2011 Events

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    As a first time patron to Rise Miami meets Shine New York….I was given plenty “what to expect information”!!!! I was also told why I would and wouldn’t enjoy myself.  But NOW that I’ve actually attended let me tell you something, this is one fete where I am sure people come out with the intention to have a good time.  From the time ... 

    Girl Power Miami 2011 Review

    I have been waiting all year for Miami Carnival again! Soca is one thing I love in life and the excitement of Carnival Thursday was all about GIRL POWER! I was super anxious becaause I knew the line-up was impressive! Starting at 10 and going on till 5, the night was ...

    TRIBE Ignite Miami 2011 Review

    "We're a professional group of mas producers!!!" “It’s what we do for a living!!!”  ... This is definitely a pick up line from their speech for any TRIBE member!

    Kidology's Love Life Review

    After nearly a year since our last Kidology adventure, team TJJ are excited to be heading to FIRE tonight to check out the latest instalment from these fabulous house music junkies!!!  Arriving after midnight to a quiet club, we can't help but ask that million dollar question...What makes the ultimate party ? What ingredients do you need to include to make sure everyone a) attends and b) has a blast .. because let's be honest...once the vibe takes you that's all that ...

    Bachanaaaallll!!! Vibes was nice as the loyal followers turned up to give thanks to Bachanal Mas Band for another year of greatness.

    It's 1930s glamour in Farringdon tonight and Corset and Diamonds is in full swing... as the summer somehow hits London in October, let me tell you ...

    Eyes WIDE shut 7, Dj Hazzard's Annual Birthday Celebration party... is definitely an event not to be missed. I've attended every year but this was my first time I saw it thru the lens and if you saw what I witnessed you'd definitely want to keep your eyes WIDE open, not just for the next installment but also at all the beautiful people this DJ brings out...

    Posh Juice's Top Ten Things you need to know about ... 

    Shades 2011 Review

    It was Republic Day weekend in Trinidad & Tobago and it was time to drink to Shades!  That’s right the Trini Party Future remained bright as Shades was still on.  The present curfew in Trinidad and its curtailing of parting hours did little to deter my ...

    IMAX Educational Initiative Review

    I wish I was 10 years old again, a little girl in Trinidad and Tobago who is going to learn about wild animals in Africa by watching a movie in 3D in IMAX theater.
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