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'Don't you know there's a place you can do what you want....when the sun goes down, the sun goes down!!!!!'

Beach House always attracts the sexy people!! Aside from which boots to wear for carnival and how creative to get with your Monday wear, what to wear to Beach House is always on a chic's mind ... don't forget the guys ... There were some funky dressed guys tonight ...!!! Beach House is the fete that the Ladies want to make sure their outfit are fabulous and "spot on"!!! Some fabulous Ladies and Gents indeed filled this Golf Course to capacity today!!! Bright coloured dresses, embellished sandals, funky wedges and cheeky bikini tops seemed to be the order of the day. Beach House crowd was sexy and dressed to impress!!! On first look you might think the fabulously dressed were stush...no chance...just wait until the sun goes down ... On the other hand ... some people wanted the sun to go down quicker ... *wink* *wink*!!!

For most peeps today is a loooooooooooong drive...so get out of that POS traffic early o'clock and make sure you make the most of this pretty venue in Couva. Advice is to park somewhere far enough out and suffer the walk into the venue on the way so that you can escape easily on the way home!! On the way in you can't help feel the magical ambiance...and it's definitely worth getting there in daylight to take in the venue and the hot outfits!!! A beautiful sunset in a VERY spacious venue meant only one thing, once the sun goes down...we wotless!!!! we don't really care less!!! This venue had space for Beach House to do what they want and spread the various food and drink options around the venue. You never had to walk too far to get a drink, in fact it seemed like everywhere you turned you could find rum cocktails, premium drinks and Nuvo stands!!!! Now with respects to the layout of this years event ... it was definitely haggar!!! Last year's layout was superbly better ... entrance ... elevated DJ booth ... middle of the area ... the huge bar ... on the left hand side the elongated bar .... on the right .... you have all the specialist bars ..... and in the back form the curve with ALL the food stalls ... we are sorry but beach house ... your layout this year was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!


Vibes!!! Vibes!!!Vibes!!! Beach House has vibes in abundance... so much vibes we were begging for them to keep going when they switched off the music!!! Now we wish we could bottle it and sell it and duplicate it all over the world.. because whatever the secret ingredient is that makes a party have endless, overflowing vibes, Beach House has it....let's be honest.. this is really what you pay $750 of your $800 ticket for!!!! The rest is just details and because the vibes are sooooooooooo awesome, to some extent you can easily overlook any minor issues!!! Most people had 2 if not 3 drinks in their hands all night, people wining to the ground, wining on the bar, gal bend over!!!....one young lady even got personal lap dances when she decided to place a chair in the middle of the fete and take a quick 5!!! Now it's worth noting Beach House manage this time and time again with DJs and no performers, which makes you wonder if the distraction of a stage takes away from the vibes at other events?!!! We don't know what it is but we want it all the time!!!! All we can say is Beach House darlin' you have it, you have the secret....keep doing it!!!


This was the only part of the event that was a bit of a let down. The choice of drinks was amazing and they were flowing so top marks for drinks. The food however seemed to be a serious problem this year. In previous year's Beach House utilised the venue to include a variety of different stations...Creole in one corner, Asian in the next...and so on...For 2011 for some reason they decided to put all the food together and have a snaking queue for any type of food, all cramped into one space ..... HAGGAR!!!!!!!! ...... This caused a backlog, and a lot of frustration and meant you went for what you could get rather than what was your first choice in some cases. Once you had made your way to the front take what you could grab to line your belly for the alcohol as food was running out fast!!!! Some folks, when they saw the lines, they resorted to the fruit stall ... whch funnily enough were soaked in alcohol ... so maybe a win - win situation ... but definitely Beach House ... sort out your layout ... you tried a smart thing here ... and albeit you will survive it because you have the vibes from heaven ... but ... complaints are surfacing!! 
Bartenders were awesome, drinks were awesome, we were never without a drink or two and could choose what you want when you want, right up until the last minute!!!! If it wasn't for the food issues and the fact lots of people queued for hours for food, this was would have been a 10 for sure!!! .... We do recommend this personal advice ... guys ... always seek a female bartender ... girls ... always seek a male bartender ... you will get better service, smiles and MORE ALCOHOL!!!!!

Beach House ranks at possibly one of the most expensive fetes for the season coming in at $800TT...getting tickets however proved to be an art in itself!!! They were gold dust!!! If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets secured early, (in most cases as early as Christmas!!) expect to pay up to $400TT or $500TT more on the day and outside the venue!!! Despite the food issues this year... the gorgeous ambiance, the sexy crowd and the unbelievable vibes would make us spend our money again and again.... this is one fete not to miss!!!! worth every cent:) ...

Posh Juice aka Beach House junkie!!!
(Scorn Juice contributed to this review)

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