5 Minutes With Lil JonCrop Over 2k8 done! Shockingly I arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport early to catch my flight out, so I decided to grab some breakfast. On my last bite, I looked to my left, and sitting on a bench not to far away was 'The King of Crunk', Atlanta's very own rapper & producer, Lil Jon!! At first I said, "WHAT?" But then I remembered that he was in town to perform at Cohobblopot along side Machel Montano HD and Pitbull for their popular 2k8 hit "Defense (The Anthem Remix)" …. YEAAAH! Although he was exhausted from his 1st Crop Over experience, Lil Jon still showed TJJ love, and decided to chat with us for 5 minutes. Let's Go!

Dre: Who's on your mp3 player?
Lil Jon: I actually listen to everything…
Dre: So who are you going to be jamming to when you get on the plane today?
Lil Jon: Probably Elephant Man… that's my boy!

Dre: Secret Weapon?
Lil Jon: My voice (he laughs)
Dre: So we might as well ask… your preferred tag line? "Yeah" or "What"?
Lil Jon: "Yeah" … I actually say "Yeah" more

Dre: The one thing you cannot travel without?
Lil Jon: Ammm … Water (note, the man pronounced it with a Caribbean accent - watah, and not wadder!). You got to re-hydrate!!

Dre: What's in your pockets right now?
Lil Jon: Cassssh Money!!
Dre: We talkin' hundreds or thousands?
Lil Jon: (short pause) Thousands!!
Dre: I noticed a slight hesitation with your response…
Lil Jon: Well, I didn't know if I wanted to tell everybody (he chuckles). Real playas carry over a thousand dollars … ALWAYS!

Dre: Soca or Reggae?
Lil Jon: Hummm, I'm a Dancehall fanatic! But, I love Soca too! And now I'm doing Soca with Machel … I'll have to say Soca … I'll give it to Soca right now!
Dre: Trini Jungle Juice is on Lil Jon side with Soca! (he laughs) We backing Soca 100%!!

Dre: Before you run, the fans must want to know… Single or Taken?
Lil Jon: (with very little hesitation) Taken!

Boom, bang, bang …. TJJ's exclusive 5 Minutes with Lil Jon is a wrap. We're looking forward to seeing him in Trinidad Carnival 2009 since he missed out on 2k8.

- Chooks aka Daddy Juice