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Grenada Carnival 2022 Photos and Videos | Grenada Spice Mas 2022 :: Grenada Spicemas :: on the inside
Grenada Spicemas Pretty Mas 2022 - Part 1

Tuesday 9th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas Pretty Mas 2022 - Part 2

Tuesday 9th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas Pretty Mas 2022 - Part 3

Tuesday 9th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas Monday Parade of the Bands 2022 - Part 1

Monday 8th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas Monday Parade of the Bands 2022 - Part 2

Monday 8th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas J'ouvert 2022 - Part 1

Monday 8th August 2022


Grenada Spicemas J'ouvert 2022 - Part 2

Monday 8th August 2022


Brunch and Soca Grenada

Sunday 7th August 2022


FLEET 2022 - Part 1

Saturday 6th August 2022


FLEET 2022 - Part 2

Saturday 6th August 2022


Duck Work Grenada Cruise 2022

Friday 5th August 2022



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Spicemas 2022: The Return.


CARNIVAL Grenada Spicemas



Breakfast Party

Viva! Breakfast Party


Preeday and Spicemas Soca Monarch Finals

All Inclusive

Waggy T Premium All Inclusive

Cruises Duck Work Cruise, Spice Addiction FLEET


Spicemas J'Ouvert

Must Do Event

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Play ah wicked Jab at J'Ouvert!

Grenada Mas Bands

Allure Mas Band
Andre Garvey and Associates
Commancheros & Associates
Helen-Marie and Associates
Lavish Carnival Band
ORO Luxury Carnival (TJJ recommended)
Vibe Mas




Wednesday to Wednesday. A full week in Grenada is ideal for Spicemas. Don't have vacation days to spare? You can arrive as late as Friday and leave anytime after Pretty Mas on the Carnival Tuesday and experience an action packed long weekend.

Parade Day / Last Lap

Grenada Carnival Monday and Tuesday is the second Monday and Tuesday in August.


The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$ or XCD). 2.70 East Caribbean Dollars = 1 United States Dollar.


Daily high temperatures are around 86°F/30°C, rarely falling below 83°F/28°C or exceeding 88°F/31°C. Daily low temperatures are around 78°F/26°C, rarely falling below 76°F/24°C or exceeding 80°F/27°C during the month of August.

Electricity / Voltage

Walk with your universal travel adapters. Grenada uses 220v, so you need a step down transformer to use any US 110v or non dual voltage device.

TJJ Recommended Hotels

Silversands Grenada | @silversandsgrenada
Spice Island Beach Resort | @spiceislandbeachresort

Best places to stay

The carnival and activities are mainly based in the island's capital of St. George. World famous beaches, Grand Anse Beach and Morne Rouge (BBC) Beach, are located on this end of the isle as well. On a budget, stay at a guesthouse or apartment or book on Airbnb.

Communication / Mobile Providers

FLOW and Digicel pre-paid sim cards can be purchased locally.


There are few ways of getting around on the island. If you don't have a local friend to rely on, taxis or car rental is your next best bet. Rental runs around US$50/day plus US$12 for the local driver license. For taxis, it's always a good idea to first find out how much for the trip before getting in. Want the real Grenadian experience? Jump on a local bus.


Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) is where you will arrive, and if you're continuing on to the sister Isle of Carriacou, have only a short hop by inter-island charter to Lauriston Airport.



Cost of a 2 Piece Combo

EC$16 / US$5.90. Using our KFC global standard, a 2 Pc. Chicken Combo, which includes individual side & medium drink, cost $5.99 in the US.

Late Night Eats

Hit up Wall Street. Usually the vendors with long lines have the good stuff.

TJJ Favourite Restaurants

Carib Sushi – Le Marquis Complex, St. George's.
Junction Bar & Grill – L'ance Aux Epines (right opposite to The Brewery). We were walking distance and the burgers were lashing.

Local Food

Creole Shack – Melville Street, St. George's.
Deyna's Tasty Foods – Melville Street, St. George's.

Local Drinks

The Brewery, located about a mile in from the entrance of L'ance Aux Epines, has the widest selection of beers & ciders in Grenada. Get the t-shirt!

Alcohol purchase

Duty free in available in airport. Also Duty Free Caribbean located in Esplanade Mall on Melville Street carries the best known names in liquor at attractive duty free prices.

Instagram @spicemasgrenada

Note: TJJ Recommends Events, Food, Mas Bands and Hotels based on where we have been and the services we have used. For events, we recommend the ones with a vibe of 8 or higher.


As always, a special thanks to the Grenada Tourism Authority and Spicemas Corporation for your hospitality. See you next year!


Peace, Love, Carnival and Jungle Juice-ness,
Dre aka The Carnival Ref

Grenada Carnival 2022

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL


Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.


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