One good night Stephen and Joe was talking about their favorite local follows in the Salsa Scene.  We called this list "Stephen and Joe's Favorite Five".  Now has come the time to unveil our little secret.

Here is our list of MUST DANCE WITH Girls at least in this life time (in alphabetic order).
Hey do list yours below as well ;-)
Now here is the girls that are "FIRE ON THE FLOOR" Jan- Mar 2010  (in alphabetic order).
  • Alla Gerzon
  • Brittany Webb
  • Deena Burke
  • Jennifer Pieretti
  • Kareema Mohammed
Here are our criteria for making this list.
  1. These girls have been dancing out in the last 3 months.
  2. These dancers belong to the local PA/NJ/DE Salsa Scene
  3. Stephen or Joe have danced with and been amazed by their skill
  4. These girls are ON fire...
Feel free to nominate who you think is "FIRE ON THE FLOOR"

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