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Carnival In Yuh Backyard III
Date: Saturday 5th August 2006
Location: Soca Savannah Grounds, Toronto
Promotions: Higher Image & Trini South Boyz (TSB)
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After a long day in the hot sun and a safe and fun filled Caribana Parade, the party moved to the long awaited fete; Carnival In Yuh Backyard. Now many people were skeptical in attending this party due to the mass confusion encountered last year but as we approached the venue, we knew that this was going to be one hell of a fete as with spotlights lighting up the night sky there was no way you could get lost... the fete was dis way! TJJ arrived on the scene around 11pm and with an easy parking scene it was time to check things out. With a little trek through some grasslands (we would have to admit some lit up torches would have been nice cause we thought we were in the Queen Park Savannah with all the sudden dips in the grass... lol) we came across an organized line up where you were given a quick security check, presented your ticket and bam party time!

The set up was amazing and it reminded us of partying at another big fete in Trinidad during Carnival time. Even though you had the whole drink chit system, with four bars you had 2 areas to purchase your tickets and with ample people behind the bar there was never a long wait to get a drink. We were definitely off to a good start and with four acres to find your chill spot there was room for the jump up crew or just stand around and take in the scene. Hosted by Giselle D'Wassi One and Toronto's man with the steel E Man, there was never a dull moment as along with the star studded DJ line up the crowd was always pumped. The DJ line up consisted of DJ Riyad, D'Enforcas, DOC, Soca Vibes, Triple A Soundz, Crystal Vibes and D-Life from NYC's Hot 97FM, and was simply outstanding as you were given different moments to enjoy both Soca and Reggae.

In regards to the performances, you couldn't go wrong and if this was your first Caribana big fete then you picked a good one. Fetegoers were presented with a star studded artist line up and for the price of the tickets certainly got their monies worth. We're talking performances by Imij & Co. with Ghetto Flex, Russell Cadogan & Michelle X, Roy Cape with Rita Jones and Blaxx, Traffik with Candy Hoyte & Shurwayne Winchester who also sang his 2k6 duet "Tempo" with Calypso Rose, Big Man in D business Iwer George, Adesh Samaroo, Sarika Mahabir, JMC Trevini, Keisha Stewart, Faye-Ann Lyons, Mista Vibes, Benjai, Patrice Roberts, Zan and surprise artist Mr. Scandalous himself; Machel Montano. Each artists put on a fantastic show, each leaving the crowd wanting more and as always they delivered - Fantastic!

With the party over at approximately 3am and our belly full from the sumptuous West Indian food sold during the party, it was time to head straight home as more fetes were still to come. Hats off to Higher Image and Trini South Boyz for a well put together event, we will see you next year! TRW

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