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CLIMAXX 'Journey of Bliss'
Date: Saturday 4th July 2009
Location: Uptown Hookah Bar. Houston, TX
Promotions: Lymerz Int'l & Divine 1

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Climaxx has Reach Maximum Intensity

Straight from Ancil's All Inclusive, after a 15 minute drive, we pulled up in Uptown Hookah Bar's parking lot around 10:30, and were happy to still see cars since this party was schedule to wrap up at 10PM. A quick word with the valet, who directed us to the back of the lot to park. This is a good sign that people having a time in Houston.

We walked in the door and I thought these were athletes training for some upcoming games. Picture this, Sicily... 1931 ... about 10 hardback men jumping up on down to the music of DJ Stephen & Freeks 4 Soca in the middle of the dancefloor as the rest of the crowd was just bubbling to the vibe inside Hookar Bar. That was maximum intensity indeed.

We were told that we missed the Michael Jackson tribute session and the live Tassa group. It was definitely a blunder on our part to miss this one. And I'll tell yuh one thing, if I'm back in Houston next year, I'm not coming late to this party ever again. For the short time we were there, the vibe was sweet and the women beautiful. And best of all, they were TJJ polite i.e. generous with the bumper ... and it was very well received by the team! smile

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Photos By Stephen W. Choo Quan

Although the party was over, drinks were still flowing (and Hookah available in a separate room), and I too did not want to leave, but we had to head out for the next session that was waiting on our arrival. Who say "Queen of the Pack" with Fay-ann Lyons??!! Sean and all our old friends that we did not see in years like Mark, nuff respect. See you guys the next time we're back in Houston.

Son of the Caribbean soil,
Original Lime Flavor

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