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Boom Boom Review

Boom Boom is back for it's 2nd year running and the Dame du Show girls continue to bring something Unique to the London party scene!

What The Butler Saw Review

Greeted with a complimentary Pimms and a Fabulous Jubilee Queen at the door on an otherwise wet East London evening, we are so thankful to be back at Corset and Diamonds!!! This is Long overdue and we can't wait to see what ...

Ah boy it's time for 2012 in London...and for most that usually means over priced, over crowded and over rated!!! So when we heard a rumour that Buspepper were bringing an intimate affair to see in the new year, and with Popot Barbie Juice in's off to London town we go !

Kidology's Love Life Review

After nearly a year since our last Kidology adventure, team TJJ are excited to be heading to FIRE tonight to check out the latest instalment from these fabulous house music junkies!!!  Arriving after midnight to a quiet club, we can't help but ask that million dollar question...What makes the ultimate party ? What ingredients do you need to include to make sure everyone a) attends and b) has a blast .. because let's be honest...once the vibe takes you that's all that ...

It's 1930s glamour in Farringdon tonight and Corset and Diamonds is in full swing... as the summer somehow hits London in October, let me tell you ...

Posh Juice's Top Ten Things you need to know about ... 

Dame Du Show's Anonymous Review

— adj
1.     from or by a person, author, etc, whose name is unknown or withheld: an anonymous letter
2.     having no known name
3.     lacking individual characteristics; unexceptional
4.     ( often capital ) denoting an organisation which provides help to applicants who remain anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous

Pure Lime Chocolate Mas 2011 Review

Something about chocolate mas's like all the residents from the local madhouse on day release !! Somebody say chocolate covered fruitcakes!!!...Fluorescent Afro wigs, caution warning tape, bridge climbing revellers...2011 even saw the release of the giant Leprechaun... all of course,  self confessed chocoholics!!!!
Welcome to Pure Lime- D Original Notting Hill Chocolate Band!!!

Ah Kinda J'Ouvert Business Review

Big up to Busspepper for having the sense to change this fete to the Friday night! Just what we needed to get started for Notting Hill Carnival !!! This party should have really been called 'getting you in the mood' and we not talking candle light and Mr Loverman tunes kinda mood...we talking what d girl dem want...Hard wuk!!!

CALO Festival 2011 Review

CALO Festival deserves nuff respect for bringing something different to the UK Caribbean circuit and actually attempting to bring a whole weekend of Caribbean culture, costumes and music in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival. It's so nice to have something different to look forward to!!!
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