September 9, 2008, Kingston, Jamaica: Dancehall artist Assassin, a.k.a. Jeffrey Campbell, has just completed a tour a tour of the United States and Canada.

On August 22, Assassin performed to a sold out crowd at the Club Element in New York, where he unleashed hit after hit, and received resounding applause for hit songs "Wha Do Dem Guy Deh" and "Almighty Protect".   His next stop was the Toronto International Caribbean Music Festival in Toronto, Canada and then at the Rumours Night Club, also located in Toronto, where he performed hits like "Dem A Sissy" along with other songs from his extensive catalogue.

"The vibe in Canada is different … the people were more laidback while, New York almost seemed like an extension of Kingston," quoted Assassin when asked about performing in Canada versus performing in New York.

The tour continued with performances at Hot 97 Reggae On The Tip in New York, the Heardone Complex in New Jersey, and The Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia. Assassin also made a guest appearance at the recently staged Irie Jamboree, when he was called on stage by Elephant Man and performed to over 36,000 patrons receiving a huge "forward" from the massive crowd for "Wha Do Dem Guy Deh."

"I did a cameo appearance on Elephant Man's set and the response to 'Wha Do Dem Guy Deh,' was excellent. I was very appreciative of the crowd's response."

The Deejay also performed at Mister Cee's 8th Annual Pre Labour Day Parade Bashment in New York, the Philly Summer Fest in Philadelphia and C-Pac in Brooklyn.

Assassin is currently working on shooting a music video for his latest hit single – "Same Thing Again." He has also just recorded his most recent single on Boardhouse Records latest production, the "Clean Sweep" riddim to be released soon.  Assassin continues to promote his weekly event Girls Gone Wild Tuezdayz at Weekendz, the event was re-launched with a bang on August 19th, and is sponsored by Monster Energy Drink.