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Cuchi La La Review

Cuchi La La.. Busspepper Promotions’ annual Christmas shinding; this one bringing you some live Parang by Los Paranderos de Londres and that special complimentary Ponche a Crème on entry to warm up ...

Roots Rock Reggae.. Another of Busspepper’s promotions; this one, showcasing the best of reggae, rockers, oldd dub, dancehall, and of course some soca roots thrown into d’ melting pot too!! A mix everyone’s been waiting for..

Bachanaaaallll!!! Vibes was nice as the loyal followers turned up to give thanks to Bachanal Mas Band for another year of greatness.

International DJ Splash Review

After Shipwrecked All Inclusive ... we are still ...

Shipwrecked LUSH Review

So that's exactly what we were sayin' for the first few hours. What went on here Shipwrecked?? Though the blame is not really down to them. So what happen Shipwrecked FANS?? For the longest while the dance floor was scarce! Showtime was meant to be around ...

Back at the Abacus again for d' Carnival Tabanca..everyone geared up and ready to party hard!

Censure´ oo la laaa. Great turnout tonight. All the loyal Dame Du Show hardcores definitely made the effort to come out to celebrate the One Year Anniversary. The people were never at a stand still. Even individuals just standing at the side could be seen putting down their own lil dance in dat one spot.

The party started off a bit slow. That must be said. At first the TJJ crew was thinking ...."Is This a ....

Experience Aquaholic Review

The crowd was buzzin'..Cooler Cruise! So once d' coolers got on board, drinks start ah flowin'! Yuh know how we Trinis do…You know how...

International Wednesdays, a new event to hit the block @ Godai Entertainment Lounge in Woodbrook, Port of Spain; a small but trendy location for a nice lime. Being the first of many to ...
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