2011 Events

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    In Carnival 2006, the Palm Avenue Residents’ Association (PARA) joined with a group of young party promoters to host the first ever Palm Avenue Breakfast Party in Petit Valley on Carnival Sunday. Over the next six years, this affair would develop into a Marked Carnival Calendar Event for ...

    Trinidad– The evolution of fitness has arrived and is destined to alter the local perception and approach to the concept of exercise in a colossal way. This change comes in the form of the revolutionary centre “Central Athletic Club” which promises to be more than just a gym but to be a new, dynamic, all encompassing fitness hub unlike anything Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean has ever seen.

    Cuchi La La Review

    Cuchi La La.. Busspepper Promotions’ annual Christmas shinding; this one bringing you some live Parang by Los Paranderos de Londres and that special complimentary Ponche a Crème on entry to warm up ...

    You know a party going to be (or ought to be) good when you have to walk almost a mile to get there. On arrival the first thing that came to mind was......, “Orrr, so here’s where the other 10% of the population or as Karl Marx terms them the bourgeoisies, parties”. I arrived late and surprisingly the ...

    Risque Review

    For most people after a long day of gobble, gobble, gobbling, the itis usually sets in and its sooooo hard to head out to indulge in any further festivities on Thanksgiving night. But the Shorblu events team managed to get us out of that stay in meh bed mood. And the itis quickly disappeared with ...

    The Boss Is Back Review

    The Boss is Back! After a two year absence Iwer George was back in Grand Cayman and giving instructions in true bossman style. "Party people come to meh!...show me yuh han' !...Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine!!"  and you know - we in Cayman know how to follow instructions!

    Sun Ville Review

    The sun was not shining when we got to Sun Ville on Sunday evening around 8 pm. It might be some sort of post – curfew trauma that made me expect the venue to be already full at this time of the night. It was quite empty… but ….there is something specific and ...

    What do you get when you mix heat, with wildness. Or fire with something sweet....or better yet, some Red Hot with someone wotless. Here's the answer. You have Red Hot Wednesdays with Mr. Wotless himself; Kes ready to heat up the avenue. Now you know the Jokey One couldn't miss that for two reasons. These shall be revealed in the review.

    ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ this saying definitely speaks the truth, also without doubt the ‘beholders’ present at Elite Model Look Caribbean 2011 finals have experienced some extraordinary beauty. It is amazing how this kind of events not only showcase the beautiful models in glamorous outfits but also the patrons show up in full glamour effect. The event was just pulsing with beautiful people and prominent personalities. 

    Back To The Pepper Review

    Adopting the "futuristic" idea of 'Back To The Future', Busspepper Promotions held its annual 'november' themed party "Back To The Pepper" and we can safely say that there were loads of "Time-traveling patrons" on a mission tonight: to wine on as much people, drink as much alcohol and throw their hands in the air as many times as they possibly can however duly noting that time is not going backward ... it ticks forward! Once Again it’s just as entertaining as it was last month, or the month before, or the month before ...
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