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Big up to King Soulomon for making this possible, let there be more carribean artists who gives Denmark a visit. The DJ from Amsterdam came with good vibes and energy, we all had a great night!!
On a Tuesday night you would think it's hard to gather people in Denmark for a dancehall "boy-band" concert due to the fact that it's still a growing music area here. Soulomon, the promoter managed to pull large group of people to this event and I was actually surprised to see so many good looking people on this little venue.

One of the best locations in Copenhagen, nice building surrounded by water. It's easy to find, and very easy to get home...

When DJ Waxfiend Jamrock started to play his music people were on!! He came all the way from Amsterdam and gave us the newest tunes straight from the caribbean, almost like being there ... almost ....

Drinks were Alright!

Well, everything always gets better when stepping into the VIP section. In there, fresh fruit, free drinks and snacks - the promoters took care of the performers but also the guests in that area.

You paid for a good performance, so it was worth the money.

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>> View T.O.K. Live! In Denmark Gallery