Rhythm Overseas

    Kamau Brathwaite (b. 1930), leading Caribbean poet and scholar from Barbados has once described Caribbean speech as ‘Nation language’: a term of use, that can easily be adjusted when it comes to evoke the engaging live show that took place on November 29, 2007, right in the city of Bordeaux (France).

    A Sizzling Winter Forecast

    Organizers didn’t go back on their word: Saturday 17th of November 2007 will definitely remain a date that is not likely soon to be forgotten. The sizzling winter forecast already looked promising when over a thousand island people showed up, braving the elements to attend the show of this one man, who came with a message of peace and unity for all the West Indies: the Guadelupian artist Admiral T did once again unleash an entire storm of emotions amid his audience...

    TJJ in Good Vibes

    However the clock is already setting winter time across the ocean, the special programming of this November 2007 should definitely increase the local temperature straight up, by bringing together all the necessary ingredients for a wicked session!

    It all started with a simple trip to the land of Calypso, right before the Jumbie Spirit operated and got hold of these three such different personalities: at that time, Guillaume Kervel, Barthelemy Fougea and Emmanuel Masselot were just realizing what it would all be about in the next upcoming years...
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