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Code Red Christmas was a good kick off to the Holiday Season celebrations. It was a great break in the middle of the week. Everyone there was out to have a good time drinking and dancing. It was like you stopped by your friends house and they were having a fete. 

The crowd was extremely friendly.  Everyone was celebrating the Holiday and partying like they were family in their Red Outfits. My favorite was the guy in the Christmas Hat. Even though I didn't know anyone but my two friends when I came in by the end of the night we were all taking shots together.  

Adams Morgan is always a great party location. Parking isn't always easy on the weekends but during the week it isn't bad. Cabs are always readily available so that make it a perfect spot. Heaven and Hell is a relatively sizeable venue but with the two floors you get the space of a larger club but the feel of an around the corner local bar.  

Both DJs played a good mix of Reggae and Socca. For a minute we had a small Carnival Parade going in the bar with the drums included. The vibe was definitely chill and welcoming. It was like you decided to have a house party with a few strangers that became your closest friends at the end of the night.  

The drinks were good and of course I had a few shots. My favorite was the Tequila sunrise. The prices were reasonable. I missed the $5 early bird drink special but the regular price wasn't much more. The bartender was generous so I can't complain. The kitchen was closed by the time we got to the party so my friends had to grab something somewhere else.  

The event was $5 so you are not going to break the bank. If you are looking to get out of the house during the week it isn't a bad party. 

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