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Greeted with a complimentary Pimms and a Fabulous Jubilee Queen at the door on an otherwise wet East London evening, we are so thankful to be back at Corset and Diamonds!!! This is Long overdue and we can't wait to see what Corset and Diamonds & Dark Productions... have in store for us at the one and only Jubilee pop up Burlesque ball !!!

It's Diamond Jubilee weekend in London and what better excuse to pull out your favourite red white and blue corsets, Latex, wigs, tights, dresses, tiaras and eyelashes and transform yourself into a Burlesque or vintage princess for the evening !! There was no shortage of fabulous outfits from mere aprons over a thong to glittery dresses and dripping Diamonds!!!

Pimms, Cocktails, Champagne and even cucumber sandwiches, transformed this Grand Ballroom into a very Royal affair indeed!!! The real treat however was the endless performances that kept us entertained, laughing and lusting!!!!

The night's performances were hosted by the Ubermeister of Swing, Mr Frank Sanazi, complete with world war jokes, Royalist puns and sweet retro tunes to get us all in the mood!!! We were lucky enough to see the fabulous Beau Rocks not once, but twice as she shimmied her way through the crowd, showing off her amazing Burlesque skills, that left more than a few people drooling !!! Frank made sure it was a family affair with his daughter spraying the crowd with her 'milk' after parading in leather and sexy boots just minutes before!!! (You had to be there!!!)

The fabulous Marnie Scarlett sparkled her way across the room, quite literally, in Royalist latex for a crazy twisted Burlesque affair!!! And just to keep things retro, then came the Tootsie rollers, 5 retro beauties who although experienced a pretty 'cozy' stage wowed us with their pin up girl band love, paying tribute to their icons; Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Mitzy Gaynor!!! Amazing!!! Love, love, loved these girls!! If ever you need a retro band for your event... book them!!! Think glamour, sexy vintage style, red lipstick and totally sassyness, tap tap tapping the vibe through the party... awesome!!!!

And as if that wasn't enough, there was Hobby-horse polo shoot-out race around the venue!!! Probably the most random way to win a prize I have ever seen... !!!! There were also two fashion shows showcasing some fabulous outfits you could actually snap up for the next event including 'Hair to the Throne'  by Ghoulia's Peculiars and gorgeous corsetry and lingerie by Nikita Sablier!!!

And of course how could be forget the 'Living cake Doll'... yep take it literally, a naked woman laid out on a table, covered in whipped cream, oreos, cakes, marshmallows and all things sweet!!! Most of the crowd didn't need much encouragement to come and have their dessert !!! Even the bouncers took a step in from the rain for this one!!!

The night was fabulous !!! We can't think of a better way to celebrate the Jubilee with a difference!!!! Posh Juice was certainly at home with the Royalty...and if you weren't worn out by all that fun.. you could dance the night away to retro tunes provided by  The Secretary (Torture Garden) and Neoblade (Corset & Diamonds)...only one thing left to say... when is the next one ????

-Queen Elizabeth of TJJ aka Posh Juice
Until the next... counting the Days !!!

>> View What The Butler Saw Gallery Part 1
>> View What The Butler Saw Gallery Part 2