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Must wish the entire Shade staff and Ross a Happy 2010 from the TJJ family, and hope to cover more events at the shade in the new year.  Happy 2010 from D Young Juice!!!

Manageable, decent sexy and photogenic!!!

Confetti, fireworks,ballons, and fog was the decor that brought in the new year.

Crowd was very energetic from 11pm-5am non stop partying, not forgetting Ezel and John Boy who contributed greatly to this by pelting tune after tune.

Allllllllll-incluscive bar everything free!!! Champagne by the bottles popping at midnight, doubles and corn soup was on the menu i guess to sober up things. My favourite was the Jaeger-Bombs!!! Palance!!!

Everything was best even the security was happy that night.

$400 all inclusive in Tobago you cah go wrong!!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View The Shade New Years Eve 2009 Party Gallery