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For a 1st Edition, it was a cool festival, not so bad, excellent venue and good looking people, very fancy. A nice idea to export what is happening in Cannes (France) into the Caribbean. There are a lot of work to satisfy everybody, in terms of services, prices, ambiance and others details but if you like the beats of House, Electro, Techno mixed up sometimes with Caribbean flavors and instruments, this is definitely for you!!

The dates were well chosen ... Easter guarantees you a full weekend of hard party and rave! It could become in the next years an international "must see" and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Let's see if they can upgrade it.
Good looking crowd and nice melting pot! Sexy and fashionable girls and guys in a beach party style and it is always nice to see people in bikinis! It was not too packed therefore very easy to jump up all over!

The event took place in the extreme south of Martinique, in St Anne by the private beach of the "Club Med", 5 stars hotel ... so excellent venue. Awesome white sand beach and water, white beds and sits on the beach, clean and hot, definitely a Nikki Beach style. Nice decorations and lights effects, good sound system. Easy Accessibility by car but hard to park! If you wanted to come with your boat or catamaran, this was an nice spot to put your anchor, calm and clean water.

Vibes with musics from house, electro, techno to Caribbean beats. A nice festival to share the passion of music between the local artists and international dj's. Some Artists like Norman Jay (U.K) , Radioclit (France and U.K.), Douster, David Walters from France and Jeff Baillard, Bamboolaz or EWI crew from Martinique were symbols of this musical, cultural and emotional mix. Vibes were good, I would expect more ambiance though, this event is definitely for people who love those beats.

It was not an all inclusive event, drinks and food were not free. Drinks were ok, in a french style, enough champagne and wine for everybody if u had money to pay for bottles. Not a lot of variety and choice though, too many unknown alcoholic brands. I would expect more about the food and quality, it was too simple...

Service was just alright ... it was a with smile and generosity and comfortable at the bar. I wish there could be some waiters to serve people on their beds by the beach (hint hint). Clean bathrooms as u can expect from a five (5) stars hotel! Problems of shuttles, long long wait to get to cars!

The event was took place over three (3) days, Saturday-Sunday-Monday. 30€ per day or 60€ for the whole event. Expensive when it's not an all inclusive event, you just pay to see artistes performing. Drinks price was just there, they could do better though.

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