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Ancil & Annmarie All Inclusive Fete
Date: Saturday 4th July 2009
Location: Private Residence. Hemlock Hill Dr. Houston, TX
Promotions: Ancil & Annmarie

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Time zone is one thing, but going to bed at 9am is going to cause some kind of drag on the game. So Saturday is here, and sometime around 2PM the juice is finally coming around. Fresh back from J'Ouvert a few hours ago, we're ready and willing to head back to the same backyard (that we were yesterday morning) into continue the Carnival weekend.

It's still daylight and that proves to be a deterrence for people to step out and show their colors. It's either that, or maybe folks are waiting on the all inclusive idea/drinks to kick in. Well with time, drinks and fading daylight, inhabitation's fade and the dance floor welcomes it's patrons.

After the time we had at Ancil & Annmarie's Breakfast Party, it's was a no brainier to return to this backyard. A real nice lime, with a mature crowd is all that we could ask at this point. To mellow out and enjoy some drinks and chunes spun by DJ Rene. The joke is ... when I first hit the bar, I forgot I was in an all inclusive and whipped out $10 to pay for my drink. The next thing I know, my $10 sitting in the Tip jar. Small ting! The bartenders were friendly and hard working.

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Photos By Stephen W. Choo Quan

A pleasant evening, fading light and cool breezes set the stage for a generation who bringing back backyard business from far and wide. Ah love it. Brinks back the days of Cheeky and Toyo (big up to all we Long Island massive)!

Unfortunately getting to sit back and enjoy the vibes is seldom a part of the job, and TJJ is on duty. We've got a few events to knock off today, including Climaxx 'Journey of Bliss' and Soca Xtreme with Fayann, so when party start to peak, we're out the door.

See allya next year,
Dr. Ram Dass

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