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“When you see me in the road…” you know how the song goes and that’s exactly what went down at the third installment of Josie’s Jamishness annual J’Ouvert party. An event like no other, Josie’s always goes beyond the realm of regular paint parties and transforms people by bringing out their inner child.

On entering the venue this year we were pleasantly surprised to see huge bouncy castles and a mechanical bull set up and we knew we were in for a fun time. The first item on the list of things to do was to get some drinks in the thermos. We headed to the bar and of course had a few shots of Punchy Punch, it wouldn’t be Jamishness without it, oh and tequila salt prunes!

The party always starts off like any other with people warming up and getting drinks the only difference being that everyone’s in J’ouvert clothes, (must give props to the ladies for their creativity in altering their shirts this year). Then at sunrise the paint magically appears and the party morphs into mayhem. The stooshest of stoosh get down and dirty running around in a full out paint war. This year was no different, once the sun came up and the drinks started to kick in the wildness level escalated with bull riding competitions and bouncy castle obstacle course races in full effect lol.

With the current water shortage we were wondering what would be put in place to make up for the absence of the hose and impromptu slip n slide from the year before. The organizers took care of this by installing kiddie pools, buckets of water, super soakers and water balloons! Again our inner children were thrilled. For this fact among others this party always ranks high on the line up because it’s one of the few times people let go of their inhibitions and just go wild outside of carnival. The exclusivity of the event also creates an intimate and safe atmosphere so we feel free to enjoy ourselves without worrying.

Josie’s Jamishness once again delivered a concept party that threw expectations out the window.   We love the fact that the organizers seem to always have new tricks up their sleeves and as one of the pioneers of the “outside of carnival J’ouvert party”, continue to keep raising the bar.

Teekay for the TJJ Fam.

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>> View Josie's Jamishness Gallery