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Vale Vibe Miami 2010 (Miami)
Vale Vibe Miami 2010

Oct 9th, 2010
R.A.V.E (Miami)

Oct 9th, 2010
LIME (Miami)
LIME 'Beach Party'

Oct 9th, 2010
Red Eye 2010 (Miami)
Red Eye 2010

Oct 9th, 2010
Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Miami)
Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Oct 8th, 2010

TJJ Guru Report Card for Miami-Broward ONE Carnival 2010

Rank Event Name
Bacchanal Wednesday Miami 2010
Vale Vibe Miami 2010
All Inclusive Miami Day Fete 2010
Girl Power Miami 2010
Miami VICE
LIME 'Beach Party'
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The details are behind this report card is posted in each gallery (click on event name). Hit us up with your comments!

Feelin' so fly ... like a G6!

Where did the year go? I just barely bat my eye lids following a mad summer of carnivals (DC, Houston, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, London and New York) and it was October already. Yes, the home stretch of TJJ's annual Carnival Marathon ... Miami Carnival!

For some odd reason, promotions for this year's ONE Carnival got off to a very late start, so we must big up all the promoters for stepping up and creating the much needed buzz to let the rest of the world know that Miami Carnival 2010 was in fact going to be on and popping. (Side note: What ever happened with Las Vegas Carnival?)

Our fete lineup was pretty much the same as past years, and as usual, both Carnival Friday and Saturday were the tricky days as far as coverage ... PARTIES FOR DAYS! And good ones too!! How must one choose??!! Now our regular TJJ Miami crew did change up this rounds (you guys were missed), but we were happy to have both Scorn and Posh Juice back in the Sunshine State all the way from the UK, along with new hands on deck for the season ... Frenchie, Coop and Popot Barbie Juice.

From the minute we touched down in Miami, carnival weekend or not, all the airwaves were pumping the same hits over and over again... "Love the Way You Lie", "Dynamite", "I Like It", "Bottoms Up" and not forgetting everyone's anthem for the weekend ... Far East Movement's "Like a G6"!! So as you hum along to the lyrics ...

"Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6 .. Like a G6, Like a G6 ...
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6!!"

Here's how our Miami Carnival 2010 weekend unfolded...

1st gear! No stress, we warming up ... Socavivor 10 - The Welcome Party to Miami and Bacchanal Wednesday Miami as we started our engines.

2nd gear! We cruising easy... beach limes in the day and TRIBE Ignite Miami and Girl Power Miami are the two BIG fetes later on.

Skip 3rd gear, we jumped right into 4th! Straight from TRIBE Ignite, grab some breakfast at I-Hop and its straight to Socavivor 10 - Rise Miami meets Shine NYC breakfast party (and we were happy to know that it was being held at a new venue).

Now with at least five (5) really good fetes (that we know of to-date) taking place on Friday night and members of the team dropping like flies we were forced to abandon THC's "Evening Miami" party. Friday night was real paaaacccceeeeeeee ... "Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S.", "Black & White Fantasy", "ShorBlu's Miami Vice - Roof Top Style", "Scruples Miami Free Drinks Block-O" (still shedding a tear that I wasn't able to make it this year) and "Socavivor 10 - Jouvert/Block Party Intl Flag Night".

We cruising along nicely in 5th gear!! The promoters of DV8 Miami strengthened forces with some other folks and introduced "LIME Beach Party" at a early slot (2pm-8pm) on Saturday allowing our teams a little (and we mean little) breather before hitting the night fetes. LIME definitely had the SEXIEST crowd for the weekend, but really turned out to be a true lime! But after leaving Luxe Life: Yacht Party, I don't think any fete could have stacked up fun wise (and yes, alcohol .. lots of it ... certainly played a huge factor). smile

TJJ Carnival Guidebook – Chapter 4; Section 1c:- Boat Rides (at least one good Booze Cruise) and a J'Ovuert should be mandatory for ALL Carnivals!

Unfortunately, Hysteria 'Ultra-Elite All-Inclusive Carnival Day Fete' got cancelled due to some last minute venue issues, but our teams were still kept hard at wuk at "Red Eye Breakfast Party", "Virgin Islands Festival and Reunion", "Luxe Life: The Yacht Party" and "D' Ultimate All Inclusive Miami Day Fete 2k10" during the day before running off to both "R.A.V.E - A Real Artist Vibe Experience" (new comer to the Saturday night line up) and "Vale Vibe Miami" (in its Sophomore year). We are still yet to return to check out the popular Convention Center Fete 'Socafest'. We tryin', we tryin'!

Kick in the Nitro! It's Carnivaaaaalleeee!! New parade route, new venue. All roads lead to Sun Life Stadium (Dolphin Stadium) in the City of Miami Gardens. We are happy to report that both Miami Carnival Inc. (MCI) and Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. (BCCI) are still united (Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee), and with around twenty five (25) plus mas bands on the road, we PALANCED!

The actual parade route was definitely too short before entering Sun Life Stadium, especially with the speed the bands were moving. But once in the stadium, the pace slowed down drastically and masqueraders definitely got a opportunity to eat, drink and enjoy the revelry on the road. Police cars were the day's target! smile

Congrats to Generation X on wining "Band of the Year" with their 2010 presentation 'Cocktails'. China 'Evolution' Mas took 2nd followed by Fun Generation 'Somewhere in Africa'. Shout out to Mascots International (and the Sankar family) for the usual TJJ love. Ohhh, we must make mention of Carnival Nationz Miami ... we swear that band had over 200 women and no more than 16 man in the band! Presssssuuuurreee!!

The Tiapan of Soca, Machel Montano, was the Grand Marshall at the parade and was presented with a special 'Cultural Achievement Award' for his contributions to the industry and Carnival Culture worldwide. Our favourite Soca couple, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons were the headline act at the concert, which also included acts such as Tizzy & El-A-Kru and Sir Oungku & Red Hot Flames.

We wrapped up our Miami Carnival coverage with "I Love Soca Miami Edition" down on at a ram jam Mango's on South Beach Sunday night. (Side note: Whatever happened with "Eden" this year?)

Stick ah folk in it peoples ... IT'S DONE! See you in the next fete!! Oh, I just have one quick note to write to my good friend, Carnival....

Dear Carnival ... It was great sharing all of the wonderful memories with you this year around the world. However, I will be taking a leave of absence until further notice. Looking forward to spending quality time with you again in 2011! ps. You had me at hello... or in this case "wine"!

Miami-Broward ONE Carnival 2010

The club can't even handle me right now,
Chooks aka The Carnival Ref

and The 2010 TJJ Miami Carnival 2010 Team
Scorn, Posh, P.S.I, Party McFly, Supah Grova, Frenchie, Coop and Popot Barbie Juice

Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.

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