Friday April 16
; Kingston, Jamaica: When the 7th season of Digicel Rising Stars kicks off its live shows on Sunday July 4 there will be a new face in the chill room. The “Fluffy Diva” Miss Kitty is joining the Rising Stars family this season, replacing long time Chill Room host Kiki.

The “Fluffy Diva” says she welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the Digicel Rising Stars family and was ecstatic when she was asked to be a part of the Rising Stars team: “I really felt elated, happy, jubilant and I’m grateful to God for taking me so far as I understand that it is no small feat to be chosen to be a part of a big show like this in Jamaica.” 

Miss Kitty says she'll definitely be bringing a different vibe to the competition: “I will bring fun by being jovial and real. Just a bright attitude and giving the contestants a real chance to reach out to voters by asking them certain questions to keep it real and not superficial. Questions that will leave a mark in the voters minds so that they remember something special about each contestant.”

However, there are some detractors who think that the “Fluffy Diva” isn’t really Digicel Rising Stars material but Miss Kitty says that’s just a wrong perception as she is not one dimensional as most people may be inclined to think: “I have made my reputation and built my name and my brand on being a multi faceted person. I’m an individual that is not one dimensional. I can do uptown, downtown, round town and I have mastered the Jamaican vernacular”. Miss Kitty says she will bring hard work and professionalism to the Rising Stars Chill Room while ensuring that she always gives her best.

Being the fashionista she is, style in the Chill Room will be paramount to the “Fluffy Diva”. Miss Kitty says she won’t tell what she’s doing special to prepare for the new role but fans will not be disappointed.

Miss Kitty who is also a judge on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall says the Digicel Rising Stars opportunity will allow Jamaicans to see another side of her: “Normally I’m passing down judgment to people on Magnum and this time it’s gelling with people, understanding their point of view, understanding where they’re coming from, understanding their journey and bringing that story to the viewing public. But of course you know Miss Kitty, I’ll be working out something in the background, working with stylist, working with makeup artists, working with hairstylists because fashion is what I do, of course I will be bringing the fluff wherever I go and being proud of it. People will just have to watch and see what will be unveiled.”

Miss Kitty is also encouraging Digicel Rising Stars’ fans to embrace all the changes that will come with season seven: “People should just tune in with an open mind and give everybody onboard a chance to prove themselves and to enjoy the show. Sometimes people don’t welcome change easily but sometimes change comes so that people can move forward and things can move forward and new things can happen and new talent can rise.”