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Something about chocolate mas ...it's like all the residents from the local madhouse on day release !! Somebody say chocolate covered fruitcakes!!!...Fluorescent Afro wigs, caution warning tape, bridge climbing revellers...2011 even saw the release of the giant Leprechaun... all of course,  self confessed chocoholics!!!!
Welcome to Pure Lime- D Original Notting Hill Chocolate Band!!!

By now you should know... if you fancy getting covered in chcolate whilst parading the streets of London on a sunday afternoon...Pure Lime is where it's at!!! 14 years after introducing dutty mas to the streets of west London and they still going strong; even if it did look like the London riots threatened some numbers for a while !!!Somehow everyone came out of the woodwork today, ready to indulge!!!

This year team TJJ mash up from two fetes the night before and we vex we miss breakfast and caught the band late!!! By the time we reach, everyone was chocolate covered and vibes were flowing!!!! Somehow the sun managed to crawl out from the clouds and vibes were pumping.. so much so we saw the Met police joining in the chocolate madness and some poor ladies being thrown around up in the air and on the ground.... once you have had a chocolate covered leprechaun wine on your head you know life is good!!!

Now we must big up Pure Lime for one crucial factor in this depressing world recession... the prices have not changed in 3 years now and sticking at £40 for your all inclusive Sunday experience is a steal of a deal when everyone else is sneaking their prices up !!!! There's alcohol, breakfast, lunch and the very necessary corn soup at the the end of the day...

Here is Posh Juice's 'Michelin star' run down on the 2011 Chocolate Recipe...

    * Eye Candy -★★★★★ FIVE STARS!!! Pure Lime where did you find them? 2011 crowd was hot like fire, definitely enough to keep the Girls and Boys smiling!!! Top score! Check out the photos and look beyond the wigs and outfits!!!!
    * Winery / Waistline workout ★★★★★  Ah yes...definite ability to pull some waist muscles here and work those abs and thighs...add in the eye candy and chocolate and there was a possibility of being hospitalised on more than one occasion!!! Vibes!
    * Essential Carbohydrates provided to obtain Energy (particularly necessary to make point 2 above a success!)★★★★FOUR STARS!!! We were too late for breakfast...*sour*...we were too busy drinking to stop for Lunch but we hear everyone got food and was happy!!! Corn soup at the end after drinking whole day is absolutely perfect...couldn't get enough !!!
    * Opportunity to over Indulge on Chocolate from whatever source necessary -★★★THREE STARS! We are not sure if we didn't feel as much chocolate love this year because we ran late, but we didn't get enough:(  next year I want to feel lashings and lashings of chocolate all day... Keep it pouring, that's what makes you unique! We want to be covered in it!!
    * Ability to obtain Alcohol poisoning -★★★THREE STARS!! At one point the truck ran out of cups and ice and apparently rum, although one bartender seemed to have a private stash!!! Easily done when most people registered last minute we know... the problem was quickly rectified and the alcohol poisoning continued...bottles were being polished off left right and centre...which might explain points one and two ! hmmm...

All in all another successful year for Pure Lime with a few minor hiccups that we are sure can be easily solved ... please make sure the chocolate and rum are flowing all day!!! ESSENTIAL !!! Please don't ever take away the corn soup... we love it !!! Please keep the eye candy and all the nutters... best vibes!!! Please keep going from strength to strength...Let's cover London with chocolate for 2012!!!

We tried to quit the addiction but it's gone too far... Our name is TJJ and we are Pure Lime'oholics...

-Posh Juice

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>> View Pure Lime Chocolate Mas 2011 Gallery
>> View Notting Hill 2011 Carnival Coverage