5 Minutes With Patrice RobertsMachel Montano HD concert "Euphoria!" took place on Canada Day in Toronto courtesy of Higher Image Entertainment Inc., so you know there was no doubt that TJJ (and TJJ TV) would be on the scene. The vibe was set, everyone hype especially with Caribana right around the corner! With non-stop jammin in de fete and when we tell yuh vibes sweet fuh days ... lawd! TJJ took some time from the whinery to get up and personal with one of our favorite female artists on the scene today, Miss Patrice Roberts. Microphone check .. one .. two .. one .. two! Lewwe go!

TJJ: You have such a great sense of style, do you have a stylist or is this all you?
Patrice Roberts: It's a combination of both. I try to incorporate my love for fashion and the latest styles with my own personality which is fun and easy going!
TJJ: Well girl, we think you are one of the best dressed female artists out there.
Patrice Roberts: Aw thanks! That means a lot.

TJJ: : Flip flops or stilettos?
Patrice Roberts: FLIP FLOPS! If I could go on stage with them, I would!
TJJ: : Really? We really pegged you for a stiletto woman ... see it's all type of ting we finding out in 5 Minutes.

TJJ: What is your vocal range? You have such a great high voice?
Patrice Roberts: I would say pretty high, not sure what the range is, but I can hit some good notes!
TJJ: : Yeah boy, we think you can give Fireball a run for his money! (Patrice laughs)

TJJ: Do you have a hidden talent?
Patrice Roberts: Well, I LOVE to cook. I think I have a pretty good hand at that.

TJJ: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
Patrice Roberts: Are you serious? Um, well then I would have to be a monkey!
TJJ: A monkey?
Patrice Roberts: Yes, only because I'm fun loving ... LOVE to play pranks and joke around.

TJJ: What is the one thing you can't travel without?
Patrice Roberts: My blanket!

TJJ: What's in your purse?
Patrice Roberts: Um, standard girl stuff, make-up, lip gloss and gum
TJJ: Yes people walk with yuh gum, nothing worse than ah stale breath in yuh face!
Patrice Roberts: You know what I'm saying!

TJJ: Are you a girly girl?
Patrice Roberts: No way!! I'm a tomboy at heart!

TJJ: What is your ritual before you go on stage?
Patrice Roberts: I pray and ask God for a good show and just you know get myself into the zone of performing. I am always so excited to get on stage and perform - I love it!

Well folks, there you have it! TJJ brings it to you once again. Ms Patrice, thanks for spending "5 minutes" with us. We can't wait to see where success takes you next!

- TRW & Mizz Kayz for the TJJ Fam... we out!