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Please excuse me if I slack slack slack slack...but D stage is coming back back back back !!!!

Ah yes the morning before carnival and where else would you be???? After a last minute and unexpected trip to Eclipze late on's time to bathe, change and hit the Vale!! Now Ladies don't forget your shades ...

Rise 2011 - Cooler Party

It's Carnival Friday !!! Trini people I say come to meh !!!!

Beach House Carnival 2011 Review

'Don't you know there's a place you can do what you want....when the sun goes down, the sun goes down!!!!!'

Bacchanal Wednesday 2011 Review

This is not an easy venue to fill but fill it up they did!!! With soca, Techno and Tassa vibes in one dance...Only one place to be this ...

Exactly one week until Carnival Tuesday and the Wotless behaviour is building!!! Woi! Lots more competition for Fetes today so...It's time to see what lies beneath the masks at Eyes Wide Shut Carnavale...enough to ...

De Warm Up Session 2011

Right now London just Wotless!!! Tonight's crowd came on a mission... Trinidad carnival is around the corner and the patrons come out to get on bad!!! Peeps were walking through the door wining!!! There were some very lovely Ladies in the ...

Pearl Harbour - Love & War Review

Ladies if you are A cup at Corset and Diamonds you might just feel inadequate! These parties create some serious 'Boob Envy' !!!!!!! Oh Corset and Diamonds how we missed you !!!

Disco Daze New Year's Eve Review

New Year's celebrations in London are always tricky! Peeps tend to fit into two camps at all times - those who stay home and can't deal with the overpriced clubs and taxis and those who venture out determined to hit the party scene hard and bring in the ...

Rhythmatic 3rd Anniversary Review

As always a total mixture and a totally chilled vibe! Some people came dressed to kill in their sexy backless mini dresses and some went for comfort in their coats, scarves and sneakers! Let's be honest a party in a car park in the middle of winter doesn't really dictate any particular dress code!! Fur coats were ...
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