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Old Hilarians' All Inclusive 2016 Review

It was not “Non Nobis, Domine!” being sung from the hallowed halls of this revered 1920’s educational dynasty affectionately known as Bishops, but it was “Alle, Alle, Alle” a song of equalling crescendo that ushered in the beginning of the best All Inclusive Fete of C2K16 simply known as Hilarians' Fete!

Beach House Mayfair 2015 Review

“Gyal and dem, dem ah rush me,
What De hell is that?!
When yuh see me in de place! Yeah!
Party done! DONE!”

And the party almost done before it even started as some patrons decided not to follow instructions to ...

Feting Tigers All Inclusive 2015 Review

"Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny! Everybody! ..." It was this chant and not the school song that echoes across the court yard at as the Feting Tigers and Tigresses were ready to show their stripes the 5th Annual St. Anthony’s All Inclusive. Pouncing the first the crowd was ...

iUP - Soca and Sunrise 2015 Review

There were more hands in the air than in a church service as thousand stayed UP and made their pilgrimage to the Pier 1 Parish for Fantasy’s iUP Fete!  UP - 2015, which was in its second incarnation, summoned the party faithful to stay up and get baptised in one of the best Wet Fetes for Carnival in T&T!  First up to the pulpit was ...

Soka In Moka 2015 Review

If yuh see meh duckiiiinnnnnnnn’...
Ah doh wah my boss tuh see so I duckiiiinnnnnnnn’...
Doh want him tuh fire meh so I duckiiiinnnnnnnn’...
Pose to be in de pharmacy, so I duckiiiinnn’..."

It was time for the first All Inclusive for C2K15 and it was held on Sunday 4th January, the day before everyone had to return to work from the first weekend of the New Year. I hoped that I too did ...

Fantasy Saturday 2015 Review

"Gyal you are the Remedy
How you wine on me
Di ting dat yuh givin me
Curin’ me so I really need your Remedy..."

But not even the most experienced doctor could resuscitate the Fantasy Block Buster when the 2am hour came as this block buster quickly became a box office flop as Machel hit the stage.  Yes this was a first for me to ever report of being disappointed with Machel or more specifically his ...

Josie's Jamishness 2014 Review

From what started out as a simple birthday celebration to now a full blown-out J’ouvert styled party, Jordanna Hadeed’s Josie’s Jamishness has become an international ...

Trini Jungle Juice hosted the newest addition to the list of must-go-to Carnival events appropriately called MENTAL!!! The tone was set for an epic evening of global proportions as ...

Ladies 1st 2014 Review

Ladies 1st Valentines Edition was anything but EPIC.  Even though the tone was set for an epic night as getting through the ...

Soaka 2014 Review

As you entered the O2 Park you could smell the excitement, you can taste Bacchanal, you can feel the vibes and all that was left was to feel ...
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