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It's 1930s glamour in Farringdon tonight and Corset and Diamonds is in full swing... as the summer somehow hits London in October, let me tell you Corset and Diamonds was hot hot hot !!!!

Walking into the familiar Clerkenwell House, minutes after 9pm and only an hour into the party, we were wowed by an already full venue, complete with stunning new decorations and a swinging vibe!!! Tonight's theme was Gold diggers of 1933, and the patrons came out in full swing looking fabulous in top hats, pocket watches, suspenders, long dresses, coat tails, monocles, and of course lots of diamonds and pearls...To be back in a familiar venue (usually used for Corset and Diamonds) it's great to see the place set up with a twist, and stunning decorations made to fit the theme, complete with a portable picture frame which became most people's prop for the night !!! Pose pose pose for my photos !!! Both the Ladies and Gents looked fab, but tonight had a little extra va va voom...the crowd was buzzing, the vibes were pumping and the DJ had the electro vibes rolling straight through, as the whole venue soon became an entire dance floor!!!!

Corset and Diamonds wouldn't be the same without some fabulous Burlesque performers and tonight was no different...in fact, in just the 3 hours we were able to attend, we had 3 stunning performances...first up we were treated to the pint sized and super gorgeous Marianne Cheesecake with an elegant 1930s Burlesque performance that had the whole place mesmerised...before long she was back on stage again this time taking the Gold diggers to Japan and snaking around the floor with her Dragon!!! roooaarrr!!!! Last up we were treated once again to the stunning and fabulously cheeky Sapphire De Vine... and boy oh boy Divine she is indeed !!! This gorgeous girl is sexy, cheeky and fun and got the crowd pumping with her fire swinging, booty shaking sailor moves!!! Definitely the best facial expressions in the business!!! More Sapphire De Vine please... officially fans!!!

In between we were treated to a complete conga line, some pole dancing, some swing dancing, and a complete Broadway performance from two very fabulous young guys who got carried away with the Disney tracks !!! Corset and Diamonds also laid on some yummy cupcakes, great bar and cocktail service as always and a complete hat store in the party !!! Shopping whilst partying... this was definitely for the Ladies!!!

Ms Martinez and co... we were so happy to see Clerkenwell House in full swing tonight... the performers were amazing, keep up the great work...we wait patiently for our next fix of Burlesque beauties!!!!

I'm talking Champagne wishes, caviar dreams ... You deserve nothing but all the finer things...!!!

-Posh Juice

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>> View Gold Diggers Of 1933 (1930s Burlesque Party) Gallery