2011 Events

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    Ah boy it's time for 2012 in London...and for most that usually means over priced, over crowded and over rated!!! So when we heard a rumour that Buspepper were bringing an intimate affair to see in the new year, and with Popot Barbie Juice in town...it's off to London town we go !

    Ole Years Night @ Shade Review

    We all have that special place where we spend Ole Years Night. For most it’s church or their beds while for others it’s the club or some random location, with some random people, and some random drinks, food and fireworks. I found myself in The Shade only to realise that I got a little bit of all the options...minus the sleep.

    Christmas On D Hill Review

    On Christmas night after yuh full yuh belly, it’s time to put on yuh fancy pants or frock and spray up the new perfume or cologne yuh get from Santa and hit the town. Apparently the place to be on Christmas Night was the new event Christmas on the Hill held at Lara’s house. Excited for the prospect of ...

    Snow Review

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...Of course if it actually ended up snowing, it would have been a tough one to leave the house and head out to the city to party. Thankfully there wasn't any, and the lure of an all-inclusive event in a sexy and trendy spot was enough to get me moving.

    Bienvenido á Parang - Welcome to parang... and what a welcome indeed! The perfect party to get you into the paranging mood for the season. And who better to extend that welcome than Mr. Parang Himself, Scrunter. With an electifying performance and a mashup crew of DJ's, this night was definitely one to remember.

    Jingle Vice Review

    Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring... We all know how that story goes but that certainly wasn't the case at Studio 21 on that particular night. As usual the venue was packed but even more so for this special edition of ...

    Vivere Review

    Firstly let the Jokey One start by saying Seasons Greetings to all readers, followers, supporters and everyone that has the juice flowing through them. Well it's four days before we all say ''C'est Noel!" so the Jokey one feels like partying. And believe me, I did.....maybe a lil too much *wink wink.* Anju Babwah brought forth another event called Vivere held at Ambassador Hotel's poolside. Let me give you the 411 of all of what happened.....or from what I can remember. TO THE REVIEW!!!

    Extraordinary is not enough to say. This event was a stamp on the history of Trinidad’s music scene. Both, for its’ unique heavy rock character and for the actual mix of genres on one stage, on the same night. The line up was full of variety including local rock bands like 5 Miles to Midnight, hip hop artist like ...

    Soca Santa 2011 Review

    Lime ....... Wine...... Lime ..... Wine..... Fill de cup........ Whine ..... Lime  this was the night. Also Happy birthday noise twice.

    Royal Christmas 4 Review

    This event marked the 4 year anniversary of 4Kings Promotions. On behalf of trinijunglejuice.com we would like to give a grand 4King congratulations to the committee members. Keep lighting up the party life of Trinis guys!
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