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The invitation read ... The Anchorage would like to welcome you back! So TJJ deciding to take them up on their offer, and on Wednesday evening at around 7 PM we headed down to Harts Cut, Chaguaramas.

Here to experience what they called “a new level of enjoyment at the redesigned Anchorage Beach Club,” we curiously stepped inside and set ourselves into observation mode. It was now time to see what all this was about!

The venue basically was set to portray the different kinds of events and functions that could be hosted here at the Anchorage. This was done by creating individual areas which showcased a sort of small scaled replica of each particular theme. The types of events that the newly redesigned Anchorage now catered for were listed as Weddings, Corporate Functions, Birthdays & Anniversaries and Carnival Events. That pretty much covers all areas as far as we are concerned!

Well in the midst of this walking around and scrutinizing, no one could really go hungry. There were constant platters of finger foods being circulated throughout the crowd all night long. For those who wanted refreshments, there were also open bars available offering premium selections as well. Even live entertainment came into play near the middle and closing periods of the night’s activities.

Even though TJJ was here as guests tonight, we still decided to take a couple pictures so that you our viewers can also keep in the know as to what’s going on. See how bad TJJ luv allyuh. So peoples ... the next time you heading to a fete, you never know ... the venue just might be The Anchorage. For more info, log onto www.anchoragett.com.

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>> View 360 Degrees Of Pleasure Gallery