2011 Events

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    Oh yea! It's the weekend before Halloween yea! And you all know we cannot speak of Halloween without a Haunted Mansion. This is what Coco Lounge was transformed into that night. A meeting place for all the ghost and ghouls to party under the night light. It's a haunted S.O.E flex. On to the review!

    Boo! Did I scare ya? No? Well neither did the Haunted Hut at The Shade. (Maybe it’s because it’s such A Cool Scene.) However, what ‘Spooky’ the Halloween party lacked in screaming from horror, it made up for in, well, screaming like a ...

    Halloween is finally there, wear your best costume, do ur prettiest or scariest make up and let's party, muaahahahah
    It's a long weekend down here in Martinique, and TJJ is there to show how the vibes is.

    Waist, waist and more waist was the trend at the Bmobile Soca Spree VII Launch Party held at Barcode restaurant and bar.  There was no better way to celebrate the night before Divali than to jones an wuk up until the sun came up and no one better than the big man himself, Lil Rick.

    When word got out about a ‘Strong Man’ competition I instantly knew it would be an interesting Saturday afternoon, and the event most definitely delivered. It was a gorgeous day but the sun felt like it was taxing us.

    Legacy Band Launch 2012 "Flight" Review

    For carnival 2012 Legacy will take you all on a flight to the world of flying beings: ‘birds, butterflies, angels, fairies, mythical creatures and any other creature that has the ability to soar freely over the earth.’ The theme was inspired by ... 

    Digicel IMAX® Gala Red Carpet Review

    The Digicel IMAX® theatre is located at One Woodbrook Place and boasts of the largest  screen in the Caribbean with a 40x70 screen and seating for 364 patrons. It is known for its laser aligned surround sound, crystal clear images and immersive 3D quality.

    Chinatown 2011 Review

    Another year and Ryan Sing Hon has brought his fans and supporters the ultimate jouvert theme party CHINA TOWN, held at Pier 2 Carpark Chaguaramas. I will give him, his props on creativity the event had no tickets to enter it was a bottle of paint, a range of colours yellow, red, blue and the list goes on.

    Oh gadooo!! From the slumber the jokey one has returned. Ready to give you all another entertaining review. Now I know you all missed me....GOOD!!! This curfew situation has me a little tame but one event I knew I could not miss, and for two reasons. Reason number one; it's a breakfast cooler cruise, and you know how I feel about my boat rides, and secondly, to celebrate the birthday of one of our well renowned local DJ, and friend DJ Assassin. If you weren't there you were actually what the name of the party was; M.I.A - Missing In Action. And now, to the review!

    Miami Carnival, officially tagged the “last lap” of the carnival season is held during the second weekend of October each year. The beauty of this carnival is that it allows you to wuk up and move your waistline to all the great soca & calypso music from the Caribbean and ...
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