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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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Berlin Carnival 2010 Extras
Date: 21st - 24th May 2010
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Promotions: Various

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Lord love a duck! I have been planning this trip for months ... Months I say ... Months!!!! I need to go Berlin Carnival 2010! It was make or break, do or die, give up work for three (3) days (well not really ... But wow ... I do not even think I thought about work for these three (3) days). Heathrow, here I come ... BMI ... you large and in charge for still running flights ... Keep up the excellent  service. I must also admit, I don't know if i' is just me ... But the pilots at BMI could surely land a France an' Spain smoothly ... no 'ump'y dump'y broops braaps brakes business .... Really just bram and smooth running ...know what I mean?
Blimey! With a sleeping bird lime (flying lager and lime) of one and a half (1½) hours - I have landed officially in Deutschland - me first trip ever. I missed the world cup 2006 - and I do not regret it - Berlin Carnival 2010 has given me memories I'll never forget!.... >> READ MORE

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