud Ramsay - Show Dem De Magic
Bud Ramsay feat. Tricia Hamilton - Girl Like You
Bunji Garlin - 1995
Bunji Garlin - Big Bad Soca | [Watch Music Video]
Bunji Garlin - Blockin Up D Road (4am Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Bruk Out (Marli Wood Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Good Up (Get On Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Reload (Stag Riddim IV)
Bunji Garlin - Road Bunx
Bunji Garlin - T.I.S. (The Insomnia Saga)
Bunji Garlin - Whine Up Your Body
Bunji Garlin & Revelation - No Gal (Egyptolic Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x 1st Klase - Dance In Paint | [Watch Music Video]
Bunji Garlin x Kardinal Offishall x Verse Simmonds - Jiggle It
Busy Signal - Go Again (6.3 Riddim)
Cali Biggs - Badang (We Jouvert Riddim)
Cassi - Break Record
Cassi - To The Road
Calypso Rose - Abatina
Calypso Rose ft. Manu Chao & Machel Montano - Leave Me Alone (Kubiyashi Remix)
Chalmer John - Get On (Get On Riddim)
Charly Black & Machel Montano - VIP Girl
Chingee - Welcome To Carnival | [Watch Music Video]
Chris Garcia - I Like Mehself
Chris Garcia- Take
Chuck Gordon - Doh Let Go
Chuck Gordon - When Last (Nostalgia Riddim)
College Boy Jesse - Dangerous (Reborn Riddim)
Collis Duranty - Kang Kang Katang (Howdy Riddim)
Crazy - Oh God Oh God | [Watch Music Video]
Crazy - Rock Back & Roll It
Crazy - Selfie
Crazy - Whine If Yuh Whinning (Howdy Riddim)
Danielle Veira - Feeling (Vibration Riddim)
D'Natural - Countryman (Wet Man Riddim)
Dale Ryan - Last One
Denice Millien - Give Yuh Melodies (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Teacher (Calabar Riddim)
Denice Millien feat. Dale Ryan - Me & You
Derrick Seales- Woman Is Boss
Destra Garcia - Closer | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - Destra VS Lucy
Destra Garcia - Runroad | [Watch Music video]
Destra Garcia - Waistline Killer (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Dev - This Gyul (Island Lime Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Ben Up (Koko Sek Riddim)
Devon Matthews - No Feelings
Devon Matthews & Ella Andall - D Journey (Make It)
Dloxx & Machel Montano - Take It Down | [Watch Music Video]
DVibez - Drones
Eddie Charles - Anything Could Happen When Ah Drinking
Empire Jason - Tip Pon Yuh Toes (6.3 Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Cyah Wait
Erphaan Alves - Do It For Them | [Watch Music Video]
Erphaan Alves - Doh Hold It Back (Sun Blast Riddim)
Erphaan Alves x Orlando Octave - Truck Back
Explainer - Soca Identity (The Showcase Riddim)
Face - Do D Wuk
Fadda Moses - Gimme Some Ah Dat
Farmer Nappy - Abundance | [Watch Music Video]
Farmer Nappy - X Man
Farmer Nappy x Destra Garcia - Technically
Fay-Ann Lyons - Hold Something
Fay-Ann Lyons - Girls | [Watch Music Video]
Fay-Ann Lyons x Buffy - Buff (Egyptolic Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - High Heals (Get On Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - More Then Dem (Marli Wood Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons ft. Bunji Garlin & Joli Rouge Sound - Everybody Joli
Fede - Dippaz (Macajuel Riddim)
Flipo - Doh Panic
Flipo - Oh Mama
GBM Nutron - Calypso
GBM Nutron - Non Stop
GBM Nutron - Only Good Vibes (Vicey Riddim)
GBM Nutron - Rock You Out (Lip Service Riddim)
GBM Nutron x M1 - On D Inside (On D Inside Riddim)
Gemma - Touch Me (Sweet Bombay Riddim)
GDonV ft. Fire Links - Pro Wyner
General Grant - No Limit
Ghetto Flex - #Highments (Bell Down Riddim)
Gregory Ayuen - In De Party
Hilton aka Ghetto Flex - Fix It
Hashim - Going Down (Party Hard Riddim)
HITZ x Therapist Music - Can't Let You Get Away
Hypa 4000 - My Duty (Koko Sek Riddim)
Hypasounds - Get Up And Move (Bubble)
iTron - De Tribute (Jook & Jook) (The Waistline Riddim)
Impulse - Cobbler
Iwer George - For J'ouvert
Iwer George - Islands
Iwer George - Take Ah Bathe | [Watch Music video]
Iwer George - Take Ah Bathe (Remix)
Iwer George - We Never Do
Jadel - Girls Night Out
Jadel - Take Control
Jadel - D Band
Jahmel - Messi (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Jahmoun - Only You
Jaiga TC - Boss Man
Jaiga TC - Nah Leaving (Stag Riddim IV)
Jaiga TC - Living 4 Today
Jaiga TC - These Girls (Marli Wood Riddim)
Jason Benn - No Drama
Jaxx - Elements
Jerrisha Regis - Doh Touch Me
Johnny Boss - Carnival Different
John Oh (Mayaro 2.0) - Rampage
Journei - Feeling Sexy
Julene John - Pride
Julien Believe - Don't Stop Wining For Me
JW and Blaze feat. Dane Gulston - Raggamuffin
Karella - Breakaway
Khiara Sherman - Til Ah Morning
Kenna T - Rehab
Kerlz - Breaking Chains
Kerlz - Own Way
Kernal Roberts x Devon Matthews - Victory
Kerry John - Make It Work (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Kerry John - Drink King
Kerwin Du Bois - Diz Iz D Band
Kerwin Du Bois - Is We
Kerwin Du Bois - Misfits
Kerwin Du Bois - VIP (Vibration Riddim)
Kern Rose ft. Christian Ramirez - My Everything
Kes The Band - How We Like It (Vibration Riddim)
Kes The Band - Incredible | [Watch Music Video]
Kes The Band - Ramp Up
Kes The Band - Wine Up
Kes x Kernal Roberts - Shake
Kes x Nailah Blackman - Work Out
Keturah ft Kerry John - Rude Gyal
Keturah ft Kerry John - Rude Gyal
Kevin Dodds & 5Star Akil - Doh Blame It
Kerwin Du Bois x Skinny Fabulous - Deaf
Kerwin Du Bois x Teddyson John - New Day
KI - Wuk On Yuh (Stag Riddim IV)
KI & The Band - Millionaire (Kuchela Riddim)
KI & The Band feat. Tizzy - Fire
Kiko Dan - Distance | [Watch Music Video]
Kingrilla - Ya La La (Gimme Piece) (Calabar Riddim)
Kirton - Galavant Ting
KI feat. Shan - Rodney's Song (Aye Wanderer)
Keylow G - Shuv It
KMC - Representing
Konata - Wild Out
Konshens x Lyrikal - Elevate
K.Rich - Feels Like Love (Lip Service Riddim)
K.Rich - I Wish
K.Rich - Rude | [Watch Music Video]
K.Rich ft Jimmy October - Under Me
Kreesha Turner - I Will Be Here (Lip Service Riddim)
Krystal Khayne - Hold Meh
Kurt Allen - To Remember (Nostalgia Riddim)
Kyle ?KC? Cowie - Vybez Boss
Lady Aisha - Shopping Obeah
Lavaman - Favorite Mas (Faze 3 Riddim)
Lele - Nah
Leonce - Addicted (Island Lime Riddim)
Lexxi - Stamp Yuh Name
Lil' Bitts - Automatic
Linky - Control It
Logun - All Night Long
Logun - Open De Gate
Lord Nelson - Sugar Mammy (The Showcase Riddim)
Lyrikal - Carnival Memories
Lyrikal - Dedicated
Lyrikal - Hello (D' Avenue Riddim)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake | [Watch Music Video]
Lyrikal - No Controversy (Stag Riddim IV)
Lyrikal - Picture Perfect (Breaking Dawn Riddim)
Lyrikal - Soca Fete (4am Riddim)
Lyrikal - Two Feet Away (Inflation Riddim)
M1 - Answers (Thanos Riddim)

M1 - First Time (6.3 Riddim)
M1 - Jouvay (Macajuel Riddim)
M1 - No Violins (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
M1 - Vicey (Vicey Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Yuh See Dat (Platinum Strings Riddim)
M1 feat. Isasha - Doh Duck Yuh Gyal (New Orleans Riddim)
Machel Montano - Beat It
Machel Montano - Fast Wine | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Lip Service (Lip Service Riddim)
Machel Montano - Play Harder (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Machel Montano - Wake Up (V13 Riddim)
Machel Montano - Waves
Machel Montano - Your Time Now | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin - Buss Head | [Watch Music Video]
Makamillion - Good (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Malaika - Defiance
Marq Pierre - Feeling Happy (Stadic x Xpert)
Marvay - Vibrate (Vibration Riddim)
Marvay feat. Patrice Roberts - Know The Face (Remix)
Marzville & Problem Child - Tic Toc (Force It Riddim)
Mayaro 2.0 - My Song
Mega Mick x Jaiga - Yes-Today
Mikey x Blood - Gal n Liquor (Faze 3 Riddim)
Miss Cali - Renman Li (Koko Sek Riddim)
Millionaire Family - Every Gyal Ah Whine (Howdy Riddim)
Milko - Carnival To Remember (On D Inside Riddim)
Moses Charles - Paradise
Motto ft. Lavaman, Hypa 4000 & Loose Cannon - Force It (Force It Riddim) (Force Remix)
Ms. Alysha - Bicycle (Egyptolic Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Where I'm From | [Watch Music Video]
Mr. Bessor - Temporary Fix
Mr. Gwada Benz - Water Soaker
Mr. Killa - Bruk It Off (Thanos Riddim)
Mr. Killa - Gyal Scientist (Get On Riddim)
Mr. King - Legacy Music (The Showcase Riddim)
Mr. Legz - Bend Over (Force It Riddim)
Ms. Paige - All I Want Is You
Mr. Renzo - Challenge
Mr. Renzo X Kern Rose - Sit Dong
Mr. Smooth - Question
Mya feat. Uncle Ellis - Ray Tay Tay (Remix)
Mzz Muffin - Free Up
MzMuffin - Free Up
Nadia Batson - Anybody (Inflation Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Loyalist
Nadia Batson - Purpose (V13 Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Replace
Nadia Batson x Olatunji - Geelay
Natalia Wohler feat. Jadel - Like No Other
Naya George - Family
Naya George - Enjoy Life
Neniita x Pternsky - Soca Loca (Palante Pa'tras) | [Watch Music Video]
Nessa Preppy - Activate (Sun Blast Riddim)
Nikita - Treat You Right (Ray Ban Riddim)
Nishard M. - iDey
Nubiaan - More Than Gold
Olatunji - Ah Like It
Olatunji - BAZU! (Push It Back)
Olatunji - Long Overdue (Inflation Riddim)
Olatunji - Oh Meh Darlin (D' Avenue Riddim)
Olatunji - Tun Fo Meh
Olatunji - ZimBam (Koko Sek Riddim)
Olatunji x System32 - Midnight Cruise
Orlando Octave - Poverty Is Hell (Calabar Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Single
Osei The Seventh feat. Flipo - Take Blame
Patch - Carnival Birthday (Happy Birthday Carnival)
Patch - True Members
Patch - My Way
Patch - Bend Ova
Patrice Roberts - All As One (Force It Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Big Girl Now | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Comfort Me (The Sauce Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Lifestyle (Rose Gold Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Stank
Patrice Roberts - Tempo (Inflation Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Who Am I (D' Avenue Riddim)
Pete Figaro - Levels (The Waistline Riddim)
Peter Levels - Keep On Jammin
Peter Ram - Trinidad Good Morning
Peter Ram x KI - Carnival Good Morning (Remix)
Polanca x Black Shadow - Bubble Up (Happy Days Riddim)
Pompey - Last Fete
Preedy - Heat In De Place (Sun Blast Riddim)
Preedy - When I Gone (Vibration Riddim)
Preedy - On The Low (Lip Service Riddim)
Preedy - Freeloader (D' Avenue Riddim)
Preedy - Outta This World | [Watch Music Video]
Prestan - Beat
Prince Pronto feat. Sekon Sta - Fuego
Problem Child - Chuppidy (Marli Wood Riddim)
Problem Child - Friend Ting (The Sauce Riddim)
Problem Child - Here We Go Again (Rose Gold Riddim)
Problem Child - That Work (Force It Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Baigan Choka (Mujhe De Doh Ladaka) (Kuchela Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Light My Fire (Calabar Riddim)
Pternsky - Calypso Gyal (Thanos Riddim)
Pternsky - Ready Now (Ray Ban Riddim)
Pternsky ft. London Future - Defend
Ravi B feat. Kerwin Du Bois - Days & Days
Rayzor - De Weekend
Rayza Saga - Activate Lyfe (V13 Riddim)
R.City - Fete You
R.City - Nobody Ready (Lip Service Riddim)
RemBunction - Rum and Calypso
Revelation - Barbeerian (4am Riddim)
Revelation - Gimme (Howdy Riddim)
Revelation - Tic-Tac-Toe (Thanos Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Iron
Ricardo Drue - Learn To Wine (Inflation Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Mr. Dutty (4am Riddim)
Ricardo Drue x Bunji Garlin - Damage
Rikki Jai - My Last
Rikki Jai - Party Animal
Rikki Jai - Carnival Arena
Rome - Looking For Wuk
Ronnie McIntosh - Fearless
Rupee x Black Shadow - Tipsy (Happy Days Riddim)
Rupee x Ricardo Drue - No Name
Salty & Preedy feat. Mega Mick - Bend Back (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Sally - Vikash
Sanell Dempster - Washa Woman
Sassy - Bad Influence
Savi Sav - Country Gyal (Kuchela Riddim)
Screws - Above (Macajuel Riddim)
Sean Caruth - Carnival Blues
Sekon Sta - Party Every Weekend (Sun Blast Riddim)
Sekon Sta - My Wish
Sekon Sta - Mad Man (D' Avenue Riddim)
Sekon Sta feat. Prince Pronto & Mega Mick - Jump Out (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Sekon Sta feat. SJC Voix Riches & Allia Lewis - Kings & Queens
Shal Marshall - Dip (Force It Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Famous (Vicey Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Middle | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Please Don't Leave
Shan - Bad
Sasha Melody - Bring The Vibes
Shurwayne Winchester - All I Have Is You
Shurwayne Winchester - Doh Tell Me That
Shurwayne Winchester - Oxygen
Shurwayne Winchester - Right Away
Sizwe C - We Big (We Jouvert Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Don't Know Me Self (Koko Sek Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Center (Not Basic) (Macajuel Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - No Broughtupsy
Skinny Fabulous - Ride (The Waistline Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - We Dey (V13 Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous x Black Shadow - When The Lights Go Down (Happy Days Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Mash Up and Flat (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Slammer Cutter & Kelvin Noel - H.I. (Highly Intoxicated)
Slammer Cutter & Kelvin Noel - Thank You Father
Slaughter - Bend Over (Thanos Riddim)
Snakey - Nice Toes
Starr - Music (New Orleans Riddim)
Starr George - Dis Is It (Black Morning Riddim)
Swappi - Backbone (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Swappi - Grip One Foot (Howdy Riddim)
Swappi - Mama Ya Yo (Calabar Riddim)
Swappi - Ana
Swappi - Switch Up (Reborn Riddim)
Swappi - You Ma (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Swappi x Jus Now - Cooler, Cooler
Swappi x Makamillion - Buss Ah Wine (Thanos Riddim)
Syo - My Life
TakeOver - One Way Or Another
Tarrus Riley - Who Am I To You?
Teddyson John - Dreaming
TeeJay - Party Hard (Party Hard Riddim)
Tele Cruz - Calling
Terri Lyons - I Am Lion (Truck Stop Riddim)
Terri Lyons x Skinny Fabulous - Recruit
Terron - Callin Meh (Island Lime Riddim)
Tevin Hartman & Sekon Sta - Reflections
The Writer & GBM Nutron - Gold
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - D Ground
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - Take Over The Road (Frontline Riddim)
Tim Tim - Proper
Tim Tim - Unruly
Tizzy - Show Dem
Tizzy - Wake it Up
Tony Prescott - Gyal So Sweet
Troyton x Black Shadow - That's Wha Me Like (Happy Days Riddim)
T-Rock Again - Huntin | [Watch Music Video]
T-Rock Again - Leh We Go
Ultimate Rejects - Allstars Brass
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme | [Watch Music Video]
Ultimate Rejects ft. Flipo - Addiction
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Life Good
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Stage Gawd
Uncle Ellis - I Doh Mind | [Watch Music Video]
Various Artistes - T.I.C. (The Insomnia Chronicles)
Voice - Outside (Vibration Riddim)
Voice - Far From Finished | [Watch Music Video]
Voice ft R.City - Cheers To Life (Precision Remix)
Voice x Kerwin Du Bois - We Doh Play
Walshy Fire x Cutting Class x Flipo - Hearts In The Sand
Wettty - Hole in D Road
Wildfire - We Jouvert (We Jouvert Riddim)
WiLDFiRE feat. Mega Mick - Long Time (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Yankeyboy ft. Alison Hinds - Boat Rocking (Remix)
Young Devyn - Find Meh | [Watch Music Video]
Young Devyn ft. Preedy - Therapy
Zan - Remember
Zion - Cannot Stop Me
Ziggy Ranking - Leave
Zion x Swappi - Bazodee X2
Zuki & TimTim - To The Point (Bashey Vybz Riddim)



5Star Akil - Different Me (Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin ft. R. City - Take Over Town (dEVOLVE Remix)
Chuck Gordon - No Jumbie Vibes (Marfan Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Frolic (Brax Refix)
Erphaan Alves - Intentions (Threeks Road Mix)
GBM Nutron - Scene (GBM Road Mix)
Jaiga TC - Anyway (Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois - All Kinda Kind (Supa J & Rusty G Kubano Bootleg)
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts - Unforgettable (Precision Road Mix)
Lil Bitts - Work (Precision Road Mix)

Lyrikal - Freedom (Scratch Master and DJ Puffy Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Temperature (Jester Refix)
Orlando Octave - Road (Doc & Jes Road Mix)
Ricardo Drue - Professional (DJ Puffy x Scratch Master Road Mix)
Ricardo Drue - BET (Jester Alternate Remix)
Rikki Jai - Leh We Fete (Razorshop Road Mix)
Shal Marshall - Party (GBM Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Truck Driver (Razorshop Road Mix)
Voice - Cheers To Life (Precision Road Mix)
Yankey Boy - This Carnival (Road Mix)
Young Voice - Bashment (Road Mix)



3canal - Jouvay Morning Come
3canal - Pressure
3canal - Spirits On The Rise
3canal - Try Yuh Best
5Star Akil - Different Me | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil - Tuh Night (Gold Medal Riddim)
5Star Akil - Wifey Material
Aaron Duncan - Can You Feel It
Adana - Hit Meh
Adrian Dutchin - I Eating It
Adrian Dutchin - No Excuses
AdvoKit - Bumperville (Brass Tax Riddim)
Ainsley King - Sample It
Alison Hinds - Alibi (Hush Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Wining Machine (Eclipse Riddim)
Alison Hinds & iWeb - Incredible
Alpha - Carnival Sweetness
Amani - Action
Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip - D' Vibe (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Andrew 'HItz' Phillip & David Rudder - Freedom Music
Angella Giustini - Touch Down | [Watch Music Video]
Angela Hunte & Machel Montano ft. Gregor Salto & DJ Buddha - Like So
Angela Hunte - Mon Bon Ami (Ti' Punch Riddim)
Anslem Douglas - Celebrate Life
Anslem Douglas- Two Days
Arita ft. Denise Belfon - Good Man Remix
Asten Isaac - Gallery (Wake Up N Live Riddim)
Ataklan - Carnivalin
Ataklan - Wine Thief
Bada Dan - Different (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Bally - Too Old To Soca
Bazuka & Militant - Jab & Jam (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Bazuka - Plenty Woman
Benjai - 20/20
Benjai - 20-20 (De Throwback Riddim)
Benjai - Generation
Benjai - Magistrate (Soca Luv Riddim)
Benjai - Numb
Benjai - Pop Them Bottles
Blackie - Something Tonight
Blackie - If She Wrong She Right
Blak Ryno - Inside (AfroSoca Riddim)
Blaxx & Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip - Colours
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Find It
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Imagine Dat (Brass Tax Riddim)
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Master Of Mas (RR Rhythm)
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Nat Geo
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Persuasion
Brandon Best - Teach Me
Brendon - Doh Sweat It
Buffy (Mayaro The Band) - My Giant
Bunji Galin - Boom Bam (Heart & Soul Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Carnival Today
Bunji Garlin - Every Year
Bunji Garlin - Feels Like An Earthquake
Bunji Garlin - Generals (RR Rhythm)
Bunji Garlin - Girls Town
Bunji Garlin - Straight Off The Jumbo Jet (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Take Over Town
Bunji Garlin ft. R.City - Take Over Town (Remix)
Bunji Garlin - Throw It Back (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x General Grant - Time To Wine (Feel Good Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Touch The Stage
Bunji Garlin - Way Up (Stag Riddim 3)
Cali - Happy
Carver P - Mek Dem Wine
Caston Cupid - B.E.S.T (Bacchanal Every Single Time)
Cassi - Bounce
Cassi - Freedom
Cassi - Two Dumplings (De Throwback Riddim)
Caston Cupid - Mischief
Chai - Zig Zag
Champeon - Bringin' It
Charly Black - Gyal You A Party Animal (Jambe-An Riddim)
Chella & Khan - Outatimin
Chingee - Show Them You're Beautiful | [Watch Music Video]
Chingee - Wine On Yuh (Wake Up N Live Riddim)
Cinnamon - Ah Come Back
Cinnamon - Time Of Our Lives (T.O.O.L) (Gracebay Riddim)
Chef Jason - Corkat (J'ouvert Remix)
Chow Chow ft. 645 - No Dreams
Chuck Gordon - Come Take It
Chuck Gordon - No Jumbie Vibes
Chuck Gordon ft. Fridge - No Time | [Watch Music Video]
Chuck Gordon - Take Me Home | [Watch Music Video]
Cloud 5 - Jab Invasion (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
College Boy - Jesse Night and Day (Hush Riddim)
College Boy Jesse - Thunder Roll (Fruit Burst Riddim)
Coolman & Kevin Dodds - Mas or Liquor
Crazy - Is Not The Same (Soca Luv Riddim)
Cruz Rock Iyatola - Trini In My Vein
Crym - One Gyal
Curious Ringo - Back To A Place
Curtis Marc - Roadments (Gyal Edition)
Cutty Ranks - So Hot (So Hot Riddim)
Da Suns - Like We (Feel Good Riddim)
David Rudder - Wrong
D Natural ft Ronnie Homer - With You
D Natural - G.O.B (Get On Bad)
D Natural - Mediocre Shell Down
Darnella Simmons (Roy Cape All Stars) - Fete Jumbie
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Fete Anthem (Grinders Riddim)
Delisha - D'Riddim
Delisha & Revelation - You And I
Derrick Seales - The Professional
Derrick Seales - Professional
Destra Garcia - Neckbreaker
Destra Garcia - Stranded
Destra Garcia - Ring Leader (Brass Tax Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Soca Virus (Orchestra Riddim)
Devon George - I Normal
Devon Matthews - Bumper Patrol
Devon Matthews - Drop It
Devon Matthews - Frolic
Devon Matthews - On My Own
De Postman - Feterholic
Denise Belfon - The Experience (Gracebay Riddim)
Dev - My Story
Dev - On Meh Own | [Watch Music Video]
DJ Star ft. Wally British - Red Flag (Red Flag Riddim)
Don Kelon - Keep Them Talking
Dreggae x Ebru MusiQ - Soundboy
DulkFyah - La Vida (Flamingo Riddim)
Eddie Charles - Outtah Ordah
Erphaan Alves - Baddest Team (Festival868 Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Body on Fire (Zuk Bounce Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Cyah Shut Down (Rose Garden Riddim)
Edwin Yearwood & Giselle The Wassi One - Heart Of Me
Erphaan Alves - Intentions (Wine & Touch)
Essy - Rudeness (Wake Up N Live Riddim)
Explainer ft. Blaxx - Street Vibes
Fadda Fox - Going Mad
Fadda Fox - Vital Supply
Fadda Moses - Champion Winer
Fadda Moses - Ay Ya Ya (Flamingo Riddim)
Faith Antoine - Take Me High
Fantom DunDeal - 4Play (RR Rhythm)
Fantom Dundeal x JahMe l - Shock
Farm P - Never See Jab
Farmer Nappy - Bambilam
Farmer Nappy - Lie To Mi (Railroad Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Meet Trouble
Farmer Nappy - Performance (Vintage '45 Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Rental
Fay-Ann Lyons - Boss Chicks (Heart & Soul Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Hands In The Air
Fay-Ann x Mavado - Bad Rule
Fay-Ann Lyons ft. Stonebwoy - Block The Road | [Watch Music Video]
Fay-Ann Lyons - Miss Meh
Fireyahs - We Head Nice
Flipo - Oh Gosh | [Watch Music Video]
Flipo - More (The Cause) (Zuk Bounce Riddim)
Frost - No Fight
Gailann aka GailSoGorgeous - Borrow
Gailann aka GailSoGorgeous - Go Low
Gailann aka GailSoGorgeous - Moving On (Missed Target Riddim)
Gailann aka GailSoGorgeous - XtraOrdinary
GBM Nutron - Company (Tumba Riddim)
GBM Nutron - Scene
GBM Nutron ft. Fay-Ann Lyons - Scene (Remix)
GBM Nutron - So Blessed (Shake Down Riddim)
General Grant - Soca DNA
Gerard Balfour - When Yuh Hear D Bass (Impulse Riddim)
Gooy & I - F In She C.C.(Feathers In She Carnival Costume)
Granny feat. Baron - Granny Could Wine
Hashim - In De Festival
Hashim - Sweet Carnival (Adigun Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
Hashim - Vybz Overload | [Watch Music Video]
Hunter - By Myself
Hunter & Sir Skarz - Salt
Hypa 4000 - Fete Jab (Sick Jab Riddim)
Ifa Sayo ft. Preedy - Altitude
Imani Ray - Can't Hold Me
iWeb - All Inclusive
Iwer George - Ah Have It Hard
Iwer George - Instagram
Iwer George - Trini (No Behaviour)
Jadbul - Gazul
Jadel - All Of It
Jadel - Set It Off
Jamesy P - Domestic Silence (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Jah Mel - Out Dey
Jahmoun - Let Go
Jaiga TC - I.A.M. (The Action Man)
Jaiga - Anyway | [Watch Music Video]
Jaiga - Tingz It Nice (Stag Riddim 3)
Jalena - Cool Me Down (Soca Luv Riddim)
Jaxx - Ah Looking
Jaxx - Why Me
J.B. feat. Gage - Rotate
Jelani - Festival City
J'Nelle - Lose Yuhself
Joanne Foster - My Virginity
Jo Jo - Bumper
Joe Star - Ride D Riddim
Juby - Visa Face (Wake Up N Live Riddim)
Julien Believe ft. Beenie Man, Ricardo Drue & Fadda Fox - Party Ambassadors
Jumo - Deh Like Talk
Jumo Primo - Unruly
Jungle - Come Back Fresh (Steel Pipe Riddim)
Junior Don aka Hybryd - Carnival Is Mine
Junior Don aka Hybryd - So Phat
Jus J - Attention
Jus J - Get Through
JW & Blaze - Not Leaving (Tin Pan Riddim)
JW x Blaze x Kimba - Feeling It (AfroSoca Riddim)
Kerlz - Handle It
Kerry John - My Cinderella
Kenna T - Never Sober (Doh Care)
Kendel Haynes - Turn Up
Kernal Roberts - Legacy
Kernal Roberts - Make Sure
K.Rich - Soca Religion
K.Rich - Wicked
Kerlz ft. Erphaan Alves - Soakin'
Kerwin Du Bois - All Kinda Kind
Kerwin Du Bois - Arrogant
Kerwin Du Bois - Carnival-A-Holic (Railroad Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois x Beenie Man - Fully Approved
Kerwin Du Bois - I Am D One (Shake Down Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Pumper (Euphoria Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Christopher Martin - Feelin' Ya Self
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts - Unforgettable
Kes The Band - Love Ah De Music (Rose Garden Riddim)
Kes The Band - People
KES ft. Chris Hierro - Body Talk
KES & Lyrikal - Unlimited Vibes
Kevin 'Starr' O'Connor - Pumping (Steel Pipe Riddim)
Kevon Carter - Cool Down (Freestyle)
Kevon Carter - Making It Hard | [Watch Music Video]
Kiko Dan - Ever Since Ah Young
Kiko Dan - In De Morning
Kiko Dan - Play Ah Mas (Road Trip Riddim)
Kiko Dan - Up In Dey (Swervey Riddim)
KI & Ronnie McIntosh - Run Dem Down (Remix)
KI & Shan - Down To The Ground | [Watch Music Video]
KI & The Band - Run Dem Down
KI & The Band ft. Neval - Hold Yuh
KI & The Band ft. Nishard M. - Process
K.Kay - H.F.C. (Home For Carnival)
Konata - We Dey | [Watch Music Video]
Kurt Hernandez - 4Ever (Steel Pipe Riddim)
Kuttit - Puncheon Shotz
Kuttit - Swervey (Swervey Riddim)
Kyle KC Cowie - Gimme Space
Lani K - Turn It Up (Tin Pan Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Jouvert Carnival
Leonce - Warn Dem | [Watch Music Video]
Lil Bitts - Work | [Watch Music Video]
Lil Vaughn x Flipo - Get Mad
Linky First - Rock And Come In | [Watch Music Video]
Loose Cannon - Watch Me (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Lorenzo - Whine Back (Hush Riddim)
Lyon I - Missing You
Lyrikal - Breath Of Fresh Air (Euphoria Riddim)
Lyrikal - Dip & Roll
Lyrikal - Freedom
Lyrikal - No Reminder (Railroad Riddim)
Lyrikal - No Rules (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Lyrikal - Party Tun (Stag Riddim 3)
M1 - Trouble (When De Sun Rise) (RR Rhythm)
Machel Montano - Carnival Groupie
Machel Montano - Human (Ti' Punch Riddim)
Machel Montano - In We Blood
Machel Montano & Tarrus Riley - Memory
Machel Montano - Need It
Machel Montano & Timaya - Better Than Them (Jambe-An Riddim)
Machel Montano - Road Trip (Road Trip Riddim)
Machel Montano - Temperature
Machel Montano ft. Badjohn Republic - Waiting On The Stage | [Watch Music Video]
Makesi - All I Need (Steel Pipe Riddim)
Malaika Ballantyne - Jammer
Marlon D Manager - Doh Care
M1 (Menace) - Action (Orchestra Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Soca We Say
Marvay - Survive The Weekend | [Watch Music Video]
Marvay - Survive The Weekend (Jus-Jay Club Remix)
Melly Rose - Get It From Mama
Mical Teja - Beast (Tumba Riddim)
Miguel Maestre ft. Nigel Rojas - High
Mimi - Bam Bam Ville
Mr. Bessor - One life (Carnival Mojo Riddim)
Mr. Diesel & Twist - Drama On De Road
Mr. Famous - Bend Yuh Back
Mr. Killa & Legz - Party Bad (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Mr. Killa - Senorita (Flamingo Riddim)
Mr. Mc Kain - Pumpin (Carnival Mojo Riddim)
Mr. Palmer - Party Hard (Zuk Bounce Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Loca (Flamingo Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Loca (Spanish) (Flamingo Riddim)
Mr. Renzo ft. Nenita - Colita | [Watch Music Video]
Mr. Renzo - What's My Name
Mr. Saik - Mi Insita A Bailar (Flamingo Riddim)
Mr. Spekks - Time Management
Mr. Vegas ft. DJ Cigar - No Brakes (Red Flag Riddim)
Mr. Vegas ft. DJ Star - No Lazy Feet (NLF) (Red Flag Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Gimme Gimme
Ms. Alysha - Playing Mas
Ms. Alysha - Rain Dance
Ms. Paige - Dotish
Ms. Paige - Faith
MX Prime - Anytime We Come
MX Prime - City of Love
MX Prime - Til the Show Done
MX Prime - Hot Like Fiyah
MX Prime - Urge
Mysta Lyon - Deal With It (Swervey Riddim)
Nadia Batson - More Nadie
Nadia Batson - Party Capital (Railroad Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Nadia Batson & Tallpree - Powder (Full Moon Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Secrets (Brass Tax Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Soca Is Life
Nadia Batson - Sorry
Nadia Batson - Split Personality (Shake Down Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Turbulence
Nadia Batson - Type Ah Way (Vintage '45 Riddim)
Natalia Wohler - Time To Wuk | [Watch Music Video]
Natasha Wilson - Love De Road
Natural - Congal Line (So Hot Riddim)
Naya George - Break Up To Make Up
Naya George - Dutty
Nebula868 - Dimples
Nessa Preppy - None Stop
Nicha B ft. Benjai - Can't Wait (Remix)
Nikisha Reyes ft. General Levy - Closer
Nikisha - We Jamming (Hush Riddim)
Nisa Nora - Beddur
Nubiaan - Connection
Nutron - Dat Body Could Roll (Tin Pan Riddim)
Olatunji - Ah Bachanal (Zuk Bounce Riddim)
Olatunji - Bang Bang (Skipe Riddim)
Olatunji - Big Business
Olatunji - Oh Yay
Olatunji - Seasonally (Gold Medal Riddim)
Olatunji - With Meh (Orchestra Riddim)
Olatunji feat. Run Town - Oh Yay (Remix)
Olatunji & Machel Montano - Where I'm From
Olatunji x System 32 - One Life To Live (OLTL)
OMI ft Machel Montano - Hula Hoop (Precision Soca Remix)
Orlando Octave - Road (RR Rhythm)
Orlando Octave - 1 Wine
Orlando Octave - This Woman (Grinders Riddim)
Oscar B & Vibes Band ft. Ziggy Ranking - Doh Worry Bout Dat
Oscar B - Shake Yuh Tail
Osei - Soaring
Pae3ote - Soca Jumbie
Palos - Bubblers (Skipe Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Patch - I In Dat | [Watch Music Video]
Patch - I In Dat (Remix)
Patch - Mr. Nic
Patrice Roberts - Blush (Shake Down Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Nobody
Patrice Roberts - Old & Grey | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Out & Bad
Pelf - Stumbling
Pete Figaro - Trinbagonian
Preedy - Drums
Preedy - Nation of Love
Preedy - Pelting Waist (Rose Garden Riddim)
Preedy - Turn Up (Gold Medal Riddim)
Preedy - Unruly (Shake Down Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Preedy - Veteran (Festival868 Riddim)
President - Bump & Grind (Leggo Riddim)
Prestan - We Timing | [Watch Music Video]
Prodigal Son - Party Hard
Prophet Benjamin x GhostWriters - Wood
Pternsky - Non Stop (Jambe-An Riddim)
Pumpa - Chop Stick (Skipe Riddim)
Pumpa - Muhammad Ali (Jab Master)
Qpid - Bumpa Music (Gracebay Riddim)
Ravi B - I Za Problem (Brass Tax Riddim)
Ravi B & Abbyshi - De Bomb Drop
Ravi B (Karma) - We Big
Ravi B x Shal Marshall - Dutty | [Watch Music Video]
Raymond Ramnarine (Dil E Nadan) - Iz Nothing
RemBunction - Make Yuh Name
RemBunction - My Girl
Revelation - Make Music (Feel Good Riddim)
Ricardo Drue ft. Roy Cape All Stars - BET (Scorch Hybrid Refix)
Ricardo Drue & Blaxx - Day Ones (Good Company)
Ricardo Drue - Winner (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - BET | [Watch Music Video]
Richard Trumpet - Bubble
Richard Trumpet & Pompey - Bumpa Fuh So
Ricky T & Superman HD feat. Iwer George - Perfect Storm (Remix)
Ricochae - Tick It
Rikki Jai & Alison Hinds - Suragee
Rikki Jai - Leh We Fete
Rita Jones - Better Than You
Rocky & Gailann - Sweeter Than Sweet
Ro'dey - #Whydoinit
Roger George - TayLayLay
Roger George - Time
Ro'dey x GhostWriters - Doh Stop Whyning
Rome - In Charge
Rome - Nah Let Go
Ronnie Homer x Baba Shanta - Soca Music
Ronnie Homer - Real Life
Runtown ft. Wizkid & Machel Montano - Bend Down Pause (Walshy Fire Remix)
S. Carter - Hit Meh
Saga Boyz ft. Di Gittarman - Shut Dong
Saga Boy Chow Chow - We Doing It All
Sagaboyz - CelebRate
Saga Dee - Dutty War
Saga Dee - How We Living
Saga Dee - Yuh Done Know (Sub Zero Riddim)
Salty ft. Fay-Ann Lyons - Gyal Meets Brass (Wassy Remix) (RR Rhythm)
Salty ft. Tron & Brass - Girl Meets Brass - F Jam (Start It) (RR Rhythm)
Sasha - Born For This
Sasha Melody - Thirsty
Scrappy - Stage
Screws - D' Asphalt
Screws - Wine & Go Down (AfroSoca Riddim)
Scrilla - We Time Ah Year | [Watch Music Video]
Sedale X Preedy - Land I Love | [Watch Music video]
Sekon Sta - Champagne & Soca
Sekon Sta - Drink Anthem
Sekon Sta - Sweet (Vintage '45 Riddim)
Sekon Sta- Pressure (Gimme That Wine) (Gold Medal Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Certified (Your Body) (Festival868 Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Work (Red Planet Riddim)
Sekon Sta x Nadia Batson - Magic
Semonita - Possie (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Septimus Tousaint - Hit D Road
Shadow - What Yuh Come Here For
Shal Marshall - Fling Yuh Bumper (Tin Pan Riddim)
Shal Marshall x Talpree - Fraid Jab
Shal Marshall - Hookah
Shal Marshall - Party
Shal Marshall - Time Of My Life
Shal Marshall x GBM Nutron - Friends
Shan - Pedal to the Metal
Showtime - Whole Day (Wake Up N Live Riddim)
Shradah - Doh Hold Meh Back (Gold Medal Riddim)
Shradah x Nessa Preppy - Caribbean Girls (AfroSoca Riddim)
Shurwayne & Mr. Vegas - Permission (Eclipse Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Head Gone
Shurwayne Winchester - Truck Driver | [Watch Music Video]
Shurwayne Winchester - Welcome
Silent Star - We Out Dey (Steel Pipe Riddim)
Silva - Up Under Yuh (Tumba Riddim)
Sir Skarz - 48 (Two Days)
Six Four Five - Doh Say (Sal Salazar Riddim)
Six Four Five - No Broughtupsy
Sizwe C - Country Love
Skinny Banton ft. Mr. Killa - We Pumping
Skinny Fabulous - Born For This
Skinny Fabulous - Full Hundred (All De Way) (Orchestra Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano - Go Hard
Skinny Fabulous - More Jab
Skhi - Niceness | [Watch Music Video]
Slammer Cutter - Oh Gosh | [Watch Music Video]
Smooth - iLike
Snakey - Star
Soca Johnny & Big Bad - Under My Rum (W.10 Riddim)
Spongy - Time Of We Life
Springs - Speed (Walkerz Riddim)
Spyro - Champion Bubbler (AfroSoca Riddim)
Spyro - Soca Party (Soca Luv Riddim)
Squad D - Bend Over
Sting Raye (Mayaro The Band) - She Want It All
Stryker Regal - Rum Boss
Suit Of Black (Bunji Garlin, Kardinal Offishall and Assassin) - She Bad
Sugar Daddy - Gardener (So Hot Riddim)
Sugar J - Missing You (Sugar Apple Riddim)
Super Blue - We Calypso
Sure-D - Cool Meh Down
S.W Storm - Jadoo
S.W Storm - Forever Young
S.W Storm - Scatter
Swappi - Body Good
Swappi - Center (Skipe Riddim)
Swappi 5D - Swap It (Psycho Riddim)
Syo - Under Meh
SYR - Dont Tell (Fruit Burst Riddim)
Tallpree & Slammer Cutter - Born Mad
Tallpree x Psycho Bob - Sugarcane
Tallpree - We Dirty (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Tami G. - How We Does Whine | [Watch Music Video]
Tami G. - Ah Rum and Ah
T-Rock Again - Start D Jam | [Watch Music Video]
T-Rock Again - Work (Incognito Riddim)
Tanya Stephens - Wuk Up
Teddyson John - Allez | [Watch Music Video]
Teddyson John - Allez (Dj Crown Prince Edit)
Teddyson John ft. Bunji Garlin - Allez (Remix)
Teddyson John - Sleep Doh Know Me (Euphoria Riddim)
Teddyson John - Cyah Steel My Joy (Heart & Soul Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Careless (Jumbie Jab Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Soca Army
Terri Lyons - Stress Less Fete More (Red Planet Riddim)
Terri Lyons ft Lil Rick - High
Terri Lyons & Lavaman - Terrible (Full Moon Riddim)
Terri Lyons & Santana - Work (Skipe Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Terry Seales feat. Ziggy Ranking - Cyah Make (Leggo Riddim)
Terry Seales - Driftin | [Watch Music Video]
Terin Hartman - No Way
Terron - Bring Water (Soca Luv Riddim)
Tess - My Business (Gracebay Riddim)
The Bhan Pure - Chipping (Smoothie Riddim)
The Bhan Pure - Rum Got Me So
The Bhan Pure - Splash Army Fete
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - Bum Bum (Party) | [Watch Music Video]
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - Whole Day
Tian Winter - In De Middle (Shake Down Riddim)
Tim Tim - No Chaser
Tommy Sanchez - Pretty
Tony Prescott - Spread Out
Tony Wylie - Call On Meh
Tremendous Tree - Tell Me
Triniboi Joocie - Las Wuk
Tizzy - Drop Bombs | [Watch Music Video]
Umi Marcano - We Doh Play
Unda-Rated - Looking For Cup
Valene Nedd - In Meh Dreams (Loud Riddim)
Various Artistes - Flamingo Riddim (Shane Talon Mix)
Vybz Kartel x Bunji Garlin - Bicycle Ride (Soca Remix)
Wildfire - Obsession
Yankey Boy - This Carnival (Sugar Apple Riddim)
Young Voice - Bashment
Young Voice - Bubbulah (Swervey Riddim)
Youni-T - Illuminanni
Zan - We



Angela Hunte & Machel Montano - Party Done (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Chucky Gordon - Personality (Road Mix)
Cloud 5 - No Behavior (Shelldown) (Tony Tempo Jouvert Mix)
Farmer Nappy - My House (The Andrew Denny Remix)
Flipo - Her Love (Ultimate Rejects Remix)
Lyrikal - Loner (Mastamind Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois vs. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean No Apology? (Jester Remix Bootleg)

Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss (Doc & Jes Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Pop Ah Bottle (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Machel Montano ft. Shaggy - Remedy (Refix)
Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias - Forgiveness (El Perdon) (DJ Buddha Soca Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (EDM Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (Ultimate Rejects Remix)
Ricardo Drue - Professional (DJ Crown Prince Edit)
Young Voice - Bass (Victorious Road Mix)



1st Klase ft. Busy Signal - Space Soca
5Star Akil - Island Adventure | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil - Noise | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil & Lyrikal - Untamed
Adana - Memorable
Alison Hinds - Woman Is Bad
Amanda - Carnival Cah Done (Forest Park Riddim)
Angel Journei - Tonight (Hot Tamale Riddim)
Angela Hunte & Machel Montano - Party Done
Anslem Douglas - Hornin de Hornaman
Ataklan - Riddim In Ah Meh | [Watch Music Video]
Ataklan - Supa Baddess
Benjai - Awesome (Jungle Book Riddim)
Benjai - Bad No Ras (Ancestry Riddim)
Benjai & Screws - No Ebola
Benjai ft. H20 Phlo - Phenominal (Kan Kan Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Blackie - Ram Jam
Blaxx - Place In Life
Blaxx - Wine And Stagga
Blaxx & Andrew Phillip - We Not Going Home (Homeless)
Buffy - Ban Meh
Bunji Garlin - Brace
Bunji Garlin - Cheers (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Cosmopolitan (Jungle Book Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Do It (Bitter Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Exodus
Bunji Garlin - Our Time
Bunji Garlin - Still Soca (Vibeat Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Truck On De Road (Jus-Jay x Nelieux Remix)
Bunji Garlin - We Up Dey
Bunji Garlin & Ataklan - Renegade Soca
Bunji Garlin & Fayann Lyons ft. Ace & Crim - Mard
Cassi - Madness
Champeon ft. Adam-O - 2Nite
Chezlon - Hold Ah Bottom
Chris Star - Roll Back
Christian Ramirez - All Night
Chucky Gordon - Doh Take It On
College Boy Jesse - Tipsy
Creig Camacho - Cyah Wait (Limewash Riddim)
Danielle - Like Ah African (Ancestry Riddim)
Darnella - Out On De Road (Kan Kan Riddim)
Denise Belfon ft. Trini Jacobs and Rochelle Chedz - Bag of Toys
Destra Garcia - Breathe (Ignition Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Give it To Them (Yuma Riddim)
Destra Garcia - In The Band (Vibezy Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Lucky (Day Fete Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Lucy | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - No Rest (Faze Tu Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Ooh La La Lay
Destra Garcia - Piece Ah Dat
Destra Garcia - This Bam Bam Is Yours (Island Flavas Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Throw Back (Triumph Riddim)
Dev - Play Me
Duce Man - Wine And Prove It (Zonto Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Balance (Flash Drive Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Cloud 9 (Jungle Book Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Come From (Jam Band Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Tanty
F.L.O. - No Distance
Fadda Moses - Good O'Body
Faith Antoine - Like It
Farmer Nappy - Aroused
Farmer Nappy - Doh Find Me Rude
Farmer Nappy - Doh Remember (Day Fete Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Go Do Dat
Farmer Nappy - Loosen De Chain | [Watch Music Video]
Farmer Nappy - My House
Farmer Nappy ft. Alison Hinds - In Trouble (Patrol Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Break The World
Fay Ann Lyons - Don't Tempt Me (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Drift (Bitter Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Keep Some (Vibeat Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Raze
Fay Ann Lyons & Bunji Garlin - Doh Fraid
Fireball - Love You (Jump Start Riddim)
Flipo - Her Love (Kan Kan Riddim)
Flipo - Last Man Standing | [Watch Music Video]
Flipo - Sweat (Ignition Riddim)
Fryktion - Soca Man (Albino Riddim)
Fuhnominon - Breakaway
Fya Empress - Mo Bacchanal
Fya Empress & Andrew Phillips - Sweet Soca Music
GBM Nutron - P.F.Z (Problem Free Zone)
Islandboy Rick J - Give She
Iwer George - Play D Mas (TRIBE Riddim)
J Angel - Break Away
Jadel & Swappi - Jack Up On It
Jaiga - Liquor
Jaiga - Soca Story (Moja Love Riddim)
Juelio Rhino - I.A.O (Zonto Riddim)
Jungle - Freedom
K.Rich - Come Over (Ignition Riddim)
K.Rich - I Don't Care (Vibezy Riddim)
K.Rich - Keep Bouncing
K.Rich & System32 - Baddest
K. Kay ft. Tim Starr, Neicy & Iroy - Let Loose (Hot Tamale Riddim)
Kahblis - Diz My Ting
KC - Water Coming Tru
Kenny D - My Carnival
Kerlz - Canboulay
Kernal Roberts - Soca State of Mind
Kernal Roberts and Kerwin Du Bois - Excitement | [Watch Music Video]
Kerwin Du Bois - Circles
Kerwin Du Bois - D Influence
Kerwin Du Bois - Love Up
Kerwin Du Bois - Magnetic
Kerwin Du Bois - No Apology
Kerwin Du Bois - Ridiculous
Kerwin Du Bois - Use It (Triumph Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois & Ravi B - Overdoing It
Kes the Band - Born Ready (Triumph Riddim)
Kes The Band - Fallin'
Kes The Band - Look Fuh Dat (Jam Band Riddim)
Kes The Band - Million
Kes The Band ft. Madmen - General Don
Kevon Carter - Hunting (We Out Dey)
KI & 3veni - Take Me Away (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
KI ft Skinny Fabulous & King Bubba FM - One More
King Bubba FM ft. Lead Pipe - Don't Bother We (Kan Kan Riddim)
King George (Iwer) - Last King
KMC - Calling
KMC - Favorite Song
KMC - Thing
K.Rich - Applause
Kofi - Sorry From Now
Lil Bitts - Booty Bounce

Lil Bitts - Burning Up
Lisa Toney - Animal
Lyrikal - Bumper College (Yuma Riddim)
Lyrikal - Cloud 9
Lyrikal - Dey In It (Day Fete Riddim)
Lyrikal - Loner
Lyrikal & Problem Child - We Have It | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Endless Wuk
Machel Montano - Erupt
Machel Montano - Getting On Bad (Jam Band Riddim)
Machel Montano - Like A Boss | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Losing It (Bitter Riddim)
Machel Montano - On My Way | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Play A Mas (Triumph Riddim)
Machel Montano - Pop A Bottle (Patrol Riddim)
Machel Montano - Remedy
Machel Montano - Watching Meh (TRIBE Riddim)
Machel Montano & Destra Garcia - Come Back | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Great Parade
Machel Montano & Sean Paul feat. Major Lazer - One Wine
Machel Montano ft. Fatman Scoop & Papa Jay - Jump
MadMen - Electronic Bliss
Major Lazer ft. Ariana Grande & Machel Montano - All My Love (Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
Mayaro the Band - Run Gyal
Menace (M1) - Naughty
Menace (M1) ft. Skinny Fabulous - Round and Round
Mr. Killa - Panty Dropper
Mr. Renzo - Before Morning (Ancestry Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Drop Dat
Mr. Renzo ft. Busy Signal - Culo (Kuduro Version)
Ms Alysha - Take It
MX Prime - Atmosphere
MX Prime - Bounce On A Gal
Nadia Batson - Cyah Change | [Watch Music Video]
Nadia Batson - Cooler Fete (Patrol Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Play Weself
Nadia Batson - Starter (Triumph Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Sun Come Up (Day Fete Riddim)
Nadia Batson ft. Fadda Fox - Doh Feel No Way
Nava & Machel Montano - Festival
Nebula868 - Best Friends
Nebula868 - Birdz Man | [Watch Music Video]
Nebula868 - One In A Million (Moonwalk Riddim)
Nessa Preppy ft. Orlando Octave - Nobody Like You
Nikisha Reyes - Body Groove
O'Wain Paul - Roll
Olatunji - Ola (Kan Kan Riddim)
Olatunji - Riddim In We Vein (Yuma Riddim)
Olatunji & Skinny Fabulous - Blazing
Orlando Octave - Wine It (Ancestry Riddim)
Patch - Full Hundred
Patrice Roberts - Colors (Vibezy Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Do Wuh Yuh Want
Patrice Roberts - Drink
Patrice Roberts - Heaven On Earth
Patrice Roberts - Looking For It (Patrol Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Socaritis
Patrice Roberts - Trouble (TRIBE Riddim)
Peter Ram - Simple Thing (RiseUpSound Remix)
Preedy - Away | [Watch Music Video]
Preedy - Blame It
Preedy - Carnival Rebels
Preedy - Dreaming (Ignition Riddim)
Preedy - My People (Moonwalk Riddim)
Problem Child - A Stiff Drink (Albino Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Problem Child - Never Change
Problem Child - Paint vs. Powder
Problem Child & Flipo - Hands Up
Ras Demo Jaheem Rich - I'm Loving (Zonto Riddim)
Ravi B - Flowing (Vibezy Riddim)
Ravi B ft. Lil Rick & King Bubba FM - Eye Candy
Rayzor - Sandwich
Revelation - Raving (Moja Love Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Holding On (Jam Band Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Speeding (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Ricardo Drue & Destra Garcia - AirBorne
Rome - One Wine
Ruben - Shock Of My Life (Forest Park Riddim)
Rupee - M.I.A (Missing In Action)
Saffire - How We Roll
SallyXtreme - Celebrate
Sasha Melody - Bubble Gum
Sasha Melody - Get On Bad
Sasha Melody - Whinin Away
Sasha Melody ft. Ronnie Homer - Whining Away (Remix)
Scrappy - Everybody
Screws - Chin I Drinking (Forest Park Riddim)
Sekon Sta - The Best (Kan Kan Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Sekon Sta - In Charge (Bitter Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Motivation | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Performance
Shal Marshall - Wild Out (Flash Drive Riddim)
Shradah - Cya Stop Meh (Jam Band Riddim)
Shradah - Touch Me (Jump Start Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - I Believe
Shurwayne Winchester - Pussy Cat (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - We Pumpin | [Watch Music Video]
Shurwayne Winchester - Girl Of My Dreams
Shurwayne Winchester - Shake It
Shurwayne Winchester - Touch De Ground
Skinny Fabulous - Going Off
Skinny Fabulous - Made For This (Red Button)
Skinny Fabulous - No Other Way (TRIBE Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Significant Wine (Yuma Riddim)
Silva - Bam Bam Talk
Sizzla - Trinbago (Come Closer) (Forest Park Riddim)
Slammer Cutter & Jaxx - Link Up
Stadic x Sym.Fa.NI ft. Bunji Garlin - Climb
Swappi - Lock It Down (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Swappi - Ride It (Zonto Riddim)
Swappi - Sweat
Syo - Bus Stop
Syo - Obey
Tasha - We Own D Road
Tim Tim - Push It Back
Tony Wylie - Ah Like Dat
Tony Wylie - Woman Take Over
Trilo-G - Vulga
Umi Marcano - Wuk It Up
Voice - Cheers To Life
Voice - Skillfull Bumper
Yankey Boy - Nuh Fraid | [Watch Music Video]
Yankey Boy - Non Stop Drinker
Yannick Hooper - Top Rock | [Watch Music Video]
Zan - Quarter to Carnival
Zan - Look So Sexy
Zan & Patrice Roberts - Soca Wedding
Ziggy Rankin - Famlay
Zion Yute - Pumping



5Star Akil - To Meh Heart (Road Mix)
5Star Akil - To Meh Heart (UCMI Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin - Red Light Antenna (Scratch Master Refix)
Bunji Garlin - Red Light District (1st Klase Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin - Truck On D Road (Precision Road Mix)
DJ Crown Prince x Bunji Garlin - Pat Yuh Drum (Drummer Boy Edit)
Lyrikal - Conquer Meh (Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Happiest Man Alive (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Machel Montano - M.O.R. (Precision Road Mix)
MX Prime ft Kerwin Du Bois - Welcome to the Carnival (Earth Mix)
Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly (Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - BTW (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Syo - In De Air (Road Mix)



3canal - Carnival Comin
5Star Akil - To Meh Heart | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil ft Nadia Batson - Never Done
Adrian Dutchin - Bend Over and Roll (B.O.A.R)
Adrian Dutchin - J.U.M.P.I.N.G
Adrian Dutchin - Wine Up
Akeem 'Preedy' Chance - Wining Champion (Sando Riddim)
Aidonia - Gal Tease Me (Sundance Riddim)
Amarfis Aquino ft Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick - Monster Winer (Latin Remix)
Angel Journei - Let The Blessings Flow (Smooth Sailing Riddim)
Anslem Douglas & Lil Bitts - I Want To Know (Classic 60s Riddim)
Asten - Lean (Optimus Riddim)
Benjai - Come Nah (Come Nah Riddim)
Benjai - Come Out To Play (Vintage Riddim)
Benjai - Dance (Optimus Riddim)
Benjai - Give It All To Meh
Benjai - Lick It In
Blaxx - Bacchanal Bumper (Bubble Riddim)
Blaxx - Carnival Virgins
Blaxx - Fettin Away
Blaxx - Hooray (Carnival Riddim)
Blaxx - Looseness (Looseness Riddim)
Blaxx - Whole Day (Popcorn Riddim)
Blaxx & QQ - One Drop (Remix)
Blaxx ft Skinny Fabulous - Extra Bad Pon De Road
Brent & CayNRG - No Worries
Buffy - Manwa
Bunji Garlin - Gi Dem Dey (Stag Riddim Part 2)
Bunji Garlin - It's A Carnival
Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca (Doc and Jes Viking Remix)
Bunji Garlin - Find Me In Trinidad
Bunji Garlin - Pat Yuh Drum (Bateria Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Red Light District
Bunji Garlin - Soca Run Town
Bunji Garlin - Truck On D Road | [Watch Music Video]
Bunji Garlin ft. A$AP Ferg - Truck On D Road (Remix)
Bunji Garlin ft Busta Rhymes - Differentology Remix
Bunji Garlin ft. Kardinal - Truck On D Road (Remix)
Burton Toney - How We Roll
Cassi - Man In Yuh House
Champeon - Red Devil (Jab Jab)
Chris Garcia - Sugar Bumper
Chucky Gordon - #868 (Flags Up Riddim)
Chucky Gordon - Blazin'
Chucky Gordon - Gyal to the Front
Chucky Gordon - No Coast Thing (Soiree Riddim)
Chucky Gordon - Take Ur Time | [Watch Music Video]
Collis Duranty - Carnival (Come Nah Riddim)
Collis Duranty - Pave The Road With Love (Optimus Riddim)
Crazy - In D Inside
Crazy - Raise Dem High
Darnella - Can't Get Enough
David Rudder - Guilty
Denise Belfon - Challenge
Denise Belfon - No Restrictions (Popcorn Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Dutty D Road
Destra Garcia - First Time
Destra Garcia - Give It To Me
Destra Garcia - Just A Little Bit
Destra Garcia - Mash Up (Emergency Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - State of Mind (Titans Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Trailer Load (Wildness Riddim)
Destra Garcia - We Control D Road (Bubble Riddim)
Dev - Play Ah Mas (Soiree Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Greedy
Devon Matthews - Level It
Devon Matthews - Million Jam (Emergency Riddim)
Devon Matthews & Denise Belfon - All Night Long (Double Up Riddim)
DJ HP - Maddd Again (Emergency Riddim)
Dil E Nadan ft Blaxx & Dr Seales - Carnival Nice
Dillie - 2 Days On The Road (Party Gen Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Hearing Ah Talk | [Watch Music Video]
Erphaan Alves - It Bad (One Time Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Loose (Start It Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Ram and Full | [Watch Music Video]
Erphaan Alves ft Blaxx - Contagious (We Drinkin)
Farmer Nappy - All Ah Dat
Farmer Nappy - Big People Party | [Watch Music Video]
Farmer Nappy - Doh Stick
Farmer Nappy - Family (Sando Riddim)
Farmer Nappy ft Imani - Addiction
Fay Ann Lyons - Catch Me | [Watch Promo Video]
Fay Ann Lyons - Done D Party (Oil Stain Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Oh Yeah
Fay Ann Lyons - Whine Nah Boy (El Dorado Riddim)
Flipo - Doh Tell Meh Dat | [Watch Music Video]
Fya Empress - Cool Scene (Coconutshell Riddim)
Fya Empress - We Ready (Emergency Riddim)
GBM Nutron and Jaiga - Gyal Season (Sando Riddim)
General Degree - Wat Ah Bam Bam (Diamond Wings Riddim)
General Grant - Shake It
Gregory Ayuen - Hold Yuh
H2O Phlo - Don't B Afraid
Isaac Blackman - S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) (Sando Riddim)
Iwer George - Africans
Iwer George - Bad for Your Music
Iwer George - Congaline
Iwer George - Emotions
Iwer George - Jab Jab | [Watch Music Video]
Iwer George - Mama Oh
Iwer George - Trini Suge Knight
Iwer George ft Denise Belfon - Burning Up
J Angel - Do Wha Yuh Want
J Angel - Nah Leaving
J Angel - Till Morning
Jadel ft Skinny Fabulous - Static
Jadel ft Swappi 4D - Keep Wining (Remix)
Jah Bami - Slow It Down
Jaigá (formerly Super Jigga TC) - #Keisha | [Watch Music Video]
Jaigá (formerly Super Jigga TC) - Hard Wuk (Wildness Riddim)
Jaigá (formerly Super Jigga TC) - My Team
Jaiga ft. Shal Marshall - Juice (Stag Riddim Part 2)
Jamesy P - Dangerous (One Time Riddim)
Jaxx - Till Morning (Riddim For D Road)
Jalena - Let It Go (B.V.I ~ Zouk)
Jo Jo - Shake Dat
Jungle ft Diamond - All Nite | [Watch Music Video]
Junior Don - Intruder
JW & Blaze - Niceness (Popcorn Riddim)
JW & Blaze - Somebody (Carnival Riddim)
K.Kay - Home For Carnival (Smooth Sailing Riddim)
K.Rich - Go Down
K.Rich - Last Lap
K.Rich - Masquerade
K.Rich & Denise Belfon - Jammin' With You
Kenna T - All Day All Night
Kerlz - Passion
Kerwin Du Bois - Doh Beg
Kerwin Du Bois - Galavanting
Kerwin Du Bois - Press A Button (Coconutshell Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Spoil Mehself (Titans Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Too Real
Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal - Lockdown
Kes The Band - Bad Habits
Kes The Band - Country Gyal
Kes The Band - Feel It
Kes The Band - Never See Come See (Chuku Chuku Riddim)
Kes The Band - Play De Music (Mango Riddim)
Kes The Band - Ram Jam
Kes The Band - Siddung
Kes The Band - Spirit (Carnival Riddim)
Kes The Band - True Masquerader (Titans Riddim)
Kes & Gyptian - Wet Fete
Kes ft. Mr. Killa - Yesss Gyal (Sundance Riddim)
Kevon Carter - Main Road
Kevon Carter- Pressure
KI (3veni) - Carnival Symptoms
KI (3veni) - Chip (Riddim For D Road)
KI (3veni) - Professor Feter (Bad Influence Riddim)
KI (3veni) - We Mad
KI and Olatunji - Run Away (Remix)
Kimba Sorzano - How Meh Name Does Taste | [Watch Music Video]
Kimba Sorzano - Slow
KMC - Energy
Kris Kennedy - Instructions
Kuttit ft Pastor Stewart - Preach
Lil Bitts - Here Again (Emergency Riddim)

Lil Bitts - Roll It
Lil Bitts - Who Say (Looseness Riddim)
Lisa Toney - Give It To Me
Lyrikal - Body Low (Kash Riddim)
Lyrikal - Conquer Meh
Lyrikal - Part Ah Yuh Nature (Bad Influence Riddim)
Lyrikal - Party Nuh Done (Stag Riddim Part 2)
Lyrikal - Soca Beast (Wildness Riddim)
Lyrikal - What Ah Feeling (Soiree Riddim)
Lyrikal & Otis - Doing Anything
M1 (Menace) - Big People Ting
Machel Montano - Bruck It (BassInk Remix)
Machel Montano - Drop It Down (Sando Riddim)
Machel Montano - EPIC | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - HMA (Happiest Man Alive) | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Haunted
Machel Montano - Junction
Machel Montano - Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.) | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano - Ritual (Sundance Riddim)
Machel Montano - Shameless
Machel Montano - She Coming (Titans Riddim)
Machel Montano - The Power
Machel Montano & Boyz II Men - Can't Let Go
Madmen & Ultimate Rejects - Trinidad Tobago
Major Lazer ft. Flipo - Doh Tell Me Dat (Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
MadMen - Electronic Bliss
Major Lazer ft. Machel Montano - Sound Bang
Makamillion - On D Truck
Megan Walrond - Riddim (Double Up Riddim)
Michael Allan - Wine Like You
Michelle Xavier - Beautiful High
Moses - I Love Meh Soca
Moses - We Want Water
Moses - Wine For Moses
Mr. Anthony - Cooler Fete
Mr. Anthony - Wine Up On Something
Mr. Famous - Play More Local | [Watch Music Video]
Mr. Renzo - Anywhere
Mr. Renzo - Pandemonium
Mr. Renzo - Sit Pon Meh (Batmobile Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Take Control (Ooo Wey)
Mr. Renzo ft. Busy Signal - Culo
Mr. Vegas ft Ce'cile - Mash Up The Place
Ms. Alysha - SMS (Shades, Music and Strong Rum) (Double Up Riddim)
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Action, No Rest (Bubble Riddim)
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Down The Stretch
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Festival
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - In The Air
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Island Move
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Sway
MX Prime (Maximus Dan) - Tidal
MX Prime & Ziggy Rankin - Lock It (Diamond Wings Riddim)
MX Prime ft Kerwin Du Bois - Welcome to the Carnival
Nadia Batson - Alright (Diamond Wings Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Aggressive
Nadia Batson - Bad Influence (Bad Influence Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Rated R
Nadia Batson & Lyrikal - Loose
Nessa Preppy - No Stushness Allowed
Nikita Browne - Solo (Carnival Riddim)
Nisha B - Catch It (Flags Up Riddim)
Nutron - Jus 1 Wine
Nutron ft. Shal Marshall - Addicted
Olatunji - Fete-A-Lot (Popcorn Riddim)
Olatunji - Mad Up In This (Jab Jab Riddim)
Olatunji - Tadow
Olatunji - Wining Good (Bharatiya Laraki)| [Watch Music Video]
Olatunji - Wha Yuh Drinkin (Stag Riddim Part 2)
Olatunji - What We Know (Carnival Riddim)
Olatunji & Iwer George - Play ah Mas (Classic 60s Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Out Ah Control (Batmobile Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Trinbago Nice
Patrice Roberts - Bomb Drop
Patrice Roberts - Di Most (Buggy Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Doh Rough Meh (Sando Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Make Me Out (Flags Up Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Pong It | [Watch Music Video]
Patrice Roberts - Somebody (Festive Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Turn It Up
Peter C. Lewis - Inside Ah Dat
Prestan - Fly Away
Problem Child - Buggy Ride (Buggy Riddim)
Problem Child - Do Work (Looseness Riddim)
Problem Child - Fake Frenz (Batmobile Riddim)
Problem Chid - Fete Everyday (Festive Riddim)
Problem Child - Fettin Life (One Time Riddim)
Problem Child - OMG (Kash Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - No Profit
Pumpa ft Shurwayne Winchester - Ride De Pony
Ravi B - Breakaway
Ravi B ft. Machel Montano & Mahalakshmi Iyer - Breakaway (Remix)
Rayza - Start It (Start It Riddim)
Rayzor & Leonce - Bess Fete | [Watch Music Video]
Rembunction - Culture Jammer
Ricardo Drue - Socaholic (Soca Or Die) | [Watch Music Video]
Ricardo Drue - Whining Pro (Kubuli Riddim)
Rita Jones - Sweet Sensation
Rizon - Higher Level
Rome - Wrecker (Party Gen Riddim)
Ronnie Homer - Jam [Clean] (Kash Riddim)
Rupee - Ah Playin Mas
Rupee - Nothing Sweeter (Wildness Riddim)
Sasha Melody - Land of Soca
Sanelle Dempster - Vibes
Scrappy - Come Closer (Obsession Riddim)
Scrappy - Jam Up On Somebody
Screws - Towel
Screws & Angie - Japanese Wok (Batmobile Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Link Up (Start It Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Maniac (Sundance Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Wine On De Truck | [Watch Music Video]
Sekon Sta & Jaiga - Bag Ah Vibes
Sexy Trisha - Duh Stop Meh (Optimus Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Drink Something
Shal Marshall - Feel 2 Wuk
Shal Marshall - Touch D Road
Shal Marshall - Wining Partner (Wildness Riddim)
Shal Marshall, Nurtron and Reina - Come Over | [Watch Music Video]
Shurwayne Winchester - Carnivalian
Shurwayne Winchester - My Team (Coconutshell Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester & Lord Nelson - Break Away (Classic 60s Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester ft 3 Canal - Tang Tang
Shurwayne Winchester ft Farmer Nappy - We Doh Sleep
Six Four Five - Workout (Looseness Riddim)
Sizwe C - Woi Woi
SKHI - Right Dey (Detox Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - BTW (Behaving the Worst) | [Watch Music Video]
Skinny Fabulous - Pon D Top (Sundance Riddim)
Smooth - Ah Like Dat
Super Blue - Champion Daddy
SW Storm - Party On D Road
Swappi 4D - Don't Let Go (El Dorado Riddim)
Swappi 4D - Run To D Front
Swappi 4D - Take Wine (Stag Riddim Part 2)
Swappi 4D - Three
Swappi 4D & Kes - Gyal Song (Bubble Riddim)
T-Rock - Body On Fire (Soiree Riddim)
Tallpree - Jab Business (Jab Jab Riddim)
Teddyson 'TJ' John - Backa (Emergency Riddim)
Teddy Rhymez - Loosen Up (Looseness Riddim)
Terra Kid - Back So (Buggy Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Freaky
Timaya ft Machel Montano - Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Carnival Remix)
Timaya ft Machel Montano - Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Original Remix)
Tony Wylie - Dr. Carnival | [Watch Music Video]
Tony Wylie - Stamping
Trini Jacobs - Break Away
Umi Marcano - Wine & Twerk
Yankey Boy - Cock It Back
Zan - Bam Bam (Riddim For D Road)
Zan - Drift Away
Zan & Ronnie McIntosh - Good Morning (Classic 60s Riddim)
Zoelah - Bam Bam



5Star Akil - Partier
Benjai- Feter (Project 5 Riddim)
Blaxx - Leh Go (Soca Future Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Blaxx - No Getaway (Island Mas Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca
Bunji Garlin - Differentology | [Watch Music Video]
Bunji Garlin - Differentology (Major Lazer Remix) | [Watch Music Video]
Bunji Garlin - Savage
Bunji Garlin - To D Future (Soca Future Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Touchless (Stag Riddim)
Cassie - Whistle & Horn (Soca Future Riddim)
Chromatics - Carnival Rap Up 2K13 (Radio Edit)
Chucky Gordon - I Never Wine | [Watch Music Video]
Denise Belfon - De Ting Buff
Denise Belfon - Wining Queen (Project 5 Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - Call My Name | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - Carry On | [Watch Music Video]
Drupatee & Machel Montano HD - Indian Gyal
Farmer Nappy - Drunk (Paradise Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Minglin'
Farmer Nappy - Stranger
Fay-Ann-Lyons - De Stage Open
Fay-Ann-Lyons - Eff
Fay-Ann-Lyons - We Doin' This Owah
Iwer George - Bubble
K. Rich - Wine Back
K.I & 3Veni - Friends For The Night | [Watch Music Video]
Kes The Band - Rum and Soca (Single Barrel Riddim)
Kes The Band - I Ok (False Teeth Riddim)
Kes The Band - Thief A Wine
Lyrikal - 25-8 | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - Energy High (Intercol Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Float | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - Life of the Party (Project 5 Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - She Ready
Machel Montano HD - The FOG | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - Witch Doctor
Machel Montano HD & Kerwin Du Bois ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Possessed | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD vs. MMP - No Lie
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs Major Lazer - Can't Hold Us Soca Power Mix (ft. Swappi & 1st Klase)
Nadia Batson - Manager (The Phantom Riddim)
Olatunji - Bam Bam (Soca Salsa Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Ravi B & Karma - Prescription
Shal Marshall - Play D Mas
Shal Marshall - Wickedest Wine
Shal Marshall & Super Jigga TC - We Liming
Shurwayne Winchester - We Not Stopping | [Watch Music Video]
Super Blue - Fantastic Friday
Swappi - Cha-Os
Yankey Boy - Rumors (Asti Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]

We're moving our Music to a new home ... please bear with us. You can enjoy more 2013 Soca Releases HERE.



K.Rich - Nothing Less (RoadMix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Bacchanalist (Roadmix)
Machel Montano - P.Y.F. Pump Yuh Flag (758 Remix)



Adrian Dutchin ft Problem Child - Save One For Me
All Rounder - Garlic Sauce
Alternative Quartet - One Family (Antilles Riddim)
Ark Angel - Show Wine
Benjai - Funk When Me Drunk
Benjai - The People's Champion
Benjai - True Story (Coca Cola Riddim)
Beta One ft Machel Montano - Reach On Out For Love | [Watch Music Video]
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Inna Band
Bunji Garlin - Born Ready
Bunji Garlin - Bless U
Bunji Garlin - Cosmic Shift (Cosmic Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Go Hard
Bunji Garlin - Irregular (Popso Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - So & So (40ft Riddim)
Bunji Garlin with Kerwin Du Bois - Runaway
Bunji Garlin - Tun Up (X6 Riddim)
Burton Toney - Look Ah We Winin
Cassi - Inside De Party | [Watch Music Video]
Champeon Champpezy - Buttin Yah
Cross Check & Nnika Francis ft General Grant - Staggerring Whine
Denise Belfon - Boldface
Destra Garcia - Attitude (Red Bull Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Breaking Away (Break-In-Trance Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Link Up
Destra Garcia - Keep On Wukkin
Destra Garcia & Rikki Jai - Pania
Destra Garcia ft Kerwin Du Bois - Baddist
Dev & Klassy - Drinking Partner
Devon Matthews - Gimme The Wine (Popso Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Push It (Grapevine Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Roll
Devon Matthews - Take It Off (X6 Riddim)
DJ Power ft Machel Montano & Kardinal Offishall - Fly So High
Dougla ft Mr. Renzo - Wet Ya Body
Erphaan Alves - In Your Eyes (Antilles Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Erphaan Alves ft Machel Montano - Terrible
Farmer Nappy - Come Back
Farmer Nappy - Surrender
Farmer Nappy & Anthony B - Can't Talk To Me
Fay-Ann Lyons - Miss Behave
Fay-Ann Lyons & The Baron - All Over
Fya Empress - Earthquake 7.5
Hollywood Sachy - Hard Concrete
Inches ft Shurwayne Winchester - Jiggle It Remix
Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)
Jahmoun & Umi Marcano - Leh We Wuk (Behind The Truck) (40ft Riddim)
Jus10 Ward - Nobody's Watching
JW & Blaze - We Time (Maserati Riddim)
K.Rich - Nothing Less | [Watch Music Video]
Kenyba - Leech
Kerlz - Wuk It Up (X6 Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Bacchanalist (Antilles Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Kes The Band - Coming Over
Kes The Band - Come Play Ah Mas
Kes The Band - Precision Wine
Kes The Band - Pretty Gyal = No Control
Kes The Band - Stress Away (4D Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Kes The Band ft Snoop Dogg - Stress Away (Remix)
Kes The Band - Worldz Girlz (Grey Goose Song)
Kevin Lyttle - Wine Go Down
Kevon Carter ft Shal Marshall - Celebrate Life
Kiko - Ah Hit
Kimba Sorzano - Over You | [Watch Music Video]
Kimba Sorazno - Rude Gyal (Maserati Riddim)
Lil Bitts - Mischief | [Watch Music Video]
Lisa Toney - Ooh Boy
Machel Montano HD - Bottle Of Rum
Machel Montano HD - In Charge (Maserati Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Make Yuh Rock (4D Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Mr. Fete | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - On The Avenue
Machel Montano HD - Pump Yuh Flag | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - Represent
Machel Montano HD - Reveling
Machel Montano HD - Time For Work (Burdz Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Madmen ft Kes & Jenna De Leon - Island Love
Mastamind & Lyrikal - Winin' Away
Michelle X and Kes - Head Bad (On D Road)
Militant - Sugar Cane
Mr. Chucky - Touch It (Tune Up Riddim)
Mr. Renzo - Soca Rocket Ship (Cosmic Riddim)
Mr. Renzo ft Swappi 3D - Extraordinary | [Watch Music Video]
MX Prime - Bossing (Break-In-Trance Riddim)
MX Prime - Destroy Everything (40ft Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Making Up
Nadia Batson - No Pressure | [Watch Music Video]
Nadia Batson - Shiver (Antilles Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Nadia Batson & Lyrikal - Whey Yuh Want
Nebula868 ft Machel Montano - Drop It
Ola Tunji - Call Meh (Maserati Riddim)
Patch - Tune Up (Tune Up Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Freak
Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine
Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois - I Am Soca
Pelf - Rich Gyal
Poison - Go Home
Prestan - Rock Back On It
Problem Child - Bachannalarians (X6 Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Throw Wine
Raymond Ramnarine ft Nadia Batson - Hard Pong
Ricardo Drue & Bunji Garlin - Shawty | [Watch Music Video]
RoboMan ft Cherise Ransome - RoboMan Say (Space Junk Carnival Refix)
Russell Thomas - The Right Type Of Girl
S.W Storm - High
Shal Marshall - Trouble (Soca Ska Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - Type Ah Wine
Shal Marshall & Umi Marcano - Pumpin'
Shurwayne Winchester - Wine On It (Overproof Riddim) [Watch Music Video]
Shurwayne Winchester - Wining Addiction | [Watch Music Video]
Skhi - Can't Stay Away | [Watch Music Video]
Skinny Fabulous - Mad People (Super Soca Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous ft Busy Signal - Rave Out (Crown Prince Edit)
Super Jigga TC - Action
Super Jigga TC - Bang Bang (Soca Ska Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - Tunder Wine
Swappi 4D - 4D Gyal (4D Riddim)
Swappi 4D - Bubble On Ah DJ
Swappi 4D - Bucket
Tele Cruz - Sweat | [Watch Music Video]
Terri Lyons - Cah Stop Moving
ThE iZ ft Machel Montano - Whine | [Watch Music Video]
Third Bass - 2 Hands On D Ground
Third Bass - Start To Pump
Umi Marcano - Drink It Up (Break-In-Trance Riddim)
Vigilante - Wine For Meh (Maserati Riddim)
Zan - Property



Bunji Garlin - Hold A Burn (Enforcas Roadmix)
Destra Garcia - Welcome Back (Razorshop Road Mix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Consider It Done (Enforcas Roadmix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Pressure On It (Enforcas Roadmix)
Iwer George - Come To Meh (Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Where Yuh From (Precision Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Wotless (Madman Richard Remix)
Machel Montano HD - Advantage (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Advantage (Tony Tempo Roadmix)
Machel Montano HD - Bend Over (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Illegal (Trendsetter Road Mix)
Shal Marshall - Doh Drag D Flag (Precision Road Mix)
Third Bass - Big Tune Gyal (DJ Bass Roadmix)



2Greedi ft Jadine - Foreigner (Dominica)
3canal - Over Me
3canal - Run The Riddem
3Suns - Ready
3Suns & Benjai - Foreigner
3Suns & Umi Marcano - Doh Slip
645 ft Gonzo - Gih Dem Sarge (Swahili Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin - Ah Takin' It
All Rounder - Body Wine
Alison Hinds - Soca Queen (Girl Scout Riddim)
Andrew Hitz Phillip - Angel (Angel Duo Riddim)
Aaron Fresh ft Machel Montano HD - Bend Over (Rescript)
B.Wils - Borrow Ya Gyal
Baba Shanta - Iron Man (Kis Riddim)
Benjai - Wine To The Side (Honeycomb Riddim)
Benjai - Trini
Benji C - Tattoo
Blaxx - Carnival Jumbie (Merciless Riddim)
Blaxx - Normal
Blaxx - Tanti Woi (Swahili Riddim)
Blaxx - We Not Racial (Hot Gal Riddim)
Buhwamoder - Bend Right Over
Bunji Garlin - Hold A Burn
Bunji Garlin - Me Alone
Bunji Garlin - Push Dat (Happy Supm Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - This Time (Merciless Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Zoom Zoom (Old Mass Riddim)
Bunji Garlin, 3Suns & Scar - Big Blood (Touch Road Riddim)
Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons - Go Home
Bunji Garlin ft Problem Child - Party Cyan Dun (Kis Riddim)
Burton Toney - My Body
Burton Toney - Slow Wine
Burton Toney - We Liming All Night
Busy Signal - Bend Ova (Old Mass Riddim)
Busy Signal & Trever Off-Key - Brum Pum
Busy Signal - Get Outta My Way (Radical Riddim)
Busy Signal - Touch De Road (Touch Road Riddim)
Carver P - Feel It
Cassi - Town Ting
Chai - Give It To Me
Champeon - Move
Champeon - Rub Meh Down
Choppa - D' Fire
Choppa - Fast For Dem
Chris Garcia - Ms.Savannah
Chucky - My Bad Thing
Cross Check and Nnika Francis - Drink 2 Dat
Daddy Chess ft Peter Ram - Hotter Than Hot (Dominica)
Denise Belfon - Dance & Dingolay (Swahili Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Cool It Down
Destra Garcia - Proppa (Crop Over 2010)
Destra Garcia - We Own It
Destra Garcia - Welcome Back
Destra Garcia and Super Jigga TC - Feel To Wine
Deuce Man ft Swappi - Wine Yuh Waist (Swahili Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Doh Jam Meh So
Devon Matthews - Turn Me On (Gree Riddim)
Devon Matthews & Alison Hinds - Turn Me On (Remix)
Dmanlyrics - Juk Harder
Dmanlyrics - Sent It Up
Duce Man - Grind Up On Meh (Doo Doot Riddim)
Fadda Moses - Must Get Ah Whine (Bed Spread Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Flirt
Farmer Nappy - Good Girls Gone Bad (Avenue 1 Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Is Ah Must
Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez - Consider It Done (Radical Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez - Pressure
Fay Ann Lyons & Problem Child - We Ready
General Grant - Drink
General Grant - Single (Blue Boy Riddim)
General Grant - Take Ah Look (Avenue 1 Riddim)
Ghetto Flex - In De Center (Blue Boy Riddim)
H2O Phlo - Up In This Party
Hollywood Sachy - Mr. DJ | [Watch Music Video]
Hunter - I Eh Leaving (Dominica)
Jadee - Nothing Bigger Than God (Happy Supm Riddim)
Jah Mel - The Whine (Bed Spread Riddim)
Jahmoun - Flashing Lights (Digital Bumper)
Jesse - Down To The Ground (Bed Spread Riddim)
Jungie Ranking - Yuh Talk Too Much (Screwl Up Riddim)
JW & Blaze - And Iz Dat
JW & Blaze - Together (Coca Cola Riddim)
JW & Blaze - Wild & Frisky
Imij & Co ft Michelle Xavier - Fetting For Days
Iwer George - Come To Meh (Angel Duo Riddim)
Iwer George - Mashing Up (Be Apart Of It)
K.I & JMC 3Veni - In Ah Band
Kerry John - Yuh Whinery (Bed Spread Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Heaven In You
Kerwin Du Bois - Spray Something
Kerwin Du Bois ft Blaxx - Good Time
Kes The Band - Come Gyal
Kes The Band - Fete Hard
Kes The Band - Where Yuh From (Electro Lights Riddim)
Kes The Band - Wotless | [Watch Music Video]
Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois - Ah Ting
Kiko Dan - Chip
Kimba Sorzano - Where We From
KK ft Fridge - Fun Time
KK ft Shirla Slim - H.O.T.Z
KMC - Burning Calories
KMC - Get Away
KMC - Jouvert Morning
KMC - Two Tings (Supa Wine Riddim)
KMC - Wine Gyal
KMC ft Jamtech Foundation - Everybody Jump
Knycky Corder (G6 Knyx) - Wuker
Krystal Khayne & Umi Marcano - Bring It
Lil' Bitts - Sweetness (Honeycomb Riddim)
Lil' Bitts - We Own The Night
Lil Rick ft Machel Montano - Go Dung (Remix)
Lyrikal - Nuttin Undah (Kis Riddim)
Lyrikal - Ramajay (Doh Waste D Wine Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Advantage | [Watch Music Video]
Machel Montano HD - Bend Over
Machel Montano HD - Coming Again
Machel Montano HD - Different Wine (Doo Doot Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Hard Wuk
Machel Montano HD - Illegal
Machel Montano HD - So High A.O.A (Electro Lights Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Spin Class (Honeycomb Riddim)
Machel Montano, Russian and Chan Dizzy - Burnin Up
Machel Montano ft Swappi - Bumper To Fender (Remix)
Maddzart ft Shurwayne Winchester - The King Road (Remix)
Makamillion & Kess - Cock It Back (Bed Spread Riddim)
Marc Mollineaux - Get Ready To Fly
Mastamind & Leon Coldero - If Yuh Drink
Merital - Wine To Da One (Supa Wine Riddim)
Mighty Akar - Top Up (Dominica)
Mista Vybe - Bumper Season (Pitchbend Riddim)
Mista Vybe - Ding Ding
Mohombi ft Pitbull & Machel Montano - Bumpy Ride (Soca Remix)
Mr. Renzo - Sway (Soca Dance Road Mix)
Mr. Renzo - Sway (Soca Latin Mix)
Ms. Alysha - Deuces (Pitchbend Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Show Off
Ms. Diamond - Don't Stop (Kis Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Admiring Me (Girl Scout Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Holla Back Girl (Supa Wine Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Parade
Nadia Batson - Pretty Dolly (Happy Supm Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Ready (Last Riddim)
Nadia Batson & Patrice Roberts - We Not Leaving
Nadia Batson ft Tallpree - Lighters
Nebula868 - Confidence (Flagship Riddim)
Nebula868 & Hypa Hoppa - Jouvert Jam
Orlando Octave - Pump It Up (Bed Spread Riddim)
Patch - Damm Phone
Patch - Head Nice
Patch ft Yankey Boy & Cassi - Head Nice (Kis Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - All Night
Patrice Roberts - Jack It Up (Girl Scout Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Mas And Wining
Patrice Roberts - Wave It Away (Coca Cola Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Wuk Meh
Pelf - Obeah
Pitbull ft Machel Montano - Bon Bon (Soca Remix)
Prestan - Posse
Problem Child - Gutsin Time
Problem Child - Oil Change (Happy Supm Riddim)
Ragga - Fettin (Kis Riddim)
Re Qwest - Ecstacy
Re Qwest - Slow Wine
Red Cherry - Jooking Board
Request Band - U Alone (Kis Riddim)
Revelation - Them Na Bad Like (Happy Supm Riddim)
Roger George - Company
Rowdy ft Benjai - We Dutty
Rizon ft Russell Leonce, Koen Duncan, Isaac Blackman - Love Trade
S.O. King - Turn Me On (Hot Gal Riddim)
S.W Storm - Mrs. Walker (No Chaser Remix)
S.W Storm - Rollin
S.W Storm - Yuh Mudda Can
S.W Storm ft Ravi B - By D' Bar
Sanell Dempster ft Buffy - Bowl Meh
Screws - Yuh Seeing Dat
Sean Paul ft Mr. Shammi - Mek D Bumper Roll
Shal Marshall - Doh Drag D Flag (Defend It) | [Watch Music Video]
Shal Marshall - MotoBike (Whole Day) (Flagship Riddim)
Shal Marshall & Screws - All Out (Coca Cola Riddim)
Shal Marshall & Swappi - 3D Wine
Sheldon Douglas ft Blaxx - Bad Mind
Shurwayne Winchester - Manic Monday
Shurwayne Winchester - Paparazzi
Shurwayne Winchester - We Are Number One
Shurwayne Winchester & Edwin Yearwood - Jammin
Shurwayne Winchester ft Screws - Sweet Senorita
Silvah - Burn Dem Deh (Clear Progress Riddim)
Sizwe C - Hush n Wine
Skhi - Come Back
Skhi - Contagious
Skinny Fabulous - Feel Like (Kis Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Mash Up Fete (Rankin Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Pass Meh The Fire (Clear Progress Riddim)
Snakey - Little Whine
Snakey - Punster
Snakey - WAP (Crazy Riddim)
Swappi - Any Day
Swappi - Blow My Flute (Doo Doot Riddim)
Swappi - Carnival Holiegan
Swappi & Destra - Middle Ah D Road
Super Jigga TC - Look At You (Supa Wine Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - Speakerbox (Flagship Riddim)
Tallpree - Drunk Man (Kis Riddim)
Tallpree - Wave
Tele Cruz & Umi Marcano - Sail Away
Terri Lyons - Ah Feel Tuh
Terri Lyons - Play
Third Bass - Ah Jamming Yuh (Hot Gal Riddim)
Third Bass - Big Tune Gyal
Third Bass - By De Trunk (Tin-Pan Riddim)
Third Bass - Ready 4 D Road
Tony Wylie - Hot Wire
Tony Wylie - Nothing Sweeter
Tony Wylie and Dixie Ann Hunt Blackman - Treat Me Right
Umba - Bitter
Umi Marcano - Hey Ya (D Wining Chant)
Umi Marcano - Naughty Shortie
Umi Marcano - On The Road Wit U
Yankey Boy - Left Right Left (Crazy Riddim)
Yankey Boy ft Skripturez, Ninjitsu & Buffy - Freaky (No Parking Riddim)
Young Voice - Gear Up
Young Voice - Palooza (Soca Pressure Riddim)
Young Voice - Storm
Young Voice - Strayers (Virtue Riddim)
Young Voice ft Lyrikal - Jumper Cable Remix
Yung Fire ft Terri Lyons - Jam In Yuh Section
Zan - All Around The World | [Watch Music Video]
Zan - Don't Stay Down
Zan - Sobolious
Zan - Soca Pusher
Ziggy Rankin - Soft Man



5 Star Akil ft Cham - Bumper (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything (DJ Spice Soca Mix)
Alison Hinds - Boom Boom Tonic (Razorshop Roadmix)
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Hunting (Road Mix)
Blaxx ft Wendell Manwarren - Zombie (Road Mix)
Buffy - Anything (D' Bandit and Doc Jones Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin - Brave (758 Road Mix)
Cross Check ft Crazy - Paper Fuh De Road (Refix)
Destra Garcia - Fireworks (Razorshop Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Iron (Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Iron (SMJ Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois - Pavement (Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy and Machel Montano HD - I Pay For This (Road Mix)
Fammer Nappy - I Pay For Dis (Gutter Riddim) Ruckshun Refix
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Busy Signal - Start Wine (SocaFunky House Mix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Iron N Steel (Scratch Master Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - True Lies (758 Road Mix)
Gailann ft Skinny Fabulous - Bubbling Time (Road Mix)
Gyptian - Hold You (inVINCEable Soca Remix)
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Soca Refix)
Iwer George - Party Hard (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Jah Cure ft Alison Hinds - Call On Me (Ma$tamind Soca Refix)
Jay Sean - Down (Soca Saucy) Dj Ele Remix
Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (DJ Spice Soca Mix)
JW & Blaze - Palance (M. Williams Roadmix)
JW & Blaze - Palance (Shot Master Jay Roadmix)
Kes The Band and Nadia Batson - Heaven (Razorshop Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Melee (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Bumper To Fender (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Bumper To Fender (Tony Tempo Refix)

Machel Montano HD ft Serani - Hot Like Pepper (DJ Phaze Remix)
Machel Montano HD - Ramajay (DJ Dee Remix)
Machel Montano HD - Nah Going Home (Top Clarity) Iron Remix
Machel Montano HD - No Behaviour (Road Mix) Extended Version
Machel Montano HD - No Behaviour (Road Mix) Radio Edit
Machel Montano HD - Theifin (DJ Ele Iron Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Thiefin' (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Machel Montano HD - Thiefin (Roadmix)
Mertial - My Money (Ha Ha Soca Remix)
Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A. (Innovative Soundz Soca Road Mix)
Mista Vybe - Mad Again (Doc JonesHD Roadmix)
Mr. Spine - 747 Riddim (Mega Road Mix)
Nina Nyce - Make Space
Nina Nyce - One Mo Carnival
Ricardo Drue & Patrice Roberts vs Deadnau5 - Leaving With Some Chords
Shal Marshall and Screws - Police (DJ Carbon Roadmix)
Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel - Deputy Woman (Def Earz Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Behind The Truck (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (Tony Tempo Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (Sugark Down D Road Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (DJ Phaze Remix)
Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano HD - Fetting On (Roadmix)
SupaMario ft Mr Fresh - On D Road (Precision Road Mix)
Swappi - Nah Go Play (Road Mix)
Terri Lyons - Fed Up (DJ Ele Roadmix)
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh (Precision Road Mix)



2greedi - Liquid Courage (Dominica)
2greedi - Say Nothing To Me (Dominica)
3Suns - Baby (Blue Shy Riddim)
3Suns & Benjai - Foreigner
3Suns - Big Up (Pipe Pipper Riddim)
3Suns - Frolic (AMA Riddim)
3Suns - Gyal Clown (Palacho Riddim)
3Suns - Gyal Them Want Ah Man (Iceage Riddim)
3Suns - Miss Bonita
3Suns - She Wah (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
3Suns - Show Off (Outtah Breath Riddim)
3Suns - We Know What They Ne (Let's Go Riddim)
5 Star Akil - Bumper (Palacho Riddim)
Adrian Ditchin - Single
Ainsley King - Bawl Out
Alison Hinds - Believe
Angel Journei - Another Lonely Day
Ataklan ft Terri Lyons - Smile
Ayanna LaBorde - Fantasy
Baba Shanta - We Come Out 4 Carnival
Baba Shanta - Whut Mas Mean 2 You
Baba Shanta - Wine For Me (Patti Cake Riddim)
Baby Vibes - Its Happening Again (Super Hero Riddim)
Barbie Japan - Missing You
Benjai - All Woman
Benjai - Last Jam (Grand Stand Riddim)
Benjai - My God, Woman and I (Bubble Up Riddim)
Benji C - Bumper Hunters
Benji C - Laventille
Benjie C - Soca Boat
Benno - Same Mistake (Dominica)
Bezo - Coming On De Boat
Bezo - Work It Up
Biggie Irie - Rub Up
Billy D Kid - Bus Pipe (Answer Back)
Billy D Kid - Talk Now Nah
Blak Diamon - Got What You Need (Pretty Eyes Riddim)
Blackie - Boy Child
Blackie - Love Is Blind (Madmen Remix)
Blackie - Fire In De Chulla
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Hunting
Blaxx ft Wendell Manwarren - Zombie
Blaxx and Olatunji - Wine Yuh Waist (Fan Riddim)
Blazer - Melody
Blazer Dan - Just For 2 Days
Blazer ft Rasshady - Bumper Rolling (Picture Frame Riddim)
Bongo Dred - Who Da (Iceage Riddim)
Boone Chatta - Gettin A Feelin (Uptown Riddim)
Brother B - Carnival Fever (Grenada)
Buffy - Anything
Buffy - Buffy and Thick (Lock City Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Brave
Bunji Garlin - Brave (Ugly Mix)
Bunji Garlin - Mad Carnival (Gutter Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - No Borrow (Picture Frame Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Not Me (Oil Pan Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Rag Overload (Madd Frog Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Who You Rather Slow (AMA Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Yuh Mad Or Wah Remix
Bunji Garlin & Beenie Man - Hot Gyal Alone (Madd Frog Riddim)
Bunji Garlin & Beenie Man - Hot Gyal Alone (The Moses Mix)
Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons - Call Me (Party People Riddim)
Bunji Garlin & Problem Child - Gyul We Dey
Bunji Garlin & Hawkeye - Wine On Yuh (Pipe Piper Riddim)
Cableous - Check (Iceage Riddim)
Candice Lee - Beep (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
Casely ft Lil Jon & Machel Montano - Sweat
Cassi - My Girls
CC ft Benjai and Kernel Roberts - Steam
Ce'cile - Bumper To Fender (ABX Riddim)
Chenko Live and Karlie - Brock Out
Chin Chin - Pon De Double (Uptown Riddim)
Chris Garcia & Laurenzo - Chippin
Chynee - Ready Fi D Road (Adrenalin Riddim)
Chynee and KMC - I Love Carnival
Chynee - Chop Chop
Colin Lucas - Bumpa Mechanic
Colour Quest - The Music
Colony ft Sheriff - Trini Slang
Congquez G - I'll Give You (Uptown Riddim)
Crazy - For Carnival
Crazy - Rub It Up
Cross Check ft Crazy - Paper Fuh De Road
Crossovah - Be Mine (Pretty Eyes Riddim)
Crossovah - Move (S-Latino Riddim)
Curtis B - Rock De Bumper (Party People Riddim)
D-Culture - Yankee Gyal
D-Culture - Bail Out for Carnival
Da Mastamind - Deputy Woman
Dale Saunders - Girls Of The World (Uptown Riddim)
Daria (The Impack 2 Band) - Back It Up
Delee - Me Gal (Uptown Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Attitude (Outtah Breath Riddim)
Demarco ft Machel Montano HD - Love A Come Down Remix
Deniro - Chica
Deniro - Don't Make No Scene
Deniro - Wajang Behaviour
Deniro - You & I
Denise Belfon ft Ghetto Flex - Love U From The Get Go
Destra Garcia - Fireworks
Devon Matthews - From Today
Devon Matthews - Iron
Diamond Cut - It's Ok
DJ Bass - Soca Seseme Street
Dr. Socket - Wop That Perceen
Don Sniper - Nobody Business
Donaeo ft Problem Child - Party Hard (Remix)
Eddie Charles (Traffik) - Gorilla
Erphaan Alves - Girl You Know (Rocket Blast Riddim)
Eustace Bessor - Turn It Up
Fadda Fox ft Skinny Fabulous - Staggerah (Remix)
Farm P - Crazy
Farm P - Girls Anthem
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois - Pavement
Farmer Nappy - I Pay For This
Fashion Police - Party Keeping (Lock City Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez - Iron & Steel
Fay-Ann Lyons - Ah Something (Gutter Riddim)
Fay-ann Lyons ft 3 Canal & Brother Resistance - Judgement Day
Fay-Ann Lyons - Start Wining
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Busy Signal - Start Wining (Remix)
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Macka Diamond - Still Spend (Picture Frame)
Fay-Ann Lyons - True Lies
Fireball - Carnavalian (Adrenalin Riddim)
Fucha Kidd - Dem Nah Like We (Picture Frame Riddim)
FullMoon with CJ - Sexy Little Guy
Gailann - Hot
Gailann ft Skinny Fabulous - Bubbling Time (Spiderweb Riddim)
Gappy Ranks - The Caribbean (Uptown Riddim)
Gardah Knight - High Science (Super Hero Riddim)
General Grant - D Strip
General Grant - To The World
General Grant - Waistline Season
Honorebel ft Selena Serrano - I Got A Feelin (Carnival Remix)
Honorebel ft Selena Serrano & Giselle The Wassi One - I Got A Feelin (Jus Bus & Nikoshouse Carnival Remix)
Hunter - Too Late
Icon - Sweetest Crush (Uptown Riddim)
Imij & Co. ft Michelle Xavier - Up In De Air
Imij & Co. ft Michelle Xavier - What Is Love
Iwer George - Buck Wild
Iwer George - Party Hard
Iwer George & Blade - Players
Jade Lopez - Waise On Fire
Jade Lopez - Whiney (747 Riddim)
Jadee - Beware Of The Pipe Piper (Pipe Pipper Riddim)
Jadee - I Am Somebody
Jalena - Down de Road
Jaxx - Frustration
Jaxx - Survey
Jesse - Champion Bubbler (747 Riddim)
Jungie Ranking - Johnny Walker (Grand Stand Riddim)
JW and Blaze - Ah Wah Go Home (ABX Riddim)
JW and Blaze - Palance (Palance Riddim) | [Music Video]
Kabasi - Carnival Is Here (Super Hero Riddim)
Kabasi - Wining Girls
Kamau Georges - We Luv Tussy (We Luv To See)
Keilon George ft Jungle - You Are The One (Blue Shy Riddim)
KeKeRe - Back It Up
KeKeRe - Chillibibi
KeKeRe and KK - Wuk Up Your Bumpa Remix
KeKeRe, KK and Johnny Frost - Rolling It (Supa Hero Riddim)
Kerry John & Makamillion - Leave & Gone (Passion Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois & Shyann - Overtime
Kerwin Du Bois ft KI (JMC 3veni) - Hustler
Kerwin Du Bois & Slammer Cutter - D Fan
Kes The Band - Addicted
Kes The Band - Melee
Kes The Band - My Girl
Kes the Band - Waist Line Roll (Bubble Up Riddim)
Kes The Band - We Coming Down (Galvanize Riddim)
Kes The Band and Nadia Batson - Heaven
Kevin Lyttle ft Alison Hinds - Jam Them
Ki ft Umi Marcano - By My Side
K.I - We Coming
KiNG RAJ & Nabrigs - Wine It Pon Me
King Tappa - I See You Dancing
KK - Feeling Vibe
Klase - Waist Line Burnin'
Klase - 10 Burner (Pipe Pipper Riddim)
Klase - Yaw Yaw Yea (Outtah Breath Riddim)
KMC - Best
KMC - Higher Level
KMC - Money
KMC - Nah Bad Talk Man
KMC - Woman From The Garden
KMC ft Mavado - Baddah Dan Dem
KMC ft Ronnie McIntosh - While You Can
KMC ft Vybz Kartel - We Going Mad
Krystal Khayne ft Machel Montano - Sunshine Lover (Sun-Pop Remix)
KT - Bumpers
Kuttit - Put Yuh Back In It
Lava Rebel - Like Oil
Lil' Bitts - Careful
Lil' Bitts ft Skinny Fabulous - Careful (Remix)
Lyon-I ft Alison Hinds - Wine On Me (Remix)
Lyon-I - No Fight (Picture Frame Riddim)
Lyon-I - Wine On Me
Lyrikal - Hotness
Lyrikal - Tun Up (Snatty Nose Riddim)
Lyrikal ft Alison Hinds - All Over De Gyal (Remix)
Lyrikal & Baba Shanta ft Jason Benn - Boarding Time
Machel Montano HD - Awrite (Ramajay) (2009 Crop Over)
Machel Montano HD - Bumper To Fender
Machel Montano HD - No Behaviour
Machel Montano HD - Not Going Home
Machel Montano HD - Not Going Home (Drum Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Thiefin
Machel Montano & Busy Signal - Wooeeii Gal Wooeeii
Machel Montano & Busy Signal - Wooeeii Gal Wooeeii (DocJes Remix)
Machel Montano & Busy Signal - Wooeeii Gal Wooeeii (inVINCEable Remix)
Machel Montano ft Pitbull - Alright (Ramajay) (Mr. 305 Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft Serani - Hot Like Pepper
Major Riley - Trinidad I Like
Macka Diamond - Couple Up (Madd Frog Riddim)
Macka Diamond ft Denise Belfon - Think You Can Handle It (Spider Web Riddim)
Makamillion - Bubble (747 Riddim)
Mark Hardy - Girls Like This (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
Marvin Bostic - Colours Jumpin' (Adrenalin Riddim)
MadMan Mafia - Low
Master Logikal - Gimme Some More
Master Logikal - Hold On To Me
Maximus Dan ft MX Prime - Fallin
Maximus Dan ft MX Prime - Transformer (World Music)
Miche - Run (National Pride)
Michelle Sylvester - Crazy I (Let's Go Riddim)
Mista Vybe - False Pretender (Picture Frame Riddim)
Mista Vybe - Mad Again
Mista Vybe - Jam In De Road

Mista Vybe ft Mr. Killa - Show Off
Ms. Alysha - Cyah Tek It (Pipe Pipper Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Picture Frame Gyal (Picture Frame Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Riddim Band
Ms. Diamond - Energy
Ms. Paige - All Night Long (Snatty Nose Riddim)
Ms. Paige - Give It To Me Baby
Mr. Chucky - After Party
Mr. Chucky - Driffin
Mr. Chucky - Jammin Sumtin
Mr. Fresh - Sexy Gyal (Pretty Eyes Riddim)
Mr. Fusion - My Empress
Mr. King Feat Pysano - Don't Stop Gyal Wine
Mr. Shammi - Lamha
Mr. Shammi - Wine It Down
Mr. Shammi ft Reeky D - Blame Rum
Mr. Shammi ft Stevie B - Fire In She Waist
Mr. Slaughter - Do As I Say
Mr. Slaughter - Nice (Mad Cow Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter - Piece Of Dat
Mr. Slaughter - Ram-Cram
Mr. Slaughter - Skip To My Lou
Mr. Slaughter - Skip To My Lou (Europe Mix)
Mr. Slaughter - Sweetest Wine (Rocket Blast Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter ft Mr. Benji - Kijaw (Remix)
Mr. Vegas - Fresh (AMA Riddim)
Mr. Vegas - Wireless (Madd Frog Riddim)
Mr. Vegas - Shake
Mista Vybe - The Oil Pan Song (Oil Pan Riddim)
Ms. Diamond - Gimme
Ms. Diamond - Workin
Multi Symptom - Little Bit (Passion Riddim)
Multi Symptom - Standing (747 Riddim)
Music Is Life & Cherrise - Always On My Mind
Music Is Life ft Cherrise - Celebrate
Musique - Whine Your Waist
Musique ft Silent Star - Tight (747 Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Dangerous
Nadia Batson ft Black Stalin - Trouble (Oil Pan Riddim)
Nadia Batson ft Ms. Alysha - Doh Lie (Madd Frog Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Keep Wining
Naki - Always on Time
Nebula 868 ft Terri Lyons - Survive
Nikisha - Dance With Me (Baila Conmigo)
Nikisha - Home Sick (UK 2010)
Nikeisha Toussaint - Bumper
Nessa - Rude Gayl Anthem (747 Riddim)
Nikisha - One Dance
Ninjitsu - Undercover Police
Nisha B - Spread Out
Octane - Whole Night (Party People Riddim)
Olatunji Yearwood - Go Low
Olatunji Yearwood - So Ah Love It
One Circle - Move Your Body (Blue Shy Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Make Love (Passion Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Roll Out Of Control (747 Riddim)
Oscar B - Me and Meh Lady
Oscar B ft Ziggy Rankin' - Soca Butterfly (Remix)
Patch - Pipe (Gutter Riddim)
Patch & Lady Saw - Good Woman
Patch ft Denise Belfon - Pipe Remix (Gutter Riddim)
Patch & Super Jigga TC - Bayrum (Staggerah Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - J'ouvert Jam
Patrice Roberts - Road Show
Patrice Roberts - Single to Mingle (Logo Riddim)
Peersonile - Tightest Wine
Peersonile & Donaeo - Wuk up Hard (Remix)
Pelf - Doh Peep Mih
Peter Ram - Puppet Master
Peter Ram - Tattoo Farm (Staggerah Riddim)
Poirier ft Face-T - Wha-La-La-Leng (Gutter Riddim Refix)
Poirier ft MC Zulu - Immigrant Visa (Gutter Riddim Refix)
Poirier ft Mr. Slaughter - Get Crazy (Gutter Riddim Refix)
Postman - Bam Bam Season
Postman - Ride It (Grand Stand Riddim)
Prakz - Fat Pokie
Prakz - Sexy Body
Precious - Dash Him Way (Clean) (Picture Frame Riddim)
Prestan - On De Bumper (ABX Riddim)
Prestan - Take Ah
Problem Child - Gyal Wuk Up (Madd Frog Riddim)
Problem Child - Jah Will Deal With Them (Party People Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Take uh Time (Lock City Riddim)
QP - Drink Yuh
Ragga - Carnival Again
Ragga - I Need You
Ragga - Island Girl
Ragga ft Tallpree - Carnival Again (Remix)
Ragga ft Tallpree - Carnival Come Again (Soc@child Remix)
Rah ft Daly - Brital 'Poney' (Dominica)
Rah - Quick Money (Dominica)
Ratik ft Hermina and Novelys - On Time (Dominica)
Raw Fire - TrinBag (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
Raymond Ramnarine (Dil E Nadan) ft Kerwin Du Bois - Cyar Sleep
Red Cherry - Doh Lock Meh Down (Precision Remix)
Request Band - Keep On
Request Band - Wet Up
Revelation - High
Revelation - Jah Love
Ricardo Drue - Car Key (Patti Cake Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Go Down (Logo Riddim)
Ricardo Drue ft Dr. Evil & Crossovah - Car Key (Remix)
Ricardo Drue ft Patrice Roberts - Nah Leaving
Ridiculas - Bubblicious
Rita Jones - Jam Me Baby
Rock Da House - Be In My World (H1N1 Riddim)
Rock Da House - Bum Bum Stealing (H1N1 Riddim)
Rocky ft Buffy - All Night
Rookie and Lynx - Jam On She (Grand Stand Riddim)
S.W Storm - Carnival
S.W Storm - Carnival (Remix)
S.W Storm ft Ravi B - De Hammer
S.W Storm - Wha We Drinkin
Sadiss - Carnival Flu (Snatty Nose Riddim)
Sanell Dempster - Paranoid
Scarface - Like It (Uptown Riddim)
Scarface - Love Meh Bad (Let's Go Riddim)
Sean Caruth ft Kees and Ziggy Rankin - Make That Change
Shaka Dee - Majic Waist (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
Shalli - Go Daddy
Shalli - Last Dance
Shal Marshall ft Screws - Police (Palance Riddim)
Shatta Youth - Call Off Me Phone
Shatta Youth - Got She Hollerin
Shatta Youth - Start Da Party
Skar - Take Your Time (Madd Frog Riddim)
Shawn Ma$tamind Noel - Madness (That's What I Want)
Shawn Ma$tamind Noel - Whole Lotta Girls
Shradah - Shadow It
Shurwayne Winchester - Behind The Truck
Shurwayne Winchester - Jammaz
Shurwayne Winchester - Lonely Road
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah
Shurwayne Winchester - Paradisin
Shurwayne Winchester ft Prestan - Chipping (ABX Riddim)
Signature Blaze - Bawl For More
Signature Blaze - One for U (Let's Go Riddim)
Silvah - On De Spot (Uptown Riddim)
Silvah - Shoes Off (Never Wanna See You Cry Part 2 Riddim)
Singer Boy Ray - Break Away
Sir Skarz and Yankee Boy - Coming Down (Snatty Nose Riddim)
Sir Scars - Mud Madness (Galvanize Riddim)
Sir Skars and Yankey Boy - Hennesy (Gutter Riddim)
Sizwe C - Ride (Gutter Riddim)
Sizwe C ft Willy Chin - Tonight (Rock Leh We Rock)
Skhi - Flex On Meh
Skhi - Oh Sandra
Skinny Fabulous - Badder Than Everybody (Gutter Riddim)
Skinny Fablulous - Drink & Disorderly (Madd Frog Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Side Man (Party People Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Move Out De Way (Outtah Breath Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Ready Wid De Rags (Brass Fest Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Summer Body (Stush Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano HD - Fetting On
Slammer Cutter - Bad Weather
Slammer Cutter - Back It Up (Iceage Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - We Thing
Snakey ft Impulse - Ready For Carnival
Snakey - Money Maga (Palacho Riddim)
Soca Child ft Shaker HC & DJ Tate - Vybez So Nice
Soca Johnny - All Night (Uptown Riddim)
Soca Johnny - Drunk n Disorderly
Soca Johnny - Last Man Standing (Gutter Riddim)
Soca Johnny - Madness (Notting Hill Carnival 2010)
Soca Johnny - Spin
SouthSide - For You
SouthSide - Still Jammin
Staceylicious & Babba Shanta - Wuk Dat Waist
Staceylicious - Unleash
Starline ft Abyshi - Seduction
SupaMario - Turn Round
Super Jigga TC - Caribbean Girl (Picture Frame Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - Nah Go Home (AMA Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - She Ready (ABX Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - The Template
Super Jigga TC - Wining Cah Done (Patti Cake Riddim)
Super Jigga TC & Shal Marshall - We In Dat (Palacho Riddim)
Swappi - Dis Gyal (Nah Go Play)
Sweet Natty - Wop Dat Player
Tallpree - Wicked Jab (Gutter Riddim)
TamiG - Rolla Costa
TamiG - Work
Teddyson TJ John - Signal (Ram Dance Riddim)
Tele Cruz ft Ward One - Material Tings
Terri Lyons - Fed Up (Lavway Riddim)
Terri Lyons & Nebula 868 - Rollin' In Ah Sunny
Terry Seales - Get Loose (Picture Frame Riddim)
Terry Seales ft Jeanelle Archer - Your Body
Terry Seales - Roll Dat Bumper
Terry Seales - Stalker (Remix)
Therapy - Stand Up
Third Bass - Go Far (Cuban Cigar Riddim)
Third Bass - Screw Dat
Third Bass ft Skhi - Always Love You
Third Bass ft Tallpree & Bunji Garlin - J'Ouvert Morning (Remix)
Tizzy (El-A-Kru) - Groovy
Tizzy (El-A-Kru) - In De Carnival (Drama Book Riddim)
Tizzy (El-A-Kru) - Maximum
Tony Prescott - Danger
Tony Prescott - How Yuh Wining So
Tony Prescott - Sailing Away
Tony Wylie - Festival Time
Tony Wylie - More Guyl
Tony Wylie & Isaac Blackman - Paradise
Trini Jacobs - Tension (Get On Bad Riddim)
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh
Umi Marcano - Sunshine
Umi Marcano - Yes (Picture Frame Riddim)
Umi Marcano - Folk Reality (Oil Pan Riddim)
Uncle Sam - A Song
Uncle Sam - Call Me
Uncle Sam - It's Carnival Again (Jumbie Riddim)
Uncle Sam- Screeching (Party People Riddim)
Uncle Sam - Signal Di Bumpa (Pretty Eyes Riddim)
Vashtie Doorga ft Jael Alibocus-Gayadeen - We Rise
Virtue - Tighter (Drama Book Riddim)
Wendell Ian 'Myztikal' Moreau - Thank You
White Wine - I'm The (Uptown Riddim)
Yankey Boy - Taliban
Yankey Boy ft Skripturez - More Rum
Yankey Boy ft Skripturez - Wuh We Drink
Young Bull - Election King (Dominica)
Young Voice - Defrost
Zan - Back Bone (2009 Crop Over Release)
Zan - Higher Mass
Zeek ft Konshens - Bubble It (Remix)
Ziggy Dee (ZD) - Who's Dat Girl
Ziggy Rankin' - Burning (Drama Book Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin' - Express Yourself (Get On Bad Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin' - Katty-Ann (Patti Cake Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin' - Overcome (Picture Frame Riddim)
Zuki & Tim Tim - Red Over



Beyonce - Single Ladies (Coconut Tree Riddim) Tony Tempo Remix
Blaxx - Tusty - (United Roadmix)
Blaxx & Pupa Lindy - Rum Oye (Illusion Mix)
Big Drew - Burning (Iron Trax Road Mix)
Da Ma$tamind & Patch - Rum & Roti (Def Earz Refix)
Da Mastamind & Patch - Rum & Roti (Illusion Mix)
Destra - Bacchanal (Razorshop Roadmix)
Destra - Sassiness (Razorshop Roadmix)
Devon Mattews & Ziggy Rankin - Bumpers (Roadmix)
Farmer Nappy - Belly Dancer (Refix)
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave (Precision PullOut Mix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Heavy T Remix (Unofficial Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue (D'Enforcas Extended Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Fay-Ann-Lyons ft Beenie Man - Wine Fast (United Refix)
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Superblue - Meet Superblue (Scratch Master Roadmix)
H2O Phlo - 1 Dance (Road Mix)
Kes, Ravi B, Hunter And Drupatee - Jepp Sting Naina (Extended Remix)
KMC - Am Not Drunk (Illusion Mix)
KMC vs Benny Benasi - Am Not Drunk (Third Bass Refix)
Machel Montano HD - Mesmerize (Bass Knockin Refix)
Machel Montano HD - Wild Antz (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano, Lil John & Pitbull - Floor On Fire (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD ft Umi Marcano - Block To Block (Enforcas Remix)
Ricky T - Too Much Rum In Your Glass (Road Mix)
RoboMan - RoboMan Say (BamBam Refix)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville (Illusion Mix)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U. - You (Enforcas Roadmix)
Skinny Banton & Master Links - Drunk Again (DJ Pirate Official Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad (Hyperactive RED-Mix)
Slammer Cutter - Hangover (Official Road Mix)



2greedi - Five (Dominica)
2greedi - I Want You Girl (Dominica)
2Greedi - Memories (Dominica)
2greedi & Daddy Chess - 1 Flag (Dominica)
2greedi ft Harella - Hang Over (Remix)
3Suns - Give It Up (La Douma Riddim)
3Suns - High Fever (Get Ya Riddim)
3Suns - Satisfied (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
3Suns - Schizo Flava
3Suns ft Busy Signal - Creation of Girls
Adrian Dutchin - Bumper Fever (La Douma Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin - Like Whoie (Teasam Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin & Terry Gajraj - All Rum Drinkers (Pour More)
Ajala - On De Road
Alaine ft Machel Montano - Tonight
Alison Hinds - All Night Iron
Alison Hinds, Destra Garcia & Denise Belfon - Obsessive Winers (Cyah Wine Like We)
Alison Hinds, Peter Ram and Hunter - Ah Bottle
Ainsley King - Bawl Out
Anslem Douglas - Going Sailing
Ark Angel - Go Down
Ayanna La Borde - Demonstrate
Ayanna La Borde - Get Away
Ayanna La Borde ft Ziggy Ranking - In The Mood
Beenie Man & Fay-Ann Lyons - Wine Faster (Laduma Riddim)
Beenie Man ft Trini Jacobs - Superstar
Benjai - Drunk Again
Benjai & Scarface - Tanty Say (Laduma Riddim)
Bezo - Chocolate Stick
Bezo - Fire
Bezo - Madness
Big Drew - De Ride
Big Drew - Soca Piper
Big Red - Gimme De Wine (Teasam Riddim)
Big Red - Wine Factory (Guyana)
Blackie ft KMC - Form Ah Line An Wine
Blaxx - Tusty
Blaze & Jay-W - Work
Blazer - Jumpy
Blazer - Lap Dance (S-Latino Riddim)
Boone Chatta - Pretty Girls (Germany)
Boone Chatta - Roll Dat (Germany)
Boone Chatta - Watah Meh (Germany)
Bunji Garlin - Banana (Bus Stop Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Clear De Road
Bunji Garlin - Fire Now (S-Latino Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Line Up (Bump & Grind)
Bunji Garlin - Plenty Gyal (Fix It Up Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - We Done Deh (La Douma Riddim)
Bunji Garlin ft Beenie Man - Plenty Gyal (Remix)
Bunji Garlin ft Beenie Man - Plenty Gyal (Get Jiggy Refix)
Burton Toney - Find You
Burton Toney - Only You
Caribole Da Rebel - Push
Chardanai - Do You Want It
Chardanai - Expensive
Chardanai - Hush Ya Mouth
Choppa - Luv Meh Soca
Chucky - First Wine
Colour Quest - Carnival Time
Colour Quest - Party Up
Colour Quest - Sexy Lady
Colour Quest - What Women Want
Crazy - Body Talk
Crazy - Bruising
Crazy - It Hard
Crazy & Soca Rebels - Let's Have A Party
Cross Check - Bite Me
Cross Check - Plead Da Blood
Cross Check - Simon Seszz
Cross Check & Ajala - Simon Say
Crossovah - Outta Control (Draggering Wine)
Crossovah - Rock Your Body
Crossovah - Test D Foundation (Coconut Tree)
Crossovah ft Tizzy, Red Rat & Da Ma$tamind - Proud to Be
Culture B - Shift Gear
Da Ma$tamind - Celebration (Karma Carnival Band Theme)
Da Ma$tamind & Lyrikal - J'ouvert Jam
Da Ma$tamind & Patch - Rum and Roti
D'Achee - Lipso Music
D'Achee - Start de Jam
Dale Saunders - Never Wanna See You Cry
Dark Angel - Fete With No Regret
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors (Remix)
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors (DJ Vibesman Remix)
Denise Belfon - Licks
Destra Garcia - Bacchanal
Destra Garcia - D Trini Way
Destra Garcia - Hott [Buy Now]
Destra Garcia - Sassiness [Buy Now]
Devon Matthews & Lord Nelson - La La Remix
Devon Matthews & Ziggy Ranking - Keep Them Bumpers Rolling
Dragon - Love The Way
E-Jo - Bring Out De Wine (Touch Up Riddim)
El-A-Kru ft Tizzy & Richard Trumpet - Wuk Me (Remix)
Esco Da Shocker - To The Road (Step Out Riddim)
Esther 'SStar' Dyer - On That Day
Eunice Peters - Call Meh Name
Eustace Bessor - Nah Goin
Eustace Bessor ft Ace and Menace of 3 Suns - Prayer
Eveready - Go Down
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave
Farmer Nappy ft Red Rat - Belly Dancer (Vanguards Remix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Heavy T (Bus Stop Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Super Blue (2009 Road March)
Fireball - My Name Is Fireball
Fire Fusion - In De Gully
Flipo - Round Here
Flo PG - Give Me Love
G Money - Guyanese Girl
Gailann - Energy (Crazee Riddim)
Gailann - Sexy Jook
Gailann - So Sweet (Candy Carnival)
Gary Cordner - Soca Music
General Grant - Sexy Shorts
Georgie Blacks - Bend All Over
H2O Phlo - Rock Yuh Body (Wuk It Up Riddim)
Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - Dagger For J'ouvert
Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - Wake Me Up
Impulse - 2 Notes
Iwer George - Ready
Iwer George ft Ziggy Rankin - Ready (Remix)
Iwer ft Ziggy Rankin' - We Like It (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Jade Lopez - Bum Bum
Jade Lopez ft Pitbull - Bum Bum (Remix)
Jadee - Cyah Touch Mih (Xante Riddim)
Jadee - You Don't Have Too (Breakback Riddim)
Jadee - We Doh Fraid
Jadee & Positive - Zion (Road Block Riddim)
Jadine - Do It Better
Jamesy P - Soca Daggering (Wuk It Up Riddim)
Jalena - Bumpa (BVI)
Johnny King - Why Not
JMC 3veni ft KI - Head For D Stage
JMC 3Veni ft KMC - Lovah Gone
JMC 3Veni ft Santeney & H2O Phlo - Take You There
JW & Blaze - Bom Bom (La Douma Riddim)
Keegan Taylor - Reverse
Keegan Taylor - Touch It (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
Keegan Taylor & Sparrow - Mr. Walker
Kekere - Baby Girl
KeKeRe - Gone
KeKeRe and KK - Wuk Up Your Bumpa
KeKeRe ft Spranalang - Jab Jab On De Road (Remix)
Kes The Band - This Feeling
KES the Band - Thunder
Kes The Band - Till the Morning
Kes The Band - We Own
Kerwin Du Bois - Put Me Out
Kerwin Du Bois & Shal Marshall - Cyar Hear Yuh
Kerwin Du Bois ft David Rudder - Socababy
Kevon Carter & Wildfire - Ramajay
Kevon Carter ft Jimmy Nutron - Can't Forget
Kevin Lyttle - Dangerous
Kevin Lyttle - Fyah (Remix)
Khari Kill - Call Me (Te Pica Riddim)
Khari Kill - Set Up (911 Riddim)
KMC - Am Not Drunk
KMC - Doh Tape Meh (Step Out Riddim)
KMC - I Will
KMC - Living Water (Long Version)
KMC - Living Water (Short Version)
KMC - Yeast (Fix It Up Riddim)
KMC - Yeast (Get Jiggy Refix)
Kulaz - Heaven
Kulaz - Lovin Affair (Ndiya Riddim Remix)
Kulcha Don ft Jadine - Wickedest Wine (Montserrat'08)
Kuttit ft D Life & Kerry D Drummer - Wine 4 Ur Life (Remix)
Laurenzo Gonzalez - Move It Like This
Laurenzo Gonzalez & Mr. Killa - Go Low
Lil Bitts ft Olatunji - Dis Year
Lima Calbio - Cyah Lie
Lisa & Burton Toney - Shawty
Logun - Gih Dem D
Lovey - Trini Road
Lyon I - Say We Wining (Breakback Riddim)
Lyon I - Want Me A Lover
Lyrikal - All Over De Gyal
Lyrikal - All Over De Gyal Rhythm Mix (ver 21)
Machel Montano HD - Magic Drum
Machel Montano HD - Mesmerize
Machel Montano HD - Ravin (Ravers Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Wild Antz
Machel Montano HD - Won't Stop
Machel Montano HD ft Busy Signal - Push Bumpers (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft Collie Buddz - Fly Away
Machel Montano ft Lil Jon & Pitbull - Fire On The Floor
Machel Montano HD ft Make It Happen - Pray
Machel Montano HD ft Umi Marcano - Block To Block
Maddness - Passion For Soca
Maffie - Soca Rebels
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts & Party Animal Rmx
Major Riley - You Done Know
Maximus Dan - Blast Off (Step Out Riddim)
Maximus Dan - U Crazy (Gangsta Barbier Riddim)
Maximus Dan & Live Wire - Home Sweet Home (TV Edit)
Maximus Dan ft Mx Prime - Make It Alright
Maximus Dan ft Mx Prime - Make It Alright (Video Mix)
Michelle Sylvester - Crazy In Love
Michelle Sylvester - Jam It
Michelle Sylvester & Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - More Than Friends
Michelle Sylvester & Menace - Chop In Yuh Water (Road Block)
Mista Vybe - Jab Jab
Mista Vybe - Pony Ride (Touch Up Riddim)
Mista Vybe - Wining Time
Mista Vybe & Terry Seales - Roll Back Yuh Bumper (Road Block)
Mo'Lava ft Rusty and Hifan - Wuh Yuh Waiting For
Mr. Blacks - She Wants Me
Mr. Blacks & Cherrise - Do You Want Me (Let's Go Riddim)
Mr. Blacks and Cherrise - Trinidad
Mr. Diamond - Put It On Me (National Pride Riddim)
Mr. Fuss & Statix - Take Ah Wine And Hush Yuh Mouth
Mr. Shammi - Hav Ah Time
Mr. Shammi - Turning Me On
Mr. Slaughter - Allright
Mr. Slaughter - Dagger (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter - Matador
Mr. Slaughter - Staggering
Mr. Slaughter ft Signature Blaze - Sweet Like
Mr. Slaughter - Stamina (S-Latino Riddim)
Mr. Sparks - Sweet
Mr. Vegas - Soca No Linga
Mr. Volts - Energy
Sprangalang & KeKeRe - Santimanitay Soca
Ms. Alysha ft Alison Hinds - Fly Away
Ms. Alysha ft Peter Ram - Comin Down
Ms. Alysha & Michelle Sylvester - Jouvert Jam (Touch Up Riddim)
Ms. Diamond - Caribbean Swag
Ms. Diamond - Caribbean Swag (Soca Child Remix)
Ms. Diamond - Wrapped Up
Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule (Fix It Up Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule! (Get Jiggy Refix)
Nadia Batson - Champions
Nadia Batson - Play Mas
Nadia Batson & Ms. Alysha - Road Block (Road Block Riddim)
Nella D - Hardest Jam
Nella D - No Waiting
Nnika & Faye Ann - Gettin On Wild
Octane - Misbehave Yourself
Olatunji - Bumperlicious
Olatunji Yearwood - Riding (Road Block Riddim)
Omar ft Blaxx - Ghetto
Omari Ferrari - Drink and a Wine
Omari Ferrari, Lil Rick, Slaughter - Baila (Remix)
Pampute - Winein Master (La Douma Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Bubbling Gal
Patrice Roberts - Sway In D Mas (Ravers Riddim)
Patrice Roberts ft Machel Montano HD - Simply Everything
Patrice Roberts & Umi Marcano - Wanna Show You
Pelf - Best Woman
Philly - Anything
Prestan ft King David - Short Pants (Remix)
Promise - Jus A Lil Bit (Antigua)
Pupa Leendi ft Blaxx - Rum Oye (Rum Oh Remix)
Quacy Cooper - Sweet Island
R.D.X feat Donella - Show Me Yuh Colours
R.D.X ft Rusty - Nevah
Ragga - Chippin Down De Road
Ragga - Chipping Down De Road Remix
Ragga - Take It Or Leave It
Ragga - We Ready
Ragga ft Scar - Chippin Megamix
Revelation - Sally
Revelation ft Terri Lyons - In My Life
Revelation ft Zebulun & Kenyatta - Water
RG (Roger George) - Fever
RG (Roger George) - Mug Fest
Richie Redz - Roll Dat Bumper
Richie Redz - Turn It Up
Ridiculas ft Jamarkie - Wine Down Low
Ricky T - Ole' (Up In De Air) (Fire Riddim)
Rita Jones - Put Some Wine On Me (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Rita Jones - Queens Of The Road
Rizon - Not For Long
RoboMan - Bam Bam
Rocky - Spice Up Yuh Life
Romie & Mr Lexx - Watch Me (S-Latino Riddim)
Rudy - Closer (One Night Riddim)
S.W Storm - J'ouvert Morning
S.W Storm - Juicy Lips
S.W Storm - Sailing
Sanelle Dempster - Rudeness (Xante Riddim)
Sanelle Dempeter - Touch Meh Up (Touch Up Riddim)
Scarface - In and Out
Scrappy - Be Mine (Montserrat)
Scrappy - Start To Bounce (Montserrat)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville
Sheldon Douglas - Do Thing Gyul (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Sherwin Smith - Canboulay
Shineyboi - English Ting (Official Mix - Notting Hill 2009)
Shugga - Tick Tock
Shurwayne Winchester - You
Shurwayne Winchester - Wanna Make Love
Shurwayne Winchester - Wicked
Shurwayne Winchester ft Cecile - Rough Wine
Shurwayne Winchester & Maxi Priest - Make it Yours
Signature Blaze - Mesmerized
Silver - Chit Chat
Silvah - On De Road
Sizwe C - Fiyah
Sizwe C - Fiyah (Afterdark & Crown Price Refix)
Skhi - We Alright
Skinny Banton - No War
Skinny Banton - Work Your Waist
Skinny Banton ft Master Links - Drunk Again
Skinny Fabulous - Get On Bad (Fire Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad Remix (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Bad So (Bad So Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Hangover
Slammer Cutter - Pace
Slammer Cutter & Hitman - Hangover (Chutney Remix)
Staceylicious ft Baba Shanta - Wine
SupaMario - J'ouvert Morning (De Rebirth)
Super Jigga TC - Again
Super Jigga TC - Frontline (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - Just Wine
Super Markie - Roll It (Guyana)
Super Markie, Big Red, B52 - Baker Man
Super P - People Gonna Talk (One Night Riddim)
Tarah Holdipp - Love De Carnival
TB Joocie - It's Time (UK)
Teddyson 'TJ' John ft Mad Cobra - Wine Up On Me (Remix)
Terra Mike - Party (One Night Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Over Dey
Terry Seales - Back It Up (Touch Up Riddim)
Terry Seales - Gimme De Wine
The First Serenade Band ft Hefner and Fingaz - Block and Tackle (Dominica)
Third Bass - Mih Head
Third Bass - Obama (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Third Bass - Pinata
Third Bass ft Fridge (H20 Phlo) - Secrets Drop
Third Bass & Olatunji - Section
Tigeress - Yuh Ent See Wajang Yet (Soca Remix)
Tony Matterhorn - Nobody's Goin Home
Tony Wylie - Time To Feel Good
Traffik ft Eddie Charles - Goin' Up
Traffik ft Shayne Bailey - Sweetness
Tricia Hamilton - Slumber Party
Tricia Hamilton ft Mista Vybe - Chatter
Trini Jacobs - Scandal
Trini Jacobs - Sexy Boo (Fix It Up Riddim)
Trini Jacbos - Sexy Boo (Get Jiggy Refix)
Trinity - Baby Slow It Down
Trinity - Oh (Wukkup Riddim)
Trinity - Wine With You
Trinity ft Problem Child - Got My Attention
Trumi Simba - Soca Child (Tobago)
Umi Marcano - Roll Gal
Umi Marcano - Some More
Uncle Sam - Break My Stride (Jammas)
Uncle Sam ft Mr. Slaughter - If You Can Wine
Ventures ft Knycky Cordner - Bam Bam Takeover
Ventures ft Sugar Rae - Aye
Verse - Dat Girl
Verse ft RockCity, RoboMan, Mr.Evil & Mr. Slaughter - Whinen It (Jus Bus & Precision Productions Remix)
Virgo - Down D Road
Virgo - You
Ward 1 - Move Up Yuh Body
Wendell Ian 'Myztikal' Moreau - Rock With Me
X2 - Ain't Leaving (Guyana)
X2 - Tick Tock (DJ Massive Remix)
Xtreme Band - Give It To Me (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - On De Road (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - Work Your Body (British Virgin Islands)
Ying Yang Twins ft Wyclef - Dangerous (758 Soca Remix)
Young Voice - Jumper Cable
Yung Fire - No Behavior
Zan - Hold You Down
Zan - Slip Away
Zan - Slip Away (Iron Mix)
Ziggy D - D Heat Is On
Ziggy Rankin - Break Up To Make Up
Ziggy Rankin - Wuk Up
Ziggy Rankin - Nah Nah (Breakback Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - This Time (Fix It Up Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - This Time (Get Jiggy Refix)



Blaxx (Roy Cape) - Breathless (Road Mix)
Brick & Lace ft Kes - Love Is Wicked (Pullout Alternate)
Brick & Lace ft Kes - Love Is Wicked (Remix)
Bunji Garlin - Bomb Song (Scratch Refix)
Devon Matthews - Jouvert (Road Mix)
Destra ft Sean Paul - Free It Up (Road Mix)
El-A-Kru - Bounce (Precision Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy - Chippin' (Road Mix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Get On (Tony Tempo Road Mix)
J Holiday - Bed (D'Enforcas Soca Refix)
Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time (Tony Tempo Soca Iron Refix)
KeKeRe - WAP (Vengeance Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Illusion Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Precision Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Tony Tempo Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois ft Baba Shanta - 2 Days (Remix)
Lil Wayne & T-Pain ft Terry Felicia & Jah Bami - Got Money (Soca Refix)
Yoko - Antigua Style
Machel Montano HD - Blazin D Trail (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Push Bumpers (DJ Dee Remix)
Mary J. Blige - Just Fine (DJ Spice Mix)
Mary J. Blige ft G4orce - Just Fine (Soca Mix)
Mr. Dale - Soka Junkie Remix (Tony Tempo)
Ms. Alysha/Mista Vybe/Roboman - We Own D Road (Road Mix)
Ms. Triniti - Wi Burnin (Woy Yoy Yoy) (Illusion)
Nadia Batson - My Posse (Precision Extended Road Mix)
Nadia Batson - My Posse (Precision Road Mix)
Neko - In De Air (Road Mix)
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent (T-One Soca Remix)
Pelf - Bumper (Road Mix)
Private 6 ft Orion - Calina (Road Mix)
Problem Child - Party Animal (Road Mix)
Ricky T - Pressure Boom (758 Club Mix)
Sanelle Dempster - Heat (Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Road Jam (Razorshop Remix)
Shurwayne Winchester ft Collie Buddz - Alequa (Hip Hop Refix)
Shurwayne ft Johnny King - Whole Day (Razorshop Road Mix)
Skhi - Desire (Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Malibu and Pine (Road Mix)
Slammer Cutter - Do What Yuh Want (Precision Mix)
Sizwe C - Wine On You Road Mix (Tony Tempo)
Trey Songz - Can't Help But Wait (DJ Spice Soca Mix)



2greedi - Hang Over (Dominica)
3 Canal - Never Give Up (Nah Leggo) [Buy Now]
3rd Bass - D Anthem (Ah Want To B)
3rd Bass & 3Suns - Take You To The Bar
3Suns - Bump On It (The iRiddim)
3Suns - Phenomenal
3Suns - Sexy Wine
3Suns - Workin Girls (Banjo Riddim)
3Suns - Working Girls
Adrian Dutchin - 360 Wine (Guyana)
Adrian Dutchin - No Place Like Home (Guyana)
Alison Hinds - Blazing
Alison Hinds - Thundah
Alize - Groovy Soca
Anslem Douglas - All Inclusive
Augusta - Mister DJ
Baba Shanta - Independant Ladies
Baba Shanta - We On D Road
Baba Shanta and Benjai - Coming Down
Baba Shanta and Postman - Road Jam
Baylisia - Carnival Will Make You Free
Baylisia - Jump In Da Street
Baylisia - Walk and Whine
Benjai - Wine Like Dem (Slu Riddim)
Bezo - Reverse It (Remix)
Berbice ft Shurwayne - Traffic (Remix)
Big Drew - Bang Bang (3 D Hardway)
Big Drew - Burning
Big Drew ft A.K.A - Carnival Time (3 D Hardway)
Big Drew ft Ms Diamond - Waistline Thumper
Biggie Irie - Jump If Ya Jumpin' (Barbados)
Biggie Irie & Ziggy Rankin - Band On Fyah (Rmx)
Billy D Kid - True Caribbean Gyal
Blackie - Doh Bother Me
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Breathless [Buy Now]
Blaxx ft Blaxx Ziggy Rankin - D Plea [Buy Now]
Blaxx ft Kernal Roberts - Whole Nite
Blazer Dan - Waistline
Bud - Walk and Wine
Bud - Wine For Me (Bluetooth Riddim)
Buddist - From De Monastery
Bumper Soprano - Ella
Bunji Garlin - Bad and Famous (Lehgo Me Riddim) [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Beep Beep (Banjo Riddim) [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Jump and Blaze [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Firey [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Help [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Mash Up [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Zum Zum [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin ft Mr. Evil - Pretty Hott (Response Riddim)
B-Unique - Misbehaving
Casa De Leones ft Rupee - No Te Veo (Remix)
Chardanai - Mental
Chardanai - Soca Feelin
Chico Debarge - Up Under Me
Choklet - Do It
Charlo - Cane Juice
Charlo - Hungry Cat
Colin "The CEO" Jackman - All Inclusive Anthem
Colin "The CEO" Jackman ft Kashish - Let's Do It
Crazy - Blast Off
Crazy - Bumper Sensation
Crazy - Doh Waste Yuh Wine
Crazy - Doh Waste Yuh Wine (Jouvert Mix)
Crazy - Electrician
Crazy - Phone Card [Buy Now]
Crazy - Planet Soca
Crazy - Rumble
Crazy, Superblue, Chris Garcia, Wax - Redd
Cross Check - Horn Fuh De Road
Cross Check - Mandingo
Crossovah - Doing Just Fine
Crossovah - Legacy of the West Indies
Crossovah - Wuk Up Your Waste
Cutty - Caribbean Lady
Dil-E-Nadan & Bunji Garlin - Band On Fire
D'Hitman & Bunji Garlin - Country Rum
Darkie - Wuk Yuh
De Postman - Drop Him
Denise Belfon - Bam Bam Fever
Denise Belfon - Rude Gyal Anthem (Bluetooth Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Hooked
Destra Garcia - High
Destra Garcia - Saddle (Banjo Riddim)
Destra Garcia & Sean Paul - Free It Up
Devo - Soca Boy
Devon Matthews - Jouvert
Devon Matthews - Wine Down
Devon Matthews and Ziggy Rankin - Lovely
Diamond Cut - It's Coming
Domino Kat - Runner (Thunderbird Riddim)
Eclectik - Roboman
Elephant Man - Dancehall Soca (Response Riddim)
Ejo & Sanell Dempster - Naked
Elo - Our Time (Bonita Riddim)
Elvis White & Crew - Don't Take Him Back
Elvis White and Crew - Groove Me
Enur ft Vybz Kartel - Calabria
Erica Reid - Touch Me
Erphaan Alves - Soca Movin On
Esco - Dreaming (Response Riddim)
Esco aka The Shocker - Bus A Wine
Farm P ft Kerwin Du Bois - Sexy Chocolate Girls (Remix)
Farmer Nappy - Chippin'
Farmer Nappy ft Anthony B - Chippin' (Remix)
Farmer Nappy - Doh Move (Slu Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Get On (TnT Road March'08) [Buy Now]
Fay-Ann Lyons - Road Call
Fay-Ann Lyons - Who Standing (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Fimba - All You Got (St. Vincent)
Fimba - Eyes On U (St. Vincent)
Fimba - Wining, Wining (St. Vincent)
Fireball - Pele Pele Pa
Franco - Feel The Hype
Gailann - Candy Carnival
Gailann & Skinny Fabulous - Escape (Bluetooth Riddim)
Gary Cordner - Seduction
Gary Cordner - Seduction (Remix)
Gemstone - Gyal Wine
Gemstone - Soca Party
Ghetto Flex - B.A.B.Y
Ghetto Flex ft Snow - B.A.B.Y (Remix)
Gillian - Ride It
H20 Phlo - 1 Dance
Harella - Higher (Dominica)
Hunter - Bring It
Hunter & Bunji Garlin - Bring It (Remix)
Incredible Myron B - Bacchanal Nation
Impulse - Chinee
Iwa - Annou Allez (Leggo Me Riddim)
Iwer George - 10 Days
Iwer George - Jump Forward
Iwer George - Jump Forward (Remix 1)
Iwer George - Jump Forward (Remix 2)
Iwer George - Over Yuh Head
Iwer George - Over Yuh Head (Remix)
J-Khan - Juk (Lehgo Me Riddim)
J-Khan - Rags
Jadee - Not Inna Dat
Jadine De Soca Deva & Kamau - Stay In Touch
Jamesy P - Bashment Freaks (St. Vincent)
Jamesy P - Work of Art (St. Vincent)
Jamesy P ft Cecile - Do Me Baby (St. Vincent/JA)
Jamesy P & Jason Benn - Miami Carnival Anthem (Remix)
Jason Benn - Boat Ride Time Again
JMC 3veni ft Remmi-D - Can't Take Trini Outta Me
Jose' Torso - To Hell Wit It
Jungle - Come Baby
Junior Don - Lamabada Wine (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - Rags on Fire (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - Rama (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - U.R.D. 1 (Soca Hybrid)
JW & Blaze - Bamcee-ology
Kai (7 yr old) - Do You Like Me
Kamau Georges - 3some
Kamau Georges - Soca Fever
Kamau Georges ft Jamesy P - Network (Nookie Man Remix)
Kat Deluna ft Ziggy Rankin - Whine Up
Keilon Keil George - Time To Mash Up
KeKeRe - WAP (Dance With Me)
Ken Hunter - Fusion
Keron James - Hot & Wet
Kerwin Du Bois - 2 Days
Kerwin Du Bois ft Baba Shanta - 2 Days (Remix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Never Leave Ya
Kerwin Du Bois & Shal Marshall - Gyal Farm
Kes The Band - Right Dey [Buy Now]
Kes The Band - The Remedy
Kes The Band & Mista Vybe - Wave It Away
Kevin Lyttle - Fire
Kevon Carter - U Make Me
Kimberly Dopson - Party Tonight (Response Riddim)
Klara - Winance Total
KMC - Carnival Clap
KMC - Cool U Down
KMC - Party Animal
KMC - Up In De Air
KMC ft Beenie Man - Party Animal (Remix)
KMC ft Shabba Ranks - Born As A Winner
Knycky Cordner - Merge
Kulaz - Keep It On D Low
Kuttit - Drunk and Dotish
Lady Lydz - Can't Let Go (Grenada)
Lakry - Jump Up (Bluetooth Riddim) (France)
Laurenzo Gonzalez - La Fiesta (Remixed Version)
Leon Coldero - Kalawatie
Leon Coldero - Kalawatie (Remix)
Lil' Bitts - On Fire
Lil' Bitts - No Place Like Home
Lil Man - Fiah Man (Guyana)
Lima Calbio - Go Down
Liquid Lee - Single & Free (S&F)
Logikal - Carnival Is Coming Near (Carnival 2K8 Riddim)
Lovey - Hit On It
Lyon I - Hypnotized (Response Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Blazin' D Trail [Buy Now]
Machel Montano HD - Blazin' D Trail (Drum Mix) [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD - Make Love [Buy Now]
Machel Montano HD - Jamishness (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Unconditional [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD - Wining Season (Barbershop Riddim)
Machel Montano HD ft Buju Banton - Make Love (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft David Rudder - Oil and Music [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD ft Mr. Vegas - One More Time (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft Pitbull & Lil Jon - Defense (The Anthem)
Machel Montano HD ft Shaggy - Wining Season (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft The Mighty Sparrow - Congo Man
Machel Montano & Busta Rhymes - Let Me See
Machel Montano HD & Claudette Peters - Come Rise
Machel Montano HD & Patrice Roberts - Rollin' [Buy Now]
Maddzart ft D'Lanlord - Up In Here (Bluetooth Riddim)
Maffie & Crew - Girls Gone Wild
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts (Remix)
Maffie ft Malachi and Renita Drakes - Safe Texts (Remix)
Major Riley - Put Down De Guns
Major Riley - Wooy Fireman (Put It Out)
Marlon D Manager - Carnival Vibes
Master Logikal ft Terri Lyons, Snake Man & Trilla - Whining Time Again (Bluetooth Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Land Dem (Response Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Outlaw (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Piranha
Maximus Dan - Wine Up Ting (Banjo Riddim)
Michelle Sylvester - That Thing You Do (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Michelle Sylvester ft Menace - That Thing You Do (Remix)
Michelle Sylvester - Take It
Militant - Dat Will Do
Militant - Like We Use To (Long Ago)
Militant - When Love Goes Wrong
Mista Vybe - Life
Mr. Chucky - Carnival Fever
Mr. Chucky & Choko - Abyss
Mr. Dilagent - Jouvert
Mr. Evil - We Luv The Girls (Response Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter - Admire You
Mr. Slaughter - Rasta Party
Mr. Slaughter - Stage Time (Set Up Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter ft Shurwayne - Hard Worker (Bluetooth Riddim)
Mr. Spine & Blazer - Got It Going On
Mr. Vegas ft Destra - On The Floor
Ms. Alysha - We Own D Road
Ms. Alysha - Work Him Out (7 o'clock News Riddim)
Ms. Glamorous (Keisha Stewart) - Carnival In The Air
Ms. Triniti - Woy Yoy Yoy (Wi Burnin)
Nadia Batson - Confusion
Nadia Batson - Love of My Life (Meri Zindagi)
Nadia Batson - Mind Yuh Business
Nadia Batson - My Posse [Buy Now]
Nadia Batson & Mista Vybe ft Iko - Chica (Response Riddim)
Neko - In De Air
Neppy K - Chop In Water
Ninjitsu - Wataps
Nnika - Do Meh What Yuh Want (Grenada)
Olatunji (Roy Cape All Stars) - Having A Time [Buy Now]
Olatunji (Roy Cape All Stars) - Throw Yuh Frame [Buy Now]
Omari Ferrari - Baila
Quacy Cooper - Attention
Ozy Majiq - Party Time Again
Ozy Majiq - Tankalang
Patch ft Da Ma$tamind - De Tail Gone
Patch ft Mastamind - De Tail Gone (Remix)
Patrice Roberts - Mo Wuk
Patrice Roberts - Thunder Waist
Patrice Roberts - Wukkin Up (Barbershop Riddim)
Patrice ft Macka Diamond - Wukkin Up (Remix)
Pelf - Bumper (Headlights)
Pelf - Give Me Some Water
Peter C. Lewis - More Gyal (Lehgo Meh Riddim)
Peter C. Lewis - Over and Over
Peter C. Lewis & Benjai - Over & Over (Remix)
Peter Ram - Tight (Barbershop Riddim)
Peter Ram ft Aidonia - Pumpin' (Remix) (Barbados)
Private 6 ft Orion - Calina
Problem Child - Gala Last (St. Vincent)
Problem Child - Weh Yuh From (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Bun Dem Out
Ragga - Waist (Bluetooth Riddim)
Ragga - Waist (Remix Bouyon Style)
Ragga ft Daria - Am Not Leavin
Ragga & Lyrikal - Go Down
Ragga ft Lyrikal & Princess - Wine for Me
Rankin Taxi - Mental Slavery (Thunderbird Riddim)
Red Cherry - Party Time
Remmi-D - Can't Take Trini Outta Me (Unplugged)
Rhianna ft Mr. Slaughter - Please Don't Stop The Soca
Richie Redz - Behind De Truck
Ricky T - Put Up Your Hand (Anous Alles Riddim)
Ricky T ft Capleton - Put Up Your Hand (Remix)
Rikki Jai ft Da Ma$tamind - Pagal
Rita Jones - Turn It Up
Rizon & Maximus Dan - We Doh Fear (Remix)
Rocky - You Make Me Feel Good
Rootsman & Ghetto Flex - Bag of Sugar
S.W Storm - Take Ah Drink
Sandy & Ms. Alysha - Bad Like That
Sanell Dempster and Ms Alysha - Always Ready
Scarface - Dip It
Scarface - Gimme That Gyal (The iRiddim)
Scrappy - Bumpa Control (Montserrat)
Sean Caruth - Down Dey
Sean Caruth - Wet Meh Down
Shammi - Tuttulbay
Shammi & Patch - Tuttulbay (Remix)
Shawn T (Rootsman's Son) - Wine On You
Sheldon Douglas - Personal Trainer (Bonita Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Best On the Road
Shurwayne Winchester - Carnival Please Stay
Shurwayne Winchester - No More
Shurwayne Winchester - Road Jam
Shurwayne Winchester - Winer Girls
Shurwayne Winchester & Johnny King - Whole Day
Shurwayne & Nadia Batson - Loving Again
Shurwayne ft Collie Buddz - Alequa (Remix)
Silvah - Danger (Response Riddim)
Silver - Phone Card Reply
Sizwe C - Wine On You (Can You Feel It)
Skhi - Desire
Skhi - Vampire
Skinny Banton - Gangsta Soca
Skinny Banton - Horn For You
Slammer Cutter - Do What Yuh Want
Slammer Cutter - Never Know (The iRiddim)
Slammer Cutter - Timber (Wood Delivery)
Soca Johnny, Silvah & Flair - Caribbean Unity Medley
Soca Rebels - Get On Wassy And Jump (Sweden)
Soca Rebels - Hold Me Tight (Sweden)
Sonia - Wining Queen
Soulja Boy ft JA Katana - Crank Dat (Soca Remix)
Staceylicious - Rain
Staceylicious ft Rebel B - You (Remix)
Surge - This Girl
Terra B ft Tocos - Somebody New
Terra Mike - Get Juiced Up (British Virgin Islands)
Terra Mike - Winin (British Virgin Islands)
Terry Seales - Keep On Movin
Tony Prescott & Surface - Wukkin Up On Me
Tony Prescott ft Luta - Hey
Tony Prescott ft Snakey & Jobe - Cooler Jam
Trever Off Key, Walker & Alison Hinds - Never Too Late
Trini Jacobs - No Entry [Buy Now]
Trini Jacobs (Roy Cape All Stars) - Stars [Buy Now]
Umi Marcano - Flavor For Love
Umi Marcano - Turn It Around
Uncle Sam - Break My Stride
Unity Band - Crazy Girl
Vanilla - All Night Long (Guyana)
Vanilla ft Joselis - All Night Long Remix (Guyana)
Vocal Collaboration (Teddy B) - Is Carnival
Xtreme Band - All About Me (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - This Thug
Xtreme Band - We Belong (British Virgin Islands)
Yung Fire - Blue Moon
Zakiya ft Klase - Groove Meh
Zan - 2 For 1
Zan - Crying Out
Zan - Out On De Road
Zan - Super Wine (Slu Riddim)
Ziggy D - Splash Everything Wet
Ziggy Rankin - Coming To Get Ya (Bonita Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - I Buy Dat (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - Jack It & Ride Up
Ziggy Rankin - Wine Yuh Waist (Response Riddim)
Zorro Chang ft Nicky B - If U Came To Party



Ainsley King - Alusay (Cleansing Riddim)
Ainsley King - Caribbean Party
Baylisia - Carnival Will Make You Free
Baylisia - Jump In Da Street
Baylisia - Walk and Whine
Culture B - Dancehall Queen
Fashon Police - Do The Lara
Fire Fusion - Wine Up
Gavin Walters - Jouvay Madness
Hunter - Open Wide
KeKeRe - WAP (Dance With Me)
KeKeRe - WAP (Vengeance Road Mix)
KeKeRe - Jab Jab On De Road (And Iron Ringin')
KeKeRe - New Generation
KeKeRe - Trinidad Yes
Kerricia The Defender - Soca Baby
Lion - Give Me Some
Obe - Melt Down
Rajan - Work
Ray - Wet
Samantha - Free
Shannon Heat - Wine Up On She
Simba - Move
Squeeze and GG - Wine On She
Stevie P - Roll Back



Alicia Keys - No One (DJ Spice Mix)
Blaxx - Dutty (Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Jumbie (Unofficial Road Mix)
Machel Montano - One More Time (Road Mix)
Maximus Dan ft Nigel Rohass - Flag Invasion (Road Mix)
Minmi ft Machel Montano - Sha Na Na (Road Mix)
Ms. Alysha - Unity (Precision Road Mix)
Mr. Slaughter - Spread The Love (Precision Road Mix)
Nadia Batson ft Kees - My Land (Road Mix)
Rikki Jai - Las Band (Precision Road Mix)
Sanelle Dempster - Chocolate (Road Mix)
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (DJ Tony Tempo Refix)
S.W Storm - One More (Road Mix)



3 Canal - Ah Love It, Ah Love It, Ah Love It
3 Canal - Good Mornin'
2Ntrigue - Dear John
2Ntrigue - Tuff 2 Let U Go
2Ntrigue - Tuff 2 Let U Go (Zouk Version)
3Suns - Again and Again (The Greatest Riddim)
3Suns - Levitate Elevate
3Suns & D Locks - You're The One For Me
3Suns & Shadow - Until There's Love
Admiral Young Bailey - Cross Check
Adrian Dutchin - Down De Road
Adrian Dutchin - Promises
Alison Hinds - Caution (Barbados)
Anslem Douglas - Ah Coming
Anslem Douglas - Best Party
Anslem Douglas - Freaky Soca Music
Anslem Douglas - Tun It
Ataklan - Trini Party
Ataklan ft Shadow - Poor Man's Dream
AZ One (Synergy TV Soca Star) - Ding Ding
Benjai - Jah In Your Life
Benjai - Movin Yuh
Benji - Hear Dat Already
Beverly - Iron Crazy
Bezo - Reverse It (Anous Alles Riddim)
Blackie - Confessions
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Dutty
Blaze - Gettin' Naughty
Blaze - My Lady
Blazer - Be Mine Tonight
Blazer - Higher Than Higher
Big Artist Crew - Get Together
Big Drew - Soca Music (Soca Strings Riddim)
Biggie Irie ft Maximus Dan - Nah Going Home (Remix)
Bomani - Closer
Brent "Islandman B" Richardson - Bacchanal
Brent "Islandman B" Richardson- We Like It
Bunji Garlin - Black
Bunji Garlin - Flags & Colors
Bunji Garlin - Follow Me
Bunji Garlin - No Super Hero (Soca Strings Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Pan & Soca
Bunji Garlin - We Maniacs
Bunji Garlin & Third Bass - Take It Out
Burton Toney - Whey Yuh From
Candy Hoyte - Represent
Carl Jacobs - Missin Home
Collie Buddz - Mamacita (Bermuda)
Colour Quest - Party Up
Crazy - Cold Sweat
Crazy - Cut Arse Tonight
Crazy - One Foot Cock
Crazy ft Super Blue & Wax - Soca Bell
Crazy ft Third Bass - Nani Wine (Remix)
Creig Camacho and Mystik NRG - Boatride
Crossovah - Hey Lady
Crossovah - She's Hot (The Greatest Riddim)
Crossovah - We Like to Party
Crossovah ft Mr Slaughter - Come Follow Me
d'Vybz Band - Hello
d'Vybz Band - One Time To Many
d'Vybz Band - Turn It Up
Da $pirit$ - Drunk Or Sober
Damian Sogren - Start It
Dave Reid - Shelly
De Postman - Hornin Carnival
De Postman - Hornin Carnival (Remix)
Delia - Girlfriend
Denise Belfon - Alive
Denise Belfon & Spontaneous - Bicycle Wine
Derrick Seales - The Dream
Destra Garcia - I Dare You
Destra Garcia - Signs
Destra Garcia - Soca Or Die
Destra Garcia - We Luv Carnival
Destra Garcia ft Multi Symptom - Situation
Destra Garcia & Naya George - Last Lap
Devine Virtue ft Jadee - Best Friends
Devon Matthews - Cause It
Devon Matthews ft Michael - Hold Me Now
Devy Dumpling - At Last
Dobso - Strong Enough (Guadeloupe)
El A Kru ft Tizzy - Expose (Road Mix)
Elvis White - Strong Man By My Side (B.V.I)
Erka - Do Your Ting (Guadeloupe)
Esssence ft Miche - On The Road
Farmer Nappy ft Oungku & Esther Dyer - Capsize (Capside)
Fay-Ann Lyons - John Quickie
Fay-Ann Lyons - Keep Moving
Fay-Ann Lyons - Make Ah Stage (M.A.S.)
Fay-Ann Lyons & Andy Singh - Kya Jadu Hai
Fay-Ann & Bunji - Lyrics Kings & The Lyon Empress
Fireball - Gih Dem (Soca Strings Riddim)
Fireball - What I Want (The Greatest Riddim)
Freddie McGregor & Bunji Garlin - One Family
Gailann - Gotchu On My Mind
Gailann ft Essence - Look Excuse (Rmx)
Gailann & Giselle Wassi One - Give Me Room
Gary Cordner - People Want To Dance
Gary Cordner - Sugar Baby
Gen-X - Ghetto Dancer
Ghetto Flex - Certain Boy
Ghetto Flex & Diva - What Ah Man (Water Man)
Gino Mckoy - West Indies Forever
Greg - I Want U Girl
H20 Phlo - Soca City (The Greatest Riddim)
H20 Phlo ft Ziggy Ranking - Party Island
Impack 2 feat Daria - Good Energy (Estrogen Riddim)
Impulse - Matrix
Impulse - Ms Elias
Isaac Blackman - Father Of Soca
Iwer George - Fete After Fete
Iwer George - It Must Work
Jadine - Don't Call My Phone (Monsterrat)
Jadine - Last Year (Monsterrat)
JMC 3Veni ft Shurwayne - Take It Off (Poody)
Junior Don - Feel Good Time
Keil - Get On Bad
Keisha Stewart (JMC 3Veni) - Wish
Ken Hunter - Carnival Is Now
Keron James - Dip
Keron James - So Hot
Keron James ft Rita Jones - Stay with Me
Kerwin Du Bois - Don't Deny It
Kerwin Du Bois - Party Rocker
Kerwin Du Bois - Shake Yuh Money Maker
Kerwin Du Bois & Denise Belfon - De Rose & De Stem
Kerwin Du Bois & Denise - De Rose & De Stem (Refix)
Kerwin Du Bois & Devon Matthews - Dutty
Kerwin Du Bois & Michelle X - Take One
Kes The Band - Lion
Kes The Band - Our Prayer
Kevin Lyttle & Problem Child - Can't Get Enuff
Khalifar (Synergy TV Soca Star) - We Time
King David - You Can Do That (Wukkup Riddim)
Klase - We Dancing (The Greatest Riddim)
KMC - Carnival Story
KMC - Kill Dem With Song
KMC - Take Over
KMC - We Are D Boss
KMC ft Beenie Man - Carnival Story (Remix)
KMC ft Fireball - No Chorus (Soca Strings Riddim)
Knycky Cordner - Stop Callin Up Meh Name
Laurenzo Gonzalez - Soca-Reggaeton
Leighanna - So Weak
Leon Coldero - Feel Free
Leon Coldero - On Top
Lil' Bitts - Ah Little Bit
Lil' Bitts - Delgado
Lil' Bitts ft Bunji Garlin - Luv U 4eva
Lil' Bitts & Juicy - Juicy Bitts
Lisa Toney - Out of My Life
Lisa Toney - Waistline
Lisa Toney - What You Do To Me
Logikal - Burning Up
Logikal - Give It To Me (Front Page Riddim)
Luta ft Jamesy P & Tony Prescott - Gal Go Down
Lyrikal - Kool Dat
Lyrikal - One Quickie (Quickie Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Down D Road
Machel Montano HD - Higher Than High
Machel Montano HD - Higher Than High (Kettle Drum Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Jumbie (TnT Road March'07)
Machel Montano HD - Mud
Machel Montano HD - One More Time
Machel ft Nadia Madoo - Like Bollywood (Together)
Machel ft Sizzla - Higher Than High (Remix)
Machel ft Vybz Kartel - Hold You Tonight
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Light It Up
Maddzart - Heartbeat
Malo - Give Me It (Guyana Soca Monarch 2007)
Malo - I Lied (Eveready Riddim)
Malo - Whine Baby Whine
Malo - Rugged & Tough
Malo - You Girl (Dredded Riddim)
Mauricia - Aggressive
Mauricia - Move It
Mauricia - Tremble Wine
Mauricia - Under The Skin
Mau Brothers - Sorry
Maximus Dan - Something Wicked (Soca Strings)
Maximus Dan ft Carl Jacobs - Love Generation II
Maximus Dan ft Lydians Choir - The Pledge
Maximus Dan & Nigel Rogas - Flag Invasion
Mega Banton - Wining Spree
Mega Banton ft Gen-X - Music
Mel - Chinee Food
Michelle X - Do You Like It
Michelle Sylvester ft Larynx Merit - Oh Yeah
Mini Priest - Your Love (Remix)
Minmi ft Machel Montano - Sha Na Na (Japanese Wine)
Mista Vybe - Mash It Up Again
Mista Vybe - Would You Mind
Mr. Chucky - Turn Around
Mr. Raymond ft Fireball - We Drinking
Mr. Raymond ft Peter C - Friends
Mr Ruffy - Shake It for Me (St Marteen)
Mr. Shammi - Soca Fusion
Mr Slaughter - All Right
Mr. Slaughter - Spread The Love (Extended)
Mr. Slaughter - Stage
Mr. Slaughter & Bunji Garlin - By Request
Ms Alysha - Unity
Ms Alysha - Wuk Your Man (Estrogen Riddim)
Ms Alysha ft H2O Phlo - Go Down Low
Mystro D ft Mr. Chucky - Thunder
Myztikal - Jus Call Meh Name
Nadia Batson - Caribbean Girl
Nadia Batson - Pon Meh Backside (Estrogen Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Spirit Call
Nadia Batson & Kees - My Land
Nadia Batson & Mista Vybe - Start D Race
Natasha Wilson & Shurwayne - Give It To Me
"Naughty Girl" Traci Gomez - Be Your Wife
"Naughty Girl" Traci Gomez - It's Carnival
"Naughty Girl" Traci Gomez ft D Life - Seduction
Naya George - Can't Live Without You
Naya George - Slackness
Naya George & KMC - Thunder Rag
Negilla Cenac ft Kakle - More (St. Lucia 2006)
Nicky B - Never Leave (Jamaica)
Nyala - Represent (Martinique)
Olatunji Yearwood - Get Wild
Ozy Majiq - Fwd
Patch - Nothing
Partice Roberts - Culture Love
Patrice Roberts - Sugar Boy
Precious - Black Carpet
Precious - Waste of Time (Estrogen Riddim)
Preston ft KMC- Think About Me
Private 6 - Me Jabla
Prophet Benjamin - Fire Finger
Pupa L'eendi - Camboulay
Pupa L'eendi - Chant A Psalm A Day
Pupa L'eendi - Good To Go
Ragga - Revelazz
Rayvon - Back it Up (Jamaica)
Resident Aliens - Indian Gyal
Rikki Jai - Las' Band
Rikki Jai - No Hablo Espanol
Rikki Jai ft Maximus Dan - Aj Bhi Jeena
Rita Jones - Bounce & Move
Rita Jones & Bunji Garlin - Hardcore Lovin
Rizon - Reach
Rocky - Love Carnival
Roy Cape ft Joey - Roy Cape Blow
Rupee, Shaggy & Faye-Ann - The Game of Love and Unity
Sanell Dempster - Chocolate
Scrappy - Carnival SOS (Montserrat)
Scrappy - Dus De Ash (Montserrat)
Scrappy - Love Me (Montserrat)
Scrunter - Water Truck
Shadow - I Wish
Shaolin - iF yoU Cee Kay
Shaolin - Slim Gal Comeback
Shurwayne Winchester - Alequa
Shurwayne Winchester - Heavy Load
Shurwayne Winchester - Open The Gate
Shurwayne ft Elephant Man - Adrenaline
Shurwayne & Peter Ram - Woman By My Side (Remix)
Sizwe-C - Rock Yah Boat
Silvah - Soca Fete
Silvah - Wine Dat So
Skarpyon - Set The Mood (St. Vincent)
Skhi - Addictive
Slammer Cutter - Mash Up
Slammer Cutter - She Looking For Cable
Slammer Cutter ft Blak Starr - Drunk Till Yuh Drunk
Slammer Cutter ft Nicole De Cotau - Make You Mine
Slammer ft Slick D, Chopper & Bongo - Jah Bless We Now
Soca Froggy - Froggy Tracking
Sponge ft Ms Alysha - Gimme Something
Squeely Dan - Next Year Carnival
Surge - Dance With Me
Staceylicious - Final Warning (Soca Strings Riddim)
Surge - Deception
S.W Storm - Find Me Ah Wife
S.W Storm - Low-Low
S.W Storm - Maniac
S.W Storm - One More
S.W Storm - Welcome
Terri Lyons & Live Wire - Patriot
Terry Seales ft Michelle X & Michelle Sylvester - Seduction
Third Bass - On De Deck
Trever Off-Key - Carnival Party
Trinity - Baby Slow It Down
Trinity - Oh (Wukkup Riddim)
Trinity - Wine With You
Trinity - Wine With You (808 Remix)
Trini Jacobs - Taste My Wine
Umi Marcano ft Mr Chucky - Move That Body
Ward One - Please Don't Go
Wed'D - Man Doh Like Dat
Wed'D - Man Doh Like Dat (Remix)
X2 - Tick Toc
X2 - Whole Wine
Xtaushan - Shub Back (St. Croix)
Yung Fire - Road Masters
Zan ft Patrice Roberts - Til' Tommorow
Ziggy Rankin - Leave It Alone (The Greatest Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - Love How Yuh Wining
Zouk Look - Wife & Darling (Guadeloupe)
Zouk Look ft 2Ntrigue - Let's Fall In Love



Bunji Garlin - Warrior Anthem (Pot of Gold Riddim)
Colin Lucas - Football Dance
Chris Garcia - Wunderbar
Lyrikal - Straight to Germany (Body Shot Riddim)
MADiX - Keepah
Maximus Dan - Fighter (Soca Warrior)
Maximus Dan ft Jeunes Agape - Warrior Goal
Maximus Dan - We are Warriors (Remix)
Nigel "Frame" Fabien - Time Fuh Germany
Ninja and Andre Baptiste - Beat Bahrain
Rikki Jai - The Boys From T&T
Ronnie McIntosh - Deutschland
Slammer Cutter - Soccer Man
Soca Rebels - Warriors and Rebels
Super Blue - Soca Warriors
Various Artists - Still a Warrior



Benjai & Machel Montano - Amnesty (G-Zone Refix)
Bunji & Triveni - Doi Festival (Black Talon Refix)
Destra Garcia - Max It Up (Illusion Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Illusion Mix)
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Mad People Refix)
Maximus Dan - God Army (Revolution Mix)
Miss Alysha ft. Faye Ann Lyons - Party (Road Mix)
Mista Vybe - Ting 4 D Road (Road Mix)
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band Of The Year (G-Zone Refix)
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band of The Year (Bandit/Jester)
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait (Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Don't Stop (Illusion Remix)



2Ntrigue ft. Mr. Slaughter - Wave It
3 Canal - Rise
3Suns - Run Dhat
3Suns - Teaser
3Suns ft. Malene Younglao - Do Wap
Alison Hinds - Love Affair
Alison Hinds & Machel - Roll It (Remix)
Augusta - Anticipate
Augusta - Nah Leaving
Augusta & Pelf - Sunshine
Benjai ft Machel Montano - Amnesty
Bezo - Tro It Back
Bitts ft. Baron - Somebody (Remake)
Blackie - He Lie
Blaxx ft. Maximus Dan - I See
Blazer ft. Maximus, Bunji, Faye Ann - Somebody
Bud ft. Mistah Shak - Get Loose
Bunji Garlin - Bomb Song
Bunji Garlin - Doh Disrespect (Body Shot Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Fireman (Red Flag Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Indecent Behaviour
Bunji Garlin - Lick Down
Bunji Garlin - Out (Sahara Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Turn Me On
Bunji Garlin, 2Ntrigue, Ginuwine - Secrets
Bunji Garlin & JMC Triveni - Doi Festival
Bunji & Prophet Benjamin - Fire Fi Dem
Burton Toney - Enter The Road
Burton Toney - Now
Cableous - Let Go (Alert Riddim)
Candy Hoyte - Wuk Up
Candy Hoyte ft Shurwayne - Never Ending Carnival
Chantwell ft Lyrikal - Drive Me Crazy
D'Hitman - Rum Me Brother Say
D'Hitman ft. Ghetto Flex - Don't Hold Me Back (Rmx)
Damian Sogren - Single Now
Danger - Beat It
David Rudder ft. Bunji, Khafra & Kekere - Lady Sheila
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Feeling Nice
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Ghetto Man
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Mas Calling
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Up In Dat
Denise Belfon - Goodie
Denise Belfon - Leh We Do Dat
Denise Belfon & Macka Diamond - What Girls Like
Denyse Plummer - Wavers
Derrick Seales - Dr. Seales 2
Destra Garcia - Colours Again
Destra Garcia - Independent Ladies
Destra Garcia - Max It Up
Destra Garcia - Out Ah Time
Destra Garcia - Jumpin
Destra & Dil-E-Nadan - Aur Chale (Remix)
Dave Reid - Be afrAIDS
Dave Reid - Memories
Dave Reid - Waves
Diamond Cut - Be There
Elvis White - Soca Diva
Explainer ft. Maximus Dan - All Inclusive
Farm P - Crank Up (Alert Riddim)
Faye Ann Lyons - One Day
Faye Ann Lyons - Sahara (Sahara Riddim)
Faye Ann Lyons - That Is Carnival
Flame - Just Wanna Dance (Bouncy Riddim)
Flava - Tekk It (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Fryktion & Fimba - Let's Go
Fryktion ft. Ramon - Crazy Luv
Gailann - Hit & Run
Gailann - Look Excuse
Gailann - Road Calling (Gimme Room)
General Grant - Jump That
H2o Phlo - Funtime
H2o Phlo - High On The Dance Floor
H2o ft. Ziggy Rankin' - Try Again
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - Bring It Back
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - It's Ok
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - Promises
Imij & Co. ft. Michelle X - Commander
Impack2 - More Love (Peace In This Place)
Iwer George - Kisses
Iwer George - Seasons (Remix)
Iwer George - We Reach
JA Katana - Blow Yuh Whistle (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Jamesy P - Diabetic
Jamesy P ft. Faye Ann - Pushing It (Remix)
Juicy - Gone (Breeze Riddim)
Juicy ft. Fresh Life - Get This Party Started
Justin Cross - Moonlight
Kerwin Du Bois - Booty Talk
Kerwin Du Bois - Utterway (Alert Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Scars - Booty Talk (Remix)
Kes The Band - Heads High
Kes The Band - Stay With Me
Kevon Carter - Call My Name
Khari Kill - Ghetto Chant
KMC - How We Do It
KMC - The Season Is Mine (St. Lucian Riddim)
KMC & Jungle - By Your Side
KMC ft Bounty Killer - 3 Miles (Remix)
KMC ft. Professor Ken Philmore - 3 Miles
KMC ft. Sizzla - For D Girls
Knycky Cordner - D Street (St. Lucian Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Saddle Up
Levi Myaz - Hotta Fire (Body Shot Riddim)
Lisa Toney - Wine On Me Closer
Lyrikal - De Hunter
Machel, Bunji, Shurwayne - Move With Us
Machel Montano - La Vida Del Carnival
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Delirious)
Machel Montano ft Andy Singh - O Larki
Maximus Dan - Damn Illiterate (Sahara Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Fighter (Soca Warrior)
Maximus Dan - God Army
Maximus Dan - Love Generation
Maximus Dan - Soca Rize
Maximus Dan - Whirlwind
Maximus Dan ft Jeunes Agape - Warrior Goal
Mel - Lose Control
Metric - Forward
Metric - We Are Marching
Metric - Tabbannca
Metric and Fryktion - International
Michelle Sylvester - Carnival Again
Michelle Sylvester & Mista Vybe - Always on My Mind
Michelle X - When Yuh Miss Me
Michelle X ft. J.O. - Flow
Mini Priest - Sexy Lady
Mr. Chucky - See You
Mista Vybe - Ting 4 D Road
Ms Alysha & Faye Ann Lyons - Party
Ms Alysha & Michelle Sylvester - 1 2 3 (Sahara Riddim)
Mystro D - Bend Yuh Back and Wine
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Donkey 2K6 (Remix)
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Maybe Tonight (Hip Hop)
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Maybe Tonight
Nadia Batson - One Island
Nigel Lewis - Bounce With Me
Nigel Lewis - Walk Away
Ninjitsu - Jouvert
Nu-Vybes Band Int'l (Sugar Band) - Take It All
Nu-Vybes Band Int'l (Sugar Band) - Ting Lang
Onika Bostic & Machel Montano - Forever
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band Of The Year (Road March'06)
Patrice Roberts & Zan - Always Be
Pelf - Jam On Somebody
Pelf - Body So Hot
Peter C Lewis - Find A Band
Postman ft. Bunji Garlin - Love Inside
Precious - When I Winin'
Precious ft. Machel Montano - Watch De People
Rae - Fire
Ragga - Miss Lady
Red Cherry - Gold Digger
Ridlah Red - Hot Gyrlz
Red Cherry - The Woman In Me
Rita Jones (Roy Cape) - Carnival Feeling
Ronnie McIntosh ft. Bunji & Faye Ann - Happy
Rupee - Tease Me
Russell Cadogan - Big Buttom Gal
Sanelle Dempster - Forever
Sarah Hansson - Never Knew
Scrappy - Always Home
Scrappy - Fyah Song
Scrappy - Me Inna Dat
Sean Caruth - Baby Girl
Shadow - Hypnosis 2006
Shal Marshall - Throw Your Hands Up
Shammi Salickram - Freedom
Shammi Salickram - Ready 4 Madness
Shammi Salickram - Trini Gyul
Shammi Salickram - Tuttulbay
Shawn Ma$tamind Noel & Da $pirit$ - J'ouvert Fiddler
Sheldon Douglas & Machel Montano - Gone Loose
Shelley Edwards - Cyclone Wine
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait (Soca Monarch'06)
Shurwayne Winchester - Don't Stop (Groovy Soca Monarch)
Shurwayne Winchester - No Surrender
Shurwayne Winchester - Roll It
Shurwayne Winchester & Calypso Rose - Tempo
Slammer Cutter - Chinee Wuk
Slammer Cutter - No Scene (Alert Riddim)
Soca Bantan - Sexy (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Soca Johnny - We Jump
Soca Johnny - Who Ready To Fete
Soca Rebels - Soca Flight (Airport Version)
Staceylicious - Only You
Staceylicious - Respect (Not Because) (Sahara Riddim)
Staceylicious - Whiner Gyal, Whine Boy (Bodyshot Riddim)
Surge - In Your Timin' Girl
Surge - Why
S.W Storm - Bring It On
S.W Storm - Give It Up
S.W Storm - Roti & Rum
Terry Seals - Hello
ThickSauce - Sweet Trinbagonian Man
ThickSauce ft 2 Persistant - Baby
Tony Prescott & Surface - Wave
Tony Prescott - Genie
T.O.K. ft. Bunji & Moofire - Get Up Stand Up
Trini Jacobs - In Control (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Trini Jacobs - Independent
Trini Jacobs - Unify
Val - Girl's Night
Wen'D - My Kinda Man
Wen'D - Trini Carnival
Wen'D & General Grant - Baby Father
Zan ft. Machel Montano - The Heart of A Man



2Ntrigue - Tell Me
2Ntrigue - Woman
2Ntrigue & Bunji Garlin - Burning Up
3Suns - Off The Chain
Article 1 & Alicia Keys - Karma (Remix)
Article 1 & Mario - Let Me Love You (Remix)
Augusta - Everybody
Baby Killa - Wine If Yuh Wining
Beenie Man - Cyar Take Yuh Man
Blackie - Ah Hook
Blaxx - Fire
Blazer - Crazy Wine
Bomani - Wet
Bunji Garlin - Blaze It Up
Bunji Garlin - Right Now
Bunji Garlin - U Bad or Wah
Bunji Garlin - Whatever (Lava Slide Riddim)
Bunji Garlin, Benjai & Scarface - Clear De Way
Bunji Garlin, Benjai & Scarface - Dread
Bunji Garlin & Patrice Roberts - The Islands
Bunji Garlin & Tizzy - Doctor
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Carnival (I Love You)
Dawg-E-Slaugter - Done (Lava Slide Riddim)
Dawg-E-Slaughter - The Entertainer's Struggle
Dawg-E-Slaughter - What's My Name
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Your Body Is Calling
Denise Belfon - The Answer
Denise Belfon/Nigel Salickram - Soca Juma
Denise Belfon/Sanell Dempster- Rough Play
Destra Garcia - Anyhow Ah Like It
Destra Garcia - Fly
Destra Garcia - We Say So
Destra & David Rudder - Laventille
DJ Twenty - Soca Doctor (St. Vincent Road March)
Donella Weeks - All Night Long
Edwin Yearwood - Next To You
Edwin Yearwood & Bunji Garlin - All Aboard 2K5
Elvis White - Sexy Waist
Explainer ft. Bunji Garlin - Lorraine (Remix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Break Away
Fay-Ann Lyons - Most Wanted
Fay-Ann Lyons - Wave
General P - Never Say Never
Ghetto Flex & Kees - I-Spy
Ginja - Roll Back On It
H2o Phlo - Come Baby
H2o Phlo - Move Your Body
H2o Phlo - Tonite
Hot Sand - Turn 'Round
Iwer George - Ease De Tension
Iwer George - Water
Jamesy P - Nookie
Jamesy P - Pushing It
Johnny King - Darling
Jungle - Lovin Tonight
Kees Diffenthaller - The Way
Kenny D - Iz The Sweetness (Remix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Madology
Kerwin Du Bois - Angel In Disguise (Tribute to Onika)
Kerwin Du Bois and H2o Phlo - J'ouvert
Kevin Lyttle - Home For Carnival
KMC - First Experience
KMC - Pinky & The Brain
KMC - Soul On Fire
KMC ft. Beenie Man - Soul On Fire (Remix)
KMC ft. Jungle - Man Still Love You
KMC ft. Maximus Dan - Soul On Fire (Remix)
KMC ft. Wayne Marshall - First Experience (Remix)
Knycky Cordner - Wet Meh
Levi Myaz - Music of My Land
Levi Myaz - Old Time Days (Remake)
Lil Bitts - Bump
Lil Bitts ft. Sean Caruth - Crush
Lovey - Spinster (Bachelor Reply)
Machel Montano - Dance With You
Machel Montano - Madder Dan Dat
Machel Montano - Miss Good Reputation
Machel Montano & Doug E Fresh - We Not Giving Up
Machel Montano & Tony Curtis - What A Feeling
Machel Montano & Wyclef - Carnival Survivors
Machel Montano - You
Marlon Asher - Ganja Planter (Soca Remix)
Maximus Dan - Building Shake
Maximus Dan - High Grade (Lava Slide Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Never
Maximus Dan - Order
Maximus Dan - Real Lord
Maximus Dan - Royal
Michelle Sylvester - Garden Of Love
Michelle Sylvester - Sleeping In Your Bed
Mini Priest - Body Water
Mista Vybe - Up
Mystro D - Donkey
Naya George - Let There Be
Naya George ft. Benjai - Gyal Now
Onika Bostic - All Is Yours
Onika Bostic - I Love Carnival
Pelf - Get On Board (Yuh Never Know)
Rikki Jai & Machel Montano - Mor Tor
Rocky - Send We Mad
Roger George - My Land
Roy Cape ft. Blaxx - Remember Jah
Rupee - 1 On 1
Rupee - Flaunt It
Rupee - Punked
Rupee - Woman (I'll Always Be There)
Rupee ft. Lil Kim - Do The Damn Ting
Sanell Dempster - Cock Back
Sanell Dempster - Recurrence
Scrunter - Trombone
Sean Caruth - Is It Me
Sean Caruth & Tallpree - Sexy Wine
Shal Marshall & Destra - Love Somebody
Shurwayne Winchester - Dead Or Alive (Road March'05)
Shurwayne Winchester & Bunji - Don't Waste Water
Shurwayne & Candy Hoyte - Jammin All Night
Skinny Fabulous - Jook Back (Lava Slide Riddim)
Trini Jacobs - Wine Behind De Truck
Wen'D - Ah Want U 2
Wen'D ft. Andre Arnasalam aka Bounty - Doh Say
Zan - Watching Woman



3Suns - Hot Gyal
3Suns - Living In A World
Augusta - All Inclusive Party
Bomani - Who am I (I am Soca)
Bunji Garlin - War Song
Bunji Garlin & Lil Bitts - Carnival Country
Bunji Garlin & Onika Bostic - Get on Bad
Burning Flames - Rush
Carl Jacob and Roger George - Sugar Island
Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon - Indian Man
Destra Garcia - Bonnie and Clyde
Destra Garcia - Bonnie and Clyde (Stonez Remix)
Destra Garcia - Up in De Air
Destra & Shurwayne - Beta Beti (Come Beta)
Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah - Sugar Cane (Road Mix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Freedom
Fay-Ann Lyons & Superblue - Clear De Road
Gailann - Street Controversy
H2o Phlo - Party With U
Iwer George/Denise Belfon/Bunji Garlin - Big 3
Journey & Nadia - Hot (Light My Fire) Remix
Kevin Lyttle ft. Spragga Benz - Turn Me On (Remix)
KMC - Mr. Adam Daughter
KMC - High In De Air
KMC & Jungle - Roll Back
Lil' Rick - Mash Up and Buy Back (Crop Over Road March'03)
Machel Montano & Black Stalin - Love Fire
Machel Montano & Fresh - No War
Machel Montano & Xtatik - Craziness
Maximus Dan - Doh Break Yuh Neck
Maximus Dan - Over Huh Head
Maximus Dan - Soca Train
Maximus Dan & Andre Tanker - Hosanna Fire
Michelle Sylvester - Go Ahead
Multi-Symptom - Trini Know
Ragga - Right Up In Dey
Red Plastic Bag - Formula
Rupee & Destra - If You Only Knew
Rupee - What Happens In De Party
Scrunter - Bachelor
Shadow - Horn De Horner Man
Shadow - Whap Cocoyea
Shurwayne Winchester - The Band Coming (Road March'04)
Sugar Daddy - Sweet Soca Music
Timmy - Bumper Catch A Fire (Crop Over 2003)
Timmy - Worser Than Dat (Crop Over 2004)



Alison Hinds & Square One - Iron Bazodee (2000)
Atlantik ft Keishea Stewart - Frenchman Jam (2000)
Collin Lucas (Taxi) - Dollar Wine (1991)
David Rudder & Carl Jacobs - Trini to the Bone (2003)
Denise Belfon & Ghetto Flex - Wine & Bend Over (2003)
Destra & Machel Montano - Carnival (2003) [Watch Music Video]
Devon George - If I Rude, I Rude (Ruthven) (1995)
Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah - Pump Me Up (1995)
Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah - Insane (Wet Me) (1996)
Gailann & Benjai - Watching Me (2003)
Kassav' - Zouk-La-Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni
KMC - Bashment to Carnival (1998)
Machel Montano & Xtatik - Big Truck (1997 Road March)
Militant - Hot N Groovy (2001)
Naya George - Trinidad (2002 Road March)
Nigel Lewis - Movin' (1996 Road March)
Poser - Bus Conductor (1990)
Precious - Riding It (2000)
Rocky & Gailann - Look Me In Me Eye (1999)
Rupee - Jump (Cropover Road March 2000)
Second Imij ft Ghetto Flex - Golo (1993)
Sharlene Boodram ft Mista Vybe - Joe Le Taxi (1997)
Speedy - Don't Jam Me
Spice & Company - Guns (1997)
Superblue - Get Something And Wave (1991 Road March)
Tambu - This Party Is It (1988 Road March)

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