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Red Ants... thanks for the usual hospitality. We're looking forward to Pan Semi's and the rest of your Carnival 2010 offerings.
Red Ants (TRIBE) have their following, and party-goers came out in their numbers.... it easily had 3,000 people inside. DANCE SELL OFF! Tons of hotties in the fete, but we did hear several complaints that the male/female ratio wasn't up to par. I don't think we need to explain this one any further.... let's just say, we like it "2 to 1".

The earlier you arrive the better are you odds of getting a good parking spot. But no scene, the promoters provided lots of maxi shuttle service throughout the night... and yes, they were there after the fete finished.

Access to the venue was secured from the street. Yes, even when Bunji & Fayann arrived to perform, they had to check off their entire entourage before gaining access. Ultimate Events doh play!

As usual, the courts were transformed into one massive feting area with bars, food stations and restrooms surrounding it. DJ/Main stage was set up to the very front.

The vibes from party-goers were exactly what we expected. The "get-on bad" folks up front or sprinkled in the middle and the socialites on the outskirts and towards the back of the fete. All the guest performers came and did their ting... including Skinny Fabulous, Tallpree and Shurwayne Winchester. But it was JW and Blaze that came and totally had the crowd in ah frenzy with "Palance".  Another highlight was when Bunji bless the dance with "Mad Carnival" on the Gutter Riddim ... "Yuh think I easy to deal with...." and dance BUSS!

And wait.... did Hollywood Sachy really fall off de stage??!! Oh GORM!

We don't usually give out 9's and 10's unless the food/drink senario is EXCEPTIONAL, but I had to say that I was very impressed with the wide variety of food & drink at Blue Flame. Having Sushi is one ting, but when I see "Pow's made by Laura Thompson" in the fete.... ah bawl! Yes, as I said on camera, pow's should be made mandatory for ALL "All Inclusives" moving forward!! J

From the minute we walking into this fete, folks were offering us all kinda food and drink.... we love it! The Angostura Cocktails bar was a huge hit, especially with the ladies who couldn't get enough of those "J'Ouvert Jam" drinks! Bottom line, wait times were never longer than 2-3 mins and the bartenders were mixing drinks as requested. Thumbs up!

This fete went for a cool $450.00TT for those early birds.

Another Malibu and Pine please,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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>> View Blue Range All Inclusive 'Blue Flame' Gallery
>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Coverage