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Is it just me, or is this Wednesday feeling kind of hot. Red hot actually. It has to be none other than Red Hot Wednesdays at Coco Lounge. And tonight, the leading lady; Ms. Anju Babwah had a treat for her patrons. Who say guest artist?! Well I shouldn't say artist, more like group. One of T&T's youngest uprising groups Nebula 868 was to hit the avenue and bless the Coco Lounge with a great performance. But before we get to the performance, let's deal with the juicy stuff. To the review!

Now seeing that this would've been the first Wednesday event since the ending of the curfew, it was no surprise that the venue would've been packed to full capacity....and then some. As I arrived at Coco Lounge, a sea of people were awaiting to enter the heat, and it wasn't any different inside. In the words of Rupee ""Whey! Look at people!"" Music provided by the DJs were pumping ear to ear, wall to wall, and had the crowd dancing, smiling and sing along whole night. And we all know the Jokey One can't forget his ladies. Oh em gu! All around, ladies, ladies, ladies!

Later on that night, Nebula 868 hit the stage.....well bar actually. What I mean is that both members found themselves on the bar singing to their fans present. Performing all their hits while getting the crowd pumped on "Amped up" to slowing it down and serenading the ladies to my personal favorite selection from them "Words Can't Explain", it was a great show. One thing I did have a problem with was the length of their performance. Honestly, it was a bit too short. But nevertheless it was great. The party then continued to the morning hours, and on top of that no one had to worry about curfew. Yay!

Must say hats off to my homey Anju for having another successful Wednesday event. You know the Jokey One got your back. To all committee members and Coco Lounge staff, it was nice. The Jokey One was pleased

Salt N' Pepper

-Jokey Juice

>> View Red Hot Wednesdays: Nebula 868 Live Gallery