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Bayview Cooler Fete 2017 Review

Me Say ... Coming Home! Coming Home! Coming Home! I do not care what you say, Bayview Cooler Fete is The Best Trinidad Carnival Party Oh Yeah Oh Yeah!

Bayview Cooler Fete 2015 Review

Bayview Cooler Fete is the naughtiest party you will attend for the entire Trinidad Carnival Season. For three (3) years straight, we at the TJJ headquarters have attended this event and from since 2013, we have made this a staple on our calendars; a “must do” event! #DoNotMissThisParty

The unique manner of having a musical concert on a Monday evening will never fail in my opinion. That being said, when your headline act is Machel Montano, why would you even ...

Bayview Cooler Fete 2014 Review

Bayview Cooler Fete is, was and always will provide patrons with pure jubilation and non-stop...

Suits Review

Adaptations of supposedly the easiest party to hold that is, a cooler cruise party, have been arrivng at a rate of knots from smart, audacious party promoters and we are now going to add one to the list of "unique people": Ice Box Entertainment. Cracking the most daunting Cooler Cruises has ...

A cooler fete during the Trinidad Carnival season is definitely something any human should attend and mark off their bucket list. Blue Range cooler fete for years has been a stable event for many years on Carnival Friday and has ...

When I am dead ... Bury Me in A Carnival ... Bury Me In Cocoa Devils Cooler Party!

When has Beach House Carnival All Inclusive ever not been an epic Beach House Carnival All Inclusive?

Fall Out 2013 Review

Luckily for everyone, there aren't many points of comparison between Fall Out 2013 and any other all inclusive at Carnival 2013. Maybe compare it via venue? Not worth it! But Ian Liverpool's epic and most other promoters' epic fail do share ...

From its tongue-in-cheek title to its choice of soca artistes, Mai Tai Carnival Fiesta All Inclusive will remain the first all inclusive party that offers no pretensions: it’s unashamedly a brain-ejecting excuse to attend a carnival fete, drink alcohol, eat food (full with sugar) and spread your hands and let go!
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