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Censure´ oo la laaa. Great turnout tonight. All the loyal Dame Du Show hardcores definitely made the effort to come out to celebrate the One Year Anniversary. The people were never at a stand still. Even individuals just standing at the side could be seen putting down their own lil dance in dat one spot.
We business?? NO!..Once everybody haven a good time, no problems, then fix yuh mix; do yuh ting!

The Fence, probably home to Dame Du Show at this point! Not a big venue, but the space was just right for the crowd that came out to have a good time.
Easily accessible. Not hard to find. Come out Farringdon Station, buss a lef', take a two minutes walk, and yuh dey.

Music was on POINT!..Nice vibes. Big up to DJ CindeRella & DJ Jairo. Dem pull out big tune after big tune, with the occasional "puuullllll uppppp!!"The crowd bubble dong nice. Woman on man, woman on woman. Oh yes..the Good Stuff.

Well the bar never seemed to empty. Drinks constantly on the go. So we can only assume everyone was content with the prices.
Standard prices for a London based club on a Saturday night.

Ladies free on guestlist before midnight. £10 entry all night. Dat ain't too bad mate..

The good music,the bless vibes,the ladies, definitely made the night worth it!
Congrats on the one year Dame Du Show!! TJJ lookin' forward to ah nex' year off bess parties from you guys..

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