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Wet Fete (GFW 2012) Review

Last year I made the mistake of asking “What is a WET FETE without water? “ ...well this year I found out, and thanks to a very pretty girl, the magical term we will use for future reference is ‘SWEAT FETE.’ Now let me be clear from here, the event was in no way horrible, fail or a buss, it was

The Shade Summer Spree Review

On any other Thursday in Tobago you might just organise a little movie night with the sweetie pie and maybe a nice dinner at Bamboo Mile, or take the crew to Barcode and enjoy a little pool and Karaoke (hopefully drunk to improve the singing). Not this Thursday!

It’s been a while since we posted a review of The Shade in Tobago.....well....Easter actually, but anyway, it’s the place to be when in Tobago and if you don’t know; well now you know. In Trinidad & Tobago almost every month has at least 1 holiday and if that wasn’t enough, Trini’s don’t really need an excuse to have a good time.

Rehab Review

We’ve been to pool side parties; we’ve been to cooler fetes, so it makes you wonder when you hear about “the ultimate cooler poolside experience.”Once you made it to the door at Martieau’s Mansion for Rehab your curiosity would have been turned to amazement. You had your ...

Cloud 9 The Rooftop Rave Review

So The Tobago Jazz Experience 2012 was in full swing. With a little break from World Music Night after being placed in a trance by the likes of Emeli Sandé and Janelle Monáe , we were ready to go again. Now instead of going to pan night of the Jazz festival we took a detour to Shirvan Plaza to be ...

When Easter time comes around, there’s usually one place to be, Tobago. You spend your days in the country side or on the beach and on the actual Easter days you take part in the island activities such as the goat & crab races. But as you know in Tobago “You play in the sun, but party, IN THE SHADE.”

There are a lot of things that make a party great.....good vibe, girls, drinks, food. But if you put those entire things together, make the drinks and food all you can drink and eat and put it all next to a have HUSH. The annual ultra inclusive Easter morning breakfast party was a success once again and was full to capacity (no doubt due to the unsatisfied patrons of ‘One the concert’).

OH BACCHANAL!!! Mas for Carnival is one thing, but you see J’ouvert....REAL BACCHANAL

Carnival Weekend @ Shade Review

Carnival 2012; by far one of the most anticipated in history, why? Well it could have been the calibre of Soca that was produced this year, or maybe it’s because economy picked up since last year and people could actually afford to take part, but I think it’s because...

Bmobile Soca Spree 7 Review

For the better half of almost a decade the biggest Carnival event in Tobago has been Bmobile Soca Spree. This year the event was in its 7th edition and it was no exception to the rule. Things were a little awkward this year, well actually, downright strange! The regular headliner, the 2 million dollar man, Mr. HD himself came on as the opening act. Along with his compliment of talented back up dancers Machel Montano HD instantly took the crowd out of their state of shock and confusion and got them revelling.  Some of the ...
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