2011 Events

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    Is it just me, or is this Wednesday feeling kind of hot. Red hot actually. It has to be none other than Red Hot Wednesdays at Coco Lounge. And tonight, the leading lady; Ms. Anju Babwah had a treat for her patrons. Who say guest artist?! Well I shouldn't say artist, more like group. One of T&T's youngest uprising groups Nebula 868 was to hit the avenue and bless the Coco Lounge with a great performance. But before we get to the performance, let's deal with the juicy stuff. To the review!

    Who say boat ride?! Wait, let me say that again, who say CRUISE SHIP?! Yes, I said it.....Cruise ship. Please excuse me while I do my happy dance. This had to be an illusion. Come to find out, that was the name of the promotion team yes, and my my my, what an enjoyable illusion it was. Things to make you say WOW! Come to find out that was just an abbreviation of the party's true meaning; Wine On Water. People...this is one review you all would need to pay attention to because the Jokey One is taking no prisoners. To the review!

    There is a place in Martinique, where a family seems to have lived through hell. For over two hundred years the vault of this family is neglected because of some...

    Hallow Beach Review

    Second act of the Halloween weekend in Martinique. This Sunday 30th, TJJ was all the way at the HALLOWBEACH ... A ten to ten party by the beach.

    So it's Halloween weekend in New York City and there's no end to the list of events to attend. Choices range from xxxtremely nice to xxxtremely naughty. And Sugarcane's XXXtreme most certainly tops the list on the xxxtremely naughty side. From sexy dancers in cages, to tantalizing mouthwatering dishes, this event ...

    The Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Association culinary championship help at the centre of Excellence was not the place for someone on a diet.  Food as far as the eye could see, all types of food, from local to regional to international. I put my taste buds to the test at ...

    Mask Halloween 2011 Review

    As MASK returns for its 12th year running, it has exceeded most's expectations and lasted longer than any had thought possible. From changing venues, to DJs, one thing MASK has NOT lost is the anticipation to be the BEST Caribbean Halloween Party running to-date! If there's one thing

    I was tempted to dust off last year’s tutu and face paint but opted to go as a TJJ photographer (mission accomplished). We made sure to get to the event early to catch glimpse and capture every party-goers costume… If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m talking ...

    So it's the weekend before the coveted Halloween celebration, and where does the Jokey one find himself? On Cipriani Blvd that's where. Now I honestly don't really fancy costume parties but something told me this one would be different so I just by two things; the venue being Aura because this venue has begun bringing in some fresh and trendy ideas....and the name of the event, which was Nightmare On Cipriani Blvd. Now let's see if this this party was actually a fantasy, or did it really turn out to be a nightmare. To the review!

    Maracas New York Halloween Party 2011 Review

    Best fete since labor day and I was in Miami for carnival and went to all of the major fetes ... I had such a time at Maracas, the vibe was real good and the place was comfortably ram despite the weather.  The costume competition was serious people did it up.
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