Best Bodies

    Mrs. Charmaine Cedeno-Wiltshire is the C.E.O. of Paragon Advertising Limited.  She is wife and mother of 2 sons.  She is in her fabulous fifties and is in fabulous shape.  We wanted to catch up with Charmaine to learn some of her best practices.  Let us learn from a woman who appears to defy age.

    Stephen: When did you first fall in love with working out?
    Charmaine: I can’t say that I have really ever fallen in love with working out …  In my early twenties, I was very skinny and my weight fluctuated whereby I lost weight easily … when I lost just one pound people thought I was anemic, which I sometimes looked… I found going to the gym and lifting weights made me put on body mass and I looked and felt so much better…  only then did I gain some affection for the gym.

    Shannon Hutchinson is a pilot with Caribbean Airlines who loves nature hikes and a touch a body building. We caught up with this free spirit for some of her secrets on health and a "BEST BODY".

    I was talking to my friend Shannon and seeing some of her pictures when I was caught up with Vanessa Grace Gilkes.  As you can see from the photos she is clearly an inspiration to anyone seeking to improve their body image and overall health.  We at TJJ caught up with this mother of 2 children and creative director at BeSocial an advertising agency in Barbados to get some insider secrets.  Join our conversation to explore the inner workings of this “BEST BODIES” series.
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