Mr. Vegas has been blessed with a red-hot summer -- chock-full of highly rated performances, tours, hit songs and underground smashes.  His infectious new dance tune "Round of Applause" is currently ripping up the underground scene in Jamaica.   And because the song has been received by raving reviews from dancehall fans, Mr. Vegas is set to shoot a video for "Round of Applause" this weekend.

The "Round of Applause" video will feature premiere dance crew High Energy, who have ascended to fame while touring the world with Mr. Vegas and appearing in all of his videos.  Additionally, the new video will feature an array of Jamaica's top dancers displaying their agility and choreographed dance moves to the pulsating beats of "Round of Applause."  Each dance crew will perform, while Mr. Vegas and Maestro lace the track.  Ideally, the dancehall epicenter of Kingston, Jamaica will serve as the video's backdrop, featuring some of the city's scenic locations.

Popular video director Jay Will is on board for the "Round of Applause" project......and rightfully so, as he has is responsible for a number of highly acclaimed dance videos for Mr. Vegas, which have won over worldwide audiences.  Just think of "Hot Wuk," "Tek Wey Yuhself," and "Daggering," to get a snapshot of Jay Will's impressive repertoire of Mr. Vegas videos. 
"After reading Jay Will's treatment, I have no doubt that this video will be something that will make an impact on the industry," says Mr. Vegas' manager Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc.  "Jay Will and Mr. Vegas have a chemistry that I would never consider disturbing because the end product is always phenomenal!"

With a penchant for perfectly capturing the essence of a hit, JayWil is confident that "Round of Applause" will be the best dance video ever surfacing from the shores of Jamaica.  On the set, the director plans to maximize Mr. Vegas' "dance craze" potential.

"Mr. Vegas has a way with dance tunes," says Jay Will.  "I truly believe that an accompanying video will keep 'Round of Applause' in the limelight and keep the fans dancing."

"I have been anxiously anticipating the 'Round of Applause' video," adds Mr. Vegas.  "Now that I have joined forces with Jay Will, we can give the fans just what they've been asking for."

by Flair Lindsey